Flyovers – Thank God the ‘truth’ is out!

Ah, was I glad to see major newspapers talk negative about flyovers last week!! The irony is that these same guys were hyping up the ‘f’ word as recently as last year. Anyways, good. They finally realize these things are not the panacea. Yeah they aren’t, I cribbed over an year ago – here, here and here again.

By the way, its not just the mainstream media, Union urban development ministry too has the right language now. Did you read this last week?

The Centre has directed states and cities to draw up comprehensive mobility plans giving priority to pedestrians, non-motorised and public transport as rising travel demands have resulted in a disproportionate increase in private vehicle use … Officials … explained that the comprehensive moblity plan … is required to focus on the mobility of people instead of vehicles.

Not to say that things like flyovers or elevated expressways are not needed. But if their net result is going to be increased incentives for using private vehicles, then they are not good for our crowded cities. Sorry, and period.

[PS: Has anyone imagined what will happen to areas around Silk Board junction once that elevated expressway opens?]

[Note: Image sourced from BDA website]


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  1. Agreeing with you on the earlier post about the ugly , congested look on Richmond circle/Double road. It feels like we are traveeling in middle earth!

    What they need to do is de-centralize, and of course consult experts. Not come up with something on their own at the drop of the hat. I am happy with what the Union urban development ministry is now telling. We must prioritise pedestrians and public transports. It is an urgent need.

  2. Hi,

    In Dubai, the flyovers, tunnels, floating bridges are constructed over night to cope with the growing expat population. The major issue with India is being a democratic country, there is someone to oppose, whatever the Government do and also the politicians trying to make money out of the contracts..

    Still India’s future looks bright (See my posting Hi,

    Megacities Of The Future

    Ramesh, Dubai

  3. agree with chitra. they have to look at the whole system rather than act like wrench artistes twiddling & twisting each joint till water flows. The problem is delhi has all the planning people and they have to wake up & make the obvious statement. (p remember my I hate wide roads in the city rant many moons ago)

    Just to vent out some thoughts. . basically roads are pipes & channels that carry fluids, if you need more capacity then you have to identify congestions points and free them. Flyovers and grade separators. But can you also free bottlenecks by providing at grade turns lanes? Perhaps you also need to increase the overall capacity of the system but this has to have a well considered upper limit. Because increased road capacity only eases congestion temporarily because unlike water, traffic & congestion is a basically game optimization problem.
    Congestion > increase road capacity > decrease in congestion > private transit becomes more attractive > congestion.

    Perhaps it is best to fix one variable in this sewsawing problem. I vote for road capacity & design. Lane width @ 3m. 3×3, 2×2 1×1 1 roads with at turning lanes and perhaps grade separation and critical junctions. Standard design within the city. No 6.73 meter 2 lanes, no 2 meter 1 lane roads. 3m/lane means 3m/lane. Additional transit capacity only through metro/mono.
    Let the city grow around this constraint. Widest roads in the city 3×3.
    (i have wanted to respond agreeingly to imdiamusing for long)

    a very related development is the increased FAR in BLR. it will be dense. imtiaz ahmed of rites did a existing congestion analysis. but what about remedy/intervention analysis & projections? these are done. even metro did that.

  4. Our saga of building flyovers,underpasses is not stopped. TOday kumaraswamy has announced 3 such things!!

  5. Any investment in flyover like private transport friendly project should be approved only if similar investment is made in public transport setup as well. 25 crore flyover should better have 25 crore extra going to BMTC/BMRC/Similar. Or in worst case when you cant find a handy public transport initiative worth funding, keep half of the flyover width as dedicated bus lane(s).

  6. You know what troubles me? The fact that these idiots don’t see traffic as a complex system. That traffic jams are reactions.

    They can’t wrap their heads around the fact that flyover are only going to shift the jam to the next junction. That the bleeding system can only be as fast as its slowest component.

  7. Blr Bytes, same here. I want to know who exactly plans the locations and sizes of these flyovers. It might be a Babu or Govt engineer – with little training or experience on city transportation systems – just going by simple traffic statistics like the most crowded intersections.

  8. Silkboarda big words. If karnataka govt servant is not going to approve flyover will you approve them? Or do we have to vote for every flyover. dont keep complaining. if you dont like you can leave bangalore.

  9. Neither me nor the govt servants. Besides, its not about ‘approving’, its about planning where or where not to place flyovers. But if the majority are happy with everything in the city like you seem to be, hey, its democracy, who am I here.

  10. Rishi,

    Silkboard is entitled to express his opinions on his blog. He is also entitled to live in Bangalore. The consitution of India gives him this right.

    Let’s take this argument further. If I complain about the problems in India – should I be asked to leave. The first step to some sort of action is dissatisfaction. Maybe Silkboard has some plans to do something as well.


  11. SB,

    Ever since the elevated Highway has been started I have been considering to move out of this place! There’s not a thought spared to pedestrians in the entire plan. It is a nightmare as it is on this stretch of the road. The only thing that has come off this is that the real estate price is skyrocketing in the surrounding area!

  12. After lots of experience with this, my only hope is that it will be done with quality. Rain season’s and other factors that we are all about could damage after a while leading to tons of tax payers money. We are running this website to provide the details on India transportation and are having lots of difficulty in getting the accurate phone numbers even. But there is hope :-) for the better good.

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