Overheard … #5 – Meet Bob

… that the way nature of news on Bob Woolmer’s death is changing by the month – a Jamaican newspaper said yesterday that Bob wasn’t murdered, he died of natural causes – it is likely that Jamaican ‘authorities’ may produce Bob Woolmer before the press in a month or two. It might very well end with a Bollywood like twist in the tale. “I never died, just disappeared to expose corruption in world cricket” (and to publicize my upcoming book!).

What are the chances?


6 Responses

  1. “I never died, just disappeared to expose corruption in world cricket”

    sounds like birbal outwitting the royal barber!

    – s.b.

  2. Chances? Quite good, at this rate. LOL

  3. It feels bad to humor ourselves around a dead person, but really, this is so frustrating. A 5 star hotel with lots of cameras, access control. A high profile tourist. Died in the middle of a big sporting event. And even then they cant solve the case properly forget doing it quickly and transparently. Just goes to tell you there is more happening than what meets the eye.

  4. Pranav: Thats one thing that gets me… are those cameras so out of focus that they require high tech image analysis to figure out who is coming and going?

  5. Jamaican cops have to be appreciated for being bold, at least in the first few weeks.

  6. A UK tabloid talked about the ‘Natural causes’ theory first. But now Jamaican police themselves are saying the manual strangulation theory doesn’t seem to stand. More pathological experts have been sought.

    Do they have RTI in Jamaica? And can foreigners file RTI applications there!?

    I think Bob is alive. Bob’s son, Brrish will expose the villains 20 years later or so.

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