The BTIS thingie from BTRAC

Bangalore Police inserted half page ads in papers today saying they have fulfilled their early promises made via BTRAC. While let us reserve the judgment on that claim, they have been talking good stuff, giving us good previews of what they could do if they get serious about things.

  • The traffic information system: BTIS. Good job! Let us see how the cops will use this info to manage traffic better. At least on the Airport road, I do see them coordinating with each other to handle the vehicular crowd. Hope to see the same on all major roads.
  • The talk about putting up signage and lane markings is good. But please, do it first and then talk about it. (the advert talks up the “plan” for 200km of city roads as an acheivement!) But yes, the separate lanes for autos and a few road markings, wherever they have done it, has helped.
  • The easy auto thing may help, we will wait and see. As of now, our Auto Rajas enjoy their ekchhatra samrajya, ask any local citizen to hear the stories.

Sadly enough, one key thing BTRAC doesn’t talk about as vehemently is enforcement. Few hundred Blackberrys, thats it!?. Does BCP need to recruit more to enforce better? Is there any plan to raise traffic fines (ala Delhi)? Will something be done to attack the problem at its root – the way people get their driving licenses?

I am hopeful some of these will get addressed as well. After all, BTRAC runs till 2010, and it is only 2007 :)


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  1. Visited your site, hope to see you sometime soon at

  2. Pranav,

    I like the visual bit. You have to just track it over the day to see the number of red circles that come up and dominate the map. if they are capable of this, they are capable of a lot more :)

    I would also like to know what they mean by slow traffic and delay? Does it mean a speed less than 10kmph? Or that traffic stays still for 15 mins?

    Enforcement is the critical bit. Be ruthless. Start with a zero tolerance zone at the centre of the city and at the know traffic jam areas. Very few people mess around with the Bombay police.


  3. Sri, don’t know the definitions – slow/delay etc myself. Not clear on the site as well.

    I have this exercise planned for a light work day (hopefully soon). Save that BTIS image every hour over a few workdays. And then, analyze them to list all traffic hot spots of Bangalore.

    After that, try to see whats common across these hot-spots. And what current projects will address these.

  4. Check this link out.

    I hope they do enforce it.


  5. Sri, all the papers carried that Minsk Square no-stopping zone marking on the road. I hope they do that and more (ped walk signals and zebra markings, lane markings) on all major roads and intersections.

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