Trenching for Metro!

Found this interesting tender on Bangalore Metro site. Rs 27 lakh worth of work to be done in 60 days, it goes:

Identification of underground utilities by trenching in the metro corridor.

I know this is reality. But isn’t it a sad reflection of record keeping on part of our utility companies?  In Pune, I heard rumors that the University Road flyovers were delayed because they discovered some unexpected underground utilities during the course of work. [I bet the contractor there may have (mis)used this as an excuse to delay the project to their convenient schedule.]

Let us hope BMRC doesn’t find any unexpectely significant utilities during this exercise. So, what if they find a huge water pipe running underneath? Fight with BWSSB, alter the route or delay the project!? Kidding. But I hope in this type of situation they’d at least penalize BWSSB for not supplying accurate inventory information!

I like BMRC site for the info it has. But the most critical thing we concerned citizens need is a schedule, or time-line. If not that, then at least some rough idea of milestones. Worst case, regular updates on where we are, what % of work is complete.  Hope to see this type of info up there sometime soon.


2 Responses

  1. There are chances of discovering pipelines laid by the British and still working.

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