Our topsy-turvy world

Not an India Bangalore thing, but did you hear about the Chinese demolishing a 30 feet high statue of Buddha in Tibet? Jump to google, and find a few articles talking about it, like this one:

The nine metre gold and copper-plated statue of Guru Rinpoche, the founder of Buddhism, was torn down by Chinese police in mid-May at Tibet’s Samye monastery, the Washington-based International Campaign for Tibet said.

Does anyone remember that March 2001 incident when Afghan Talibans tore down the Buddhas of Bamiyan? So. Last time someone brought down a tall statue of arguably the first apostle of non-violence, the world got 9/11 and stuff. What could be in store this time!?

Look at this topsy-turvy world of ours. Two similar acts, one this side of Himalayas, second one on another. One got condemned immediately, lent fire to theories on Muslim fundamentalism etcetera, and we got pictures to confirm the act. The second one, well, we are still waiting and watching.

Might is right. And we all want our $100 bikes, $10 cellphones and $1 toys. Isn’t it!?


4 Responses

  1. Of course Pranav. Right makes might went out with the other apostle of non-violence.

  2. This is the dual logic. THe rich gets away in name of development while others get media attention!!

  3. National or international, relationships of convenience, that is what politics is usually about.

    Anyways. Sorry for this international detour. Back to /India/Bangalore/things

  4. The whole terrorism thing has gotten out of control.

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