Traffic cops to get blackberrys

Check out this link – Bangalore cops go hitech.

My solution for traffic violators is simpler. Just 5 steps:

  1. stop them
  2. take away keys.
  3. Make them wait for 30 mins. Serve them a cup of tea :)
  4. return keys
  5. wave them goodbye



10 Responses

  1. Yep, agree. 5 easy steps to get enforcement right. No scope for corruption. And time hurts more than money these days.

    Since they already have the wireless gadgets, add 2 more steps
    6. Log in your laptop/blackberry whatever – X was marooned for 30 mins
    7. If caught again, add 30 more minutes to the wait time. Cap it to max 4 hours, because after that Human Right fellows may come calling!

    Another good punishment is social shame. Steps on those lines would be
    6. Take a photo
    7. Display it on that same intersection for 2 days. These shame-shame posters could replace our ilegal political hoardings. Can have a sponsor as well. This shameful face was sponsored by fair-and-lovey, what say?

  2. Pranav,
    I like those ideas… in singapore any body caught violating toilet rules (public) are made to clean the toilets, video graph and publish the same in local dailies.

    Repeat offences get national prime time news spot for such folks.


  3. The “social shame” idea sounds really good and practical

  4. p. if time is money how does that prevent corruption?
    saar, urgent meeting ide, 100 rs adjust maadkoLi.

    why are you guys hitting on the state’s stomach?

    50% of collected revenue to the collecting team(SI+mama) should raise the bar for bribes.
    mama says: yen 100 rs? ticket price-e 200rs. 150 minimum.
    seena banglori says: yen 150 rs? ticket price-e 200 rs. i’ll pay ticket.

  5. Tarle,

    Additive then? Why does one jump a red light. Because one believes that one’s time is more important than others’. Pay the price.

    I like the Bombay police’s approach. Stop the person. make him walk 1 km to pay the fine and walk back. lesson learnt.


  6. Tarle, I said less corruption because once it is established that there is no fine involved, cops may not want to be seen accepting anything from any offender. But you are right, that logic of mine is goofy.

    One problem with having hefty fines is it doesn’t take into account our diversity. Hefty fines may be a bit much for some. How about linking the fine to number of wheels/axles of the vehicle!? Or road-footprint of a vehicle?

    Mohan that will make good reality TV also. How about a reality only TV channel dedicated to traffic offenders and those who catch and harass them? And we can name it silkboard ;)

  7. Good suggestions…

    But I thought a cut from “traffic bribes” “collection fund” goes to the concerned minister. So who implements it?

  8. Or may be something creative, e.g. ask offenders to see flop bollywood/mollywood movies (atleast these flop movies will have some audience:) ). or something constructive like asking them to view a 30 minutes documentary on traffic rules.

    Anyway the objective of punishment is either to create fear in the mind of offender or to create awareness to the offender, so that it is not repeated.

  9. Hi All,

    All States should have a dedicated website with proper information like the one below.

    Atleast you know the Penal sections [eg:Over Charging by TSR/Taxi 11.8/177 DMVR ] if you want to avoid a baseless fight.

    I am not sure if this is common for all states.

    Will wait for more comments !!

  10. i just returned after paying a bribe of 50 Rs when the cop caught me riding my bike not wearing a helmet. He asked 100 Rs initially but I has just a 50. I had no choice but to give him this money and walk away. Why do cops not give a bill for lesser amount?? It was my fault I agree but I would have loved it had the cop given me the receipt for the 50 I just paid. I really wished that the money went to out government instead it went right into the his pockets. Or i should have had a 100 Rs with me.

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