Security and procedures?

investigationSpotted this picture in Monday’s TOI that showed a bomb disposal guy inspecting a mobile phone that was found at the spot of the bomb blast in Hyderabad on Sunday. My first reactions to the picture – how can you hold that with bare hands? Where are the gloves, or a hanky? Is this how they do it? No standard procedure for possible evidences?

[Picture clipped from TOI Bangalore epaper, May 21 2007]



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  1. Hi , came here from Musing of India…
    How it can be done, some serious investigations have been mishandles..

  2. yes, even while on some pictures they were trying to defuse the bombs without helmets, gloves and any safety equipment. Loss of life seems ‘Ok’ as it comes in abundance here!!

  3. There was a pic of a “bomb disposal squad” without any protective gear trying to defuse a live bomb! It’s surprising this is how things are done. And it’s not just with the cops. Any disaster any where and you’ll see injured people being picked up without any first aid, being carried in whatever passes for a stretcher, you don’t see anybody who is in charge, ambulances don’t seem well equipped. It’s a sad state of affairs really.

  4. Gloves are not practical in these matters. If the bomb goes off, you lose the gloves too. Chumma waste, no?

    Besides, he’s wearing some Rayban-like glasses, so it’s not that bad.

    And knowing the state of photojournalism today, he must be posing for a photo-op with his own mobile. Or this must be an archive photo of somebody checking out wares at the local Singapore bazaar.

  5. I think it can all be bundled in the “not following proper procedures” category. Not wearing protective equipment (I am assuming they do have them), not following proper procedures (like I think this picture shows) could be negligence or overconfidence. Extrapolating if you may, why do you think similar things wont be happening in matters like pro-active surveillance or regular investigation?

    Disclaimer again – we are building all this up from just one picture and are no a security exports.

  6. late reply Mahesh, found you comment caught by spam filter. Oh yeah, your photo op theory has a good possibility of being right!

  7. Oh! So this is what Azharuddin’s been doing these days! (-:

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