Fostering national integration?

Oh wow! What a great starter package you got there Tatasky – Marathi, Oriya, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Bangla and more. God! I didn’t even know my country had such a broad linguistic spectrum. I was told late Mr P V Narasimha Rao was the last scholar to know all Indian languages. Now I am sure that information isn’t right. Looking at your thoughtfully structured starter package, I am guessing your marketing folks figured there are tons of of viewers who want to enjoy all our languages at once.

Head over to DishTV’s packages. A truly multilingual family will be disappointed to know that they can pick only one regional bouquet with DishTV. How sad! I thought fostering national integration was every DTH provider’s goal.

Jokes apart, DTH channel lineups reflect personal battles of our media tycoons more than customer choice. Mr Tata and Mr Chandra don’t like each other, so many Zee and Star channels keep playing discolight on their DTH platforms! Maran family doesn’t like Mr Tata, so Sun can’t shine on Tatasky. Guys at Eenadu must be like Raymond, everybody loves them, so they are on every cable platform possible. Thank god for small mercies, we don’t have more media conglomerates, or else the channel lineups and equations would be a lot more vexed.


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  1. Well said pranav,
    This is what is stopping me from actually killing the cable and jumping to DTH…

    Your analysis of who hates to love whom is just great!!

  2. I think it is just plain lethargy at TataSky Marketing team. They probably think the name Tata sells. It probably would have worked in 90’s; but how can the managers with 90’s mind set understand that the consumers have changed.

    I have a lot of respect for this group for its integrity and values. But at the same time I also believe it is important for them to change with the time. This and Tata Indicom’s cases could become classic cases for how not to do marketing.

  3. mohan:

    “killing the cable and jumping to DTH”

    that, sir, would be a case of murder and suicide! ;-)

    – s.b.

  4. I somehow have high hopes from BSNL’s IPTV things – The so called “Triple play” whenever it arrives. Then we will have two cable providers available to most homes. Add DTH, which should get sorted out sooner now that Maran is back to TN. What a scam that was, one brother runs communications company, and another one runs the communications ministry! However good or polished a minister you are, that sort of arrangement is just unfair.

  5. Some body,

    Ooops….no :-) it was not meant that way but it shows the agony with cable and problems of different kinds with DTH.

    Am given to understand reception is not existent when it rains on DTH and the dish is the property of respective company – if you give up the subscription, they would take away the dish leaving you with the box which is of no use to you ( can not be used with compitetor).

    All the above restrictive trade practices in a way summarize your thoughts about murder and suicide. Good observation!!

  6. Till now I prefer the cable! He is just a phone call away.. and if a channel goes dancing, all you have to is call him, he will set it right there only and you can peacefully enjoy your program.

    With DTH, he has to come to your home and rectify and there the problem starts of running behind him.

    with DTH, I wonder why can’t they just provide each channel for a price and we can pick and choose what we want. That would be ideal :)

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