While on the subject of Metro …

… here are the surprise pictures Tarle was pointing us to. Krinix @ skyscrapercity noticed soil testing Type work going on in Attibele and Chandapura. Apparently the work sites had Metro boards put on.

From what we know, talks about phase II didn’t go as far south as Chandapura or Attibele. What exactly is this then? Feasibility study for phase 3? Namme Metro website doesn’t even have a route map for phase 2, so it’ll be unrealistic to expect any updates on phase 3 work there.

Or is it that elevated Rail-cum-Road corridor BMRDA had once talked about for its satellite towns? Cant find it mentioned anywhere now. Google search showed only this post at some forum talking about it, how does he know!? Could it be that Metro is helping with something on this BMRDA project? Or did the BMRDA guys just put on Metro boards to distract the watchful bloggers amongst us ;) Don’t know! As far as developmental information is concerned, RTI act’s proactive disclosure clause is two years old, but we are still at ‘their’ mercy for regular updates.


4 Responses

  1. pranav:

    great find! actually, i was more impressed by the ferrari fan, though it probably does not have a lot in common with your post.

    – s.b.

  2. oh s.b., good find. Thats like a dream many of us have. Drive across our country for real! Hopefully soon when the GQ is all done. Will be less stressful then.

  3. Pranav,

    Ferrari fan’s post made me feel like going on an 8000 km drive myself. the longest I;ve done is from Bangalore to Nashik (1100 km) via Pune. Even then (1994) NH4 was a magnficient piece of road. Not one pothole till Pune. It must be just great now.


  4. Aha, I win there Sri! My longest drive was Bangalore to Bokaro Steel City (Jharkhand). Its about 2300 km if I recall right. Summer of 1984 that was, and the vehicle a 1977 Fiat/PAL premier. I was barely 10 then, but remember it all just too well! We went via Tirupati, Vijaywada, Vijaynagaram, Puri, Jamshedpur. Roads were all fantastic, except for stretches in Orissa (around Chilka Lake) and West Bengal (Jamshedpur onwards).

    s.b., now you have successfully hijacked this into a personal trip-recall thread.

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