Tata’s 1 lakh car – early pic?

In case you didn’t see it yet, Team-BHP is carrying an early picture of Tata’s Rs 1 lakh car. Yeah, the car that could change so much – our traffic, the look of our roads, nation’s energy equations, jobs and God knows what else!


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  1. I am dreading the day the car would launched. Imagine Bangalore’s traffic then. :-)

  2. Absolutely – the problem is just ready to explode. Already the sales data in urban areas for leading 2 wheelers are dropping in favour of pre-owned cars – particularly the Old Fiats, Maruti 800 as they become affordable – competing for every lung space in roads.

    All we needed was encouragement by way of compact and new cars – when cycling and walking has to be promoted, we have the opposite scenrio – atleast if not for TATA does govt not understand the impact of this

  3. It might create revolution in the field of Automotive sectors. Once it becomes affordable to make cars below 1 lakh, it will seduce lot of buyers as well as car makers and might change the whole perception. As it becomes affordable, it will have big effects on fuel consumptions, traffic, parking and lot more.

  4. Prem,
    Its an illusion that the american people have created that HUGE volume means better. An Internal Comubstion engine of 100years adage is still efficient at 20 to 30% in converting fuel heat to mechanical movement and instead of improving on technology there from 100 years, the automotive industry is introuducing gass guzzlers like SUV’s.

    Just imagine if 50% of bike drivers in bangalore alone decide to bite the bullet!! The place taken by 2 scooters/bikes will be occupied by one car – not to talk of parking.

    Unless the Govt plans wider roads (read as cut trees), builds parking lots ( multiple layers in every nook and corner) this problem will multiply for disaster. I have not talked abuot climate change happening due to heating up of environ and cutting of trees though.

    Automotive engines are the bane in volumes.

  5. Yes…Huge volume does not mean better. But it does mean affordability, accessability and availabity to general mass or public. Technology should be accessible to everyone and it should not be affordable only to rich and higher class. Everyone should get a chance to feel and use it for their daily needs.

    BTW: with “have big effects” I mean that it will add chaos and problems. I guess you interpreted it differently.

    I think administritive authorities does analyze the situations and do plan them (atleast reactively if not proactively).

  6. Prem,
    Agreed that affordablitliy is human in nature and class,creed etc should not come into picture.

    If admin guys had ever done their homework properly, we would not have landed in todays situation. Even those organizations which are doing theier work due to pressure, are not considering vital factors like demographic density, growth of future, project delays etc..

    So prevention is what everybody is looking at. I would have all the residents of bangalore healthy irrepective of rich/poor instead of every body driving cars and having asthma…

  7. Prem, Mohan, The thing is – both need to happen. What if two wheelers disappear and four wheelers rule. As per Ratan Tata, one motivation for the affordable small car project was safety concern for two wheel riders.

    The thing is, (Mohan’s point) we got to prepare for the flood of these cars. I suspect the first big effect of this small car will be positive – Autos may start going away. an Auto rickshaw costs about Rs 70-80K today. A car at 1 lak may be within striking distance if mileage, maintenance costs etc are good.

    From what I can see, nobody is actively preparing to be ready for the ‘social costs’ for the soon to come car-flood (parking, energy, environ etc). These cars may be worth Rs 1 lakh at the showroom. But the ‘real’ costs are way higher, and we will all be subsidizing these hidden ‘social costs’ by way of huge inconveniences.

  8. does anyone has TATA’s one lakh car’s picture

  9. i am dreaming and can’t wait to purchase all new tata one lak car.this can be affordable to all middle class families and give them happiness.some one talk about trafik in banglore thats not consumers problem thats goverment problem.

  10. please send me pics of tata’s 1lakh car

  11. All the people who are complaining about traffic now why don;t they complain when other 6-8 cars are launched.. Why are singling out.. Most of them can afford the expensive cars and want to maintain the exclusivity of car ownership.. Now suddeny when 1- lakh car is made available to vast middle class people, their traffic sense has woken up. :(

    I believe this is good for India. Remember How the airports used to be,, As the no of travellers, aeroplanes increased, the new /bigger airports were made (are being made) I believe same thing will happen to roads. Indians are mostly reactionary people, they will react once the problem happens.

  12. one lakh car of tata is best car in india.definetly people will buy this car.

  13. you know every people want to buy a car in his life.
    i want thanks who will makes this car.

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