Sycophancy or stupidity?

Now, I am really getting fed up reading about the birthday gift Mr Dayanidhi Maran had planned for Karunanidhi. Every other article on Maran or Raja or communications ministry these days mentions the fact that Mr Maran was planning to announce abolishing of roaming charges on June 3, MK’s birthday.

Tell me one thing. Is this how things are supposed to work at high, ministerial or policy levels? If Mr Maran really wanted to save us all (consumers) some money, and was in a position to do so, why did he have to wait till June 3? Alternatively, if abolishing roaming charges is going to pinch BSNL’s bottom-line, then why could he not wait for things to get finalized? Unless the dates were anyway running close, and he was merely planning to align them, I will say this was either sycophancy or stupidity.

BTW, whether doing away with roaming charges is a good idea or not, or, whether MK has the right to recall his party’s minister – these are not the matters for this post. I am only irked by these sycophantic touches to policy matters.


3 Responses

  1. Birthday gift was a hoax. Maran lied for sympathy & to keep doors open for himself for negotiation with Karunanidhi. In today’s situation free roaming is not possible. Indian regulation does not allow this. People who roam frequently are either rich/ well off or they do it on companys expense. So by removing roaming Maran was not going to do good to the society but it was any poor pro rich move.

  2. I completely agree with Pranav, if that is what Maran had planned to do. Unfortunately in India policy making and political appeasing go hand in hand. Election time is the best example.

    Raghu – “People who roam frequently are either rich/ well off or they do it on companys expense”. I totally do not agree, being a person whose native place is close to the Karnataka border. Many people in my native place travel across the border on a daily basis. And most of the times they switch off their phones before they cross the border just to escape the roaming charges. And anyways a rupee saved is a rupee saved no matter how infrequently you do it, especially if you are poor.

  3. When you have 2 brothers – one in charge of the communications ministry and the other heading a communications conglomerate (Sun TV, cable distribution – Sumangali? et al) and comes from a family which is sycophantic and dynastic to the core, what else can we expect? One tends to look at all their decisions with a magnifying lens when their track record has been suspect. Sycophancy is inherent in our system – Indira Gandhi accelerated it and today’s rulers all like it and encourage it. Dont we all, try to curry favour with the powers to be (especially we need to get some work done?) – I have seen many many people drop names when they feel a need to (either to bail themselves out or to impress people). I think this is a national illness !! Maybe SB can throw open a “naming” for it.

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