ICL updates – Neo scared?

I am sure you read about Kapil Dev, Kiran More etc getting aboard the ICL bandwagon. ICL has roped in a few old, retired yet famous cricketers as well. If you believe there can be no smoke without fire (I don’t!), then Ganguly may be headed ICL way as well. Who is next? How about high profile coaches for the six proposed teams.

So yes, Mr Chandra is certainly not sitting still. There is a lot of work left though. Stadiums? 2nd tier setup and facilities? More quality players? Scheduling – to either avoid or plan clash with international calendar or BCCI’s domestic league?

Another development I see linked with ICL is Nimbus, the parent of Neo planning to go public. I bet they are getting jittery about Zee creating solid Cricket content and eating into their earnings. Not a bad idea to raise public money while ICL goes through its labor pains!

What is Neo-BCCI combo upto exactly? With no plans yet to upstage ICL, what options do they have? Cooperate with ICL to give away a new 20-20 only league and keep domestic Test and ODI control to itself? Or take Mr Chandra head on by announcing major domestic overhaul? I thought they started doing that with All-star series like things, didn’t you too?

When politicians go silent, you conclude they forgot their promises. When businessmen do that, you know they are working on it. But BCCI is a group of both, it is damn hard to guess what they are upto.

By the way, in this whole BCCI versus ICL spat, don’t forget our good old wild card, the government and our sarkari DD. Citing public interest and stuff, they may try to jump in and either sort stuff out for BCCI, or force a truce between the two.

Let us keep watching.


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  1. off the topic:

    Congrats Silkboard on completing 1 year of blogging (May 5th).

    Happy 1st birthday

  2. Thanks RK! That b’day post on Vijay’s blog reminded me, and hey, you dug it up. Here, the first post on May 5.

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