Howrah again!

Went through Kolkata on a personal trip last month, and spent 4 quality evening hours at Howrah! The place I think is a photographer’s paradise what with a river, shining steel bridge, chaos and poverty rubbing shoulders with fast life at a century old railway station. I am no shutter bug, some photos thanks only to my N80.

Dressed as a bride, Howrah at night:


One more:


They keep the bridge lit up till 10 pm:


Can you imagine an empty station hall at Howrah? At about midnight:



2 Responses

  1. N80 at night, not that bad. Not v good either. upgrade to N95.

    Photos took me back a few years. Howrah rocks!

  2. Thanks NK. Yep, it is indeed a rocking place. Can’t stand still for a second! It was more an emotional post, and not a photography show-off as such. N95 is too expensive right now!

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