Cheap thrill thanks to NAL

Wrote this 6 months ago – “Time to think beyond Boeing and Airbus” – wondering why we dont make commercial aircrafts ourselves. Then, posted this a few days ago – “Come sell aircrafts to us” – with similar thoughts.

Now this morning, I read in the papers that NAL has submitted a proposal to the government for a Rs 2000 crore project to make 70 seater regional commercial aircrafts, which they say could be ready by 2015. This is called cheap thrill, not of the I-said-so kind, but of learning that there are folks who think alike :)


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  1. While India, China, Vietnam and other asian countries are targetted by US and Europeans as a cheap source of manufacturing base,we are still way behind technological innovations.

    The thinking beyond our current current capabilities is the best way to grow.

    I truly appreciate your thoughts about India of its own on building commercial flights.

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    Fusions, views and ideas on Economy..

    Ramesh Natarajan

  2. I think somebody like the munjals (hero cycle manufacturers) or TI need to start a microlite auto gyro plant. It can be powered by a wankel engine. It could use some carbon carbon composites. The Auto gyro could store the energy while landing (active power technology), remember it lands vertical. During takeoff the stored energy is released, asisted with the wankel engine it could do a short run for takeoff. Initially they could start with single seater model then come with a dual tandem seating. It will be like a two wheeler in the sky. It can have a microprocessor panel with weight, weather and energy sensors, the computer could be programmable for autopilot and daily commutes. People will start quitting NAL and join this company.

  3. Isn’t NAL the same idiots who have been leading the LCA Project too? Welcome to 2015 becoming 2050, 2000 crores becoming 25000 crores, and a bullock cart coming out of NAL.

  4. No Shami, that is HAL. And don’t just abuse a body like that. NAL isn’t full of idiots as you think.

    Scarlet, long time, welcome back. What more can I say!

    Ramesh, thats right. Should first start thinking beyond our capabilities. Its like to be able to do something big, you got to dream first.

  5. Designing an aircraft like LCA/SARAS/Hansa is a very challenging thing for a country/organisation that previously only designed a vintage aircraft called Marut back in 1961..

    But rest assured, since all the R&D platforms/organisations/department will be in place.. The future aircrafts will be developed at a faster pace..

    However, much more money/resources needs to be pumped into R&D rather than buying foreign aircraft.. We probably spending about 1% of what the US spends on R&D and still coming out with a 4th generation fighter like LCA..

  6. Sume, others, did you read that NAL’s proposal for 70 seater regional jet aircraft getting a thumbs up from CSIR. That basically means that their project ha good chances of getting funded. NAL is saying it will be 7-8 years for certification and take off.

    They are basically targeting smaller cities and airports.

  7. Yup heard it too..
    but they have to scale up the R&D and private sector participation..
    Atleast we can take on Embraer, before we take on airbus or boeing..

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