The beauty of democracy

This is why I call our democracy beautiful. This way or that way, a bit late as you would expect in a diverse society like ours, the right things seem to happen. Who would have imagined Mayawati to do the Indira Gandhi formula in a rehashed way and put Dalits, Brahmins and Muslims (Maya missed women there) under a single umbrella? More than that, who would have imagined political acceptance for reservations for the poor amongst upper castes (PM, Advani back Mayawati) ?

We go through chaos. Public policies get pulled Left and Right, but things move. You only have to look back 10 years to realize that increasingly, bad politics and central government’s ideologies don’t matter much. Slow but sure, what ‘we’ want seems to happen.


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  1. “Manthan” as they say in epics. (
    Only if someone is willing to swallow the “Vish” (Poison).

    The Supreme Court & now Mayawati give me hopes.

  2. Raghu, looks like SC is really on the case, read papers this morning?

    With other leaders joining Maya memsaab on income based reservations, the focus shifts a bit from castes. Once that happens, right things should happen.

  3. If they are going to go by only the salary amount that somebody is getting taxed for to decide on who is poor, then we will have a whole new crowd of poor people.

    On anoter note, I doubt if Mayawati joined hands with the others as a matter of priciple, and that is okay for the temporary end result. When will it matter? When there are winds of change. She is very likely to sway then depending on what her wants are. I know that expecting things to happen based on principles is not very practical. But, I have the choice to trust the person in power based on their actions; and if it is not based on principles, then I will contain my excitement.

  4. Chitra, the thing is to net get lost in specifics of how and what next. Mayawati gets to start it, someone else may take it forward, but the thing to note is – over the long term, the right things are being talked.

    See Maran’s resignation in similar light. You may think a family feud made him go. But a communication minister’s brother running a communications company was not right, and his unfriendliness to Tata (DTH, mobile business) was getting to be a bit much. Moreover, he had started forcing his arguably populist ideas on telecom companies by doing the job TRAI is supposed to do.

    This way or that way, but he is gone!

  5. Hey check this up..
    This guy Ne.La. Narendra babu seems to be doing good work there in north bangalore.

  6. The beauty of democracy is that it gives people a voice. Who would have imagined 20 years back that Mayawati would become the CM of UP? One may not agree with everything she says and does, but one has to admire her tenacity and her will to become CM. How many of us can claim that sort of tenacity?

    I loved what Amartya Sen had to say about democracy – “Even the right to make mistakes is a valuable right”. India has always been about going one step forward and two steps back and then two steps forward. We have had our share of mistakes, but we are going along the right direction – by consensus. More needs to be done in the area of primary education, health and the environment, but we will get there.

    A lot of people who I talk this with think that India needs a benevolent dictatorship. My argument is that those things don’t exist. The road to hell is always paved with good intentions. Even the country I live in now (Singapore) has its share of problems. In the name of getting things done fast, institutions have been destroyed. There is no free election commission, no independent judiciary, no free press. Not sustainable IMHO.

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