Justice, law, order and stuff – story of Mr X

Stuff we all know but pretend to ignore are now getting ‘exposed’ to the public.

  • Rajasthan cops come to Orissa to arrest Mr Mohanty senior who helped his rapist son jump parole in that state. Unable to find him, they go back. Mr Mohanty arrives the very next second, filmi ishtyle, in an ambulance and claims, “I was sick”.
  • A rich brat drives his BMW over a few people. Police case and all that happens. Witnesses turn hostile one after another. The only one left, I guess, was left so because he may have not gotten the ‘deal’ he wanted. In the process, our golden witness Mr Kulkarni is trying to ‘expose’ the way the lawyers work ‘deals’ under the table.
  • Now that the new cases have surfaced, witnesses turning hostile in Professor Sabharwal case isn’t a hot story anymore.

Actually, why should I waste your time copy-pasting stuff from news sites when I have a story myself? Mr X, friend of an uncle. Honest to the core, very spiritual person. Worked for a sarkaari investigative agency in one of the BIMARU states.

His work pitted him against a man from the sarkaar itself. Mr X’s honesty etc played on against the sakaari tricks, which meant he got transferred and then suspended. Suspension meant no salary. Bad financial situation at home made him head to the court over a salary dispute (not sure if it was around dates or the suspension itself. Anyways.) with his employers. Few years passed by the judgment day approached at the High Court of a western state in India.

Next, the climax. To his surprise, a judge hinted to him, “pay up and i will give you a somewhat favorable verdict”! Mr X was 2000 kms away from the judge that day. More surprise! Mr judge said he had a guy in the neighboring city – drop the money there, and get your pending sarkaari salary back!

I don’t know, rather didn’t bother to hear or track the rest of this ‘story’. Justice, law, order and stuff are just one of those things that stink around you but nobody complains either because we have all come to live with the stinking mess (the legendary Indian tolerance), or, because (thankfully) not everyone has to deal with it every day.

But it does hurt when a Union Minister with strong law background (Mr Kapil Sibal), when asked about the Kulkarni tapes, says, and says this on national TV with a (I hope sad) smile – “I am not surprised”.

[Disclaimer: The story of Mr X I mentioned above could be fact, could be fiction. Take it or leave it, not interested in doing any sting operations or ‘expose’s here.]


2 Responses

  1. Great post as always.

  2. Thanks IM. I wonder why they keep law/order/justice out when they say “infrastructure”. Its not just roads and power you know.

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