Hype and more of it

ringroadsLook at Intermediate Ring Road (IRR) project. T R Balu said yesterday that he (as in NHAI) will look at funding it. Thousand decibels of hoopla had surrounded the news of STRR and IRR projects when they were announce back in May 2006. Most newspaper did not bother to provide any updates on these projects for close to an year. And now, a mere announcement of support by NHAI gets front page coverage.

Did you notice that in most of these ‘exciting’ articles, media-men don’t bother to ask (NHAI or who-ever-is-responsible for execution CM, BMRDA, KRDCL) as much on dates? As for this particular news on IRR, did you read the fine prints?

  • NHAI would implement the (IRR) project on the condition that Karnataka should meet the cost of land acquisition.

So, Rs 2580 Crore doesn’t include the cost of around 250 sq-km of land they’d need (a guess = 250 km length x 1).

  • The project would be brought before the Union Cabinet for clearance

So, NHAI or Mr Balu saying yes isn’t enough, there is a clearance pending. Let us be sure to expect more front page headlines when the approval comes through, shall we?

Conceived in 2005, first announced in May 2006. Funding announced in 2007, a DPR (detailed project report) expected in January 2008 – the pace is fantastic enough for main stream media to ignore, isn’t it!?

It is one thing for politicians to float full page ads when a project gets announced, another when it gets approved, and one more when it gets inaugurated upon half-completion. Its another for newspapers to do the same. The way these newspapers help generate hype around the “merely-announced” infrastructure projects makes me think they are lazy to do any serious reporting.


3 Responses

  1. Newspaper business is political business. And its about making money. Whoever pays, can advertise. Politics and money. Wow combination.

  2. Most newspapers and television channels are merely mouthpieces of political parties.

  3. Perhaps IM and Akshya, in this era of Internet, news and reporting should come from citizens themselves. And authentic information about government and administration stuff should come from governments themselves.

    Back to the Ring Roads, I think PRR is more critical than IRR right now. Last I heard about PRR was in Feb/March, when some serious funding was ‘announced’. As usual, silence since then.

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