More ring roads!

No no. No new ones around Bangalore. That count for rings around Bangalore stays at 5 and a half. ORR, PRR, IRR, STRR = 4. Add half a ring for BMIC’s peripheral road = 4.5. Last, add the proposed elevated core inner ring road to get 5.5!

ring_roads The good news BMRDA has for us is about the satellite towns. They seem to have finalized what they call individual town ring roads (ITRR). Look at the image (click on it for bigger version) and notice the small rings drawn around satellite towns. How many did you spot, 8 !?

Nice job of planning these ring roads now itself. But not having plans for cut-through-the-heart radial roads for each peripheral town could mean trouble later. Anyways, while on the subject of radial roads, BMRDA seems to have finalized on the alignment of roads that will lead you out of Bangalore to these satellite towns. Click on this second thumbnail (below) to find a list of these radials.

radial roadsGood to see progress there, though I wish for two things.

  • Wish these radial roads started from deeper inside Bangalore and not from points on ORR and beyond. That proposed tunnel from Minsk Square towards Hebbal flyover is that sort of thing.
  • Radial road and ORR/PRR junctions should be very close to Metro terminals. That way, the long term mass transit plan would be like this – get closer to Bangalore on a bus, then take a Metro to hit the downtown.

For more details on ITRR and Radial roads, head to BMRDA website and look at notifications for ITRR (pdf) and radial roads (pdf again). Those pdfs are the source for images used in this post.


5 Responses

  1. All the RRs are fine. Few more might come up and might take the tally upto 8.5 or 9.5. But without an efficient mass transit to these towns we can expect nothing but disaster. Communting will be a pain. A big pain. We can see this happening in Peenya, Kengeri, Hosur Road, Old Madras Road, Bellary Road, etc. A good rail connectivity to these towns from BLR (like Hyd local trains) despite making these towns/townships less reilant on Bangalore has to be in place before any other.

    With this mega plan for Blr, the surrounding towns and villages, the Govt has to adopt a sustainable approach. More than adequate green belt, preserving lakes, small forests should be allowed and these are as important as providing for urban infrastructure. Also there should be zones that are vacant spaces between towns (which could be green belts, forests, cultivated land or barren) which facilitates easy movement.

    About BMRDA – am not confident about the way this agency conducts itself. Seems to be more like a real estate agency for politicians, helping them acquire lands. Needs to be transparent.

  2. Arun.
    did ya read that report? apparently glaring mistakes in the CDP-15!!

  3. Arun, Tarle I will argue that building rail connectivity between these peripheral towns and Bangalore is higher priority than the Metro itself. Any investment inside the city is expensive (real estate, political costs). And every successful project (however far and few) only adds to the congestion. by comparison, projects on periphery are cheaper (land, little less politics), and successful ones will spread people around.

    Does anyone else here think alike?

  4. Is BDA-PRR coming outside the NICE-PRR or inside it?

    Also I thought that the NICE-PRR is cursed not to touch the B’gatta road. What happend to the Gottegere lake story?

    Is this half ring going to stay as two arcs for ever? :-)

  5. when will give land compensation

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