Rediff – Media site or group blog?

Would I be wrong if I called Rediff the biggest group blog with Indian content?

Are interactive-format websites really responsible for any irresponsible unmoderated content their readers contribute for free? A good answer isn’t out yet and is being discussed around the world right now, in many case inside court rooms as well. Can’t dwell on legal aspects of this question in India, but I do have a point to make.

When you run websites like Orkut, Myspace or even a personal blog, it is clear that you are betting on content generated by random readers or users. However, if your primary act is mainstream media with original and paid content, expectations are different.

Many of the so called “discussions” around popular news items on Rediff involve hate mongering, class abuse and misinformation. Aiming to exploit “reality television” styled content to grow an Internet property is alright, but how about some moderation and editing to control stuff that appears alongside quality and regular news items?

An easy answer from Rediff would be, “you got choices”. Yes, they aren’t the only source of Indian infotainmen on the Internet. But they better be warned that legal threats loom large, and their own user-content generated popularity could come back to bite them.


5 Responses

  1. I have never been to rediff much. So, can’t say much. But, I am sure you have a point.

  2. Why do you care? Is it because you are contributing to this nonsense yourself?

  3. The point is about mixing ‘blogging’ with journalism. You got to be careful about legal aspects of that. Nothing more.

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