Whats up Mr Chandra?

The iron is still hot.

Did you notice today that key corporates like LG, Samsung, Coke, Pepsi have not bought advertising for India Bangladesh ODIs? Last heard they were arguing for 20-25% cut in ad rates that reportedly go at 1.2 – 2 lakhs per 10 second spot. Guess Neo didn’t give in.

And over last month, Indian cricket saw more of the same. A stop gap manager is coaching the team and telling us that “we need to be patient with experience”!! (And, vice versa with youth, is it Mr Shastri?). A guy who saved his place in the team thanks to a century against Bermuda is being talked off as Vice Captain once again. Players are not happy with their salaries, and tried their best to avoid the BAN tour by trying to get injured in the nets :). Who wants to play day games with mercury showing 36 deg C!? Our captain is busy claiming his team is an undivided unit. Tell me what has changed?

Meanwhile, the so called national sport of ours, Hockey, is on its death bed. No one wants to watch or play. Mr Gill’s PHL efforts have still not won over the masses. Less said about his team’s recent international encounters the better. Don’t get me wrong, the game is a good one. But those damn legs interrupt a lot, and the ball is a bit small to spot!

A professional league like venture started a decade ago for soccer, National Football League, is seeing a decline in ticket sales, even in citadels like Goa and Kolkata.

There is little incentive to watch Formula One with no Indian driver behind any wheels.

It will be ages before Lee and Hesh will have children, and will be able to swing tennis rackets. Sania Mirza may still be around then trying to break into world top 40.

So for an Indian sports guy, there is absolutely nothing ‘local’ to watch on TV every week though the Golf boys are trying and they may eventually succeed.

The iron is hot Mr Chandra. Hope you will time your strike well.


8 Responses

  1. I think your predictions will come true. Lets wait till the Bangladesh tour gets over. I can imagine Mr. Chandra wooing players with contracts better than what BCCI would (not could) offer.

  2. Hi frnd,
    I came across your blog by chance, as I was searching for something on Indian cricket, and you had a very good piece of posting. Really interesting!
    I’m a writer myself, though of a different kind. Do get in touch if you feel like it.

  3. pranav:

    or should i call you nostradamus now?

    – s.b.

  4. I will be honored to get that title s.b! Hey, even better, I hope Mr Chandra gets to read this and recruits me to make his league a success :)

    Raghu – predictions will come true, and its not cricket alone. It is to do with local media market – there is a need for some sport to fill lots of TV hours, create tons of magazines and websites, fill those idling stadiums every evening. And we all love cricket. Enough of Bollywood, what say?

    BTW, I notice that ESPN is showing English county cricket these days. Selling English soccer (EPL) make some sense, football lovers cant hope to get quality local action. But cricket – give me a break! Let Mr Chandra start, and every other good cricketer worldwide will be playing our league. Mark that down as another prediction (hehe, dream) some body.

    Days of international cricket in yellow-grass stadiums and 40 degree celsius heat are nearing a very deserving end.

    Shilpa, what exactly is that different kind of writing, some more light please. And never leave your email address open like that, unless you love spam.

  5. hmm, “every other good cricketer worldwide will be playing our league.” :
    right : http://content-ind.cricinfo.com/india/content/current/story/293980.html
    retired, discards, tainted, disgruntled players next ?

  6. Hi Silkboard

    You’ve made some interesting points in this post.
    I’m an editor for Desicritics.org, a web magazine covering media, culture, politics, sports and more with a global South Asian perspective.

    If you feel like expanding on your views in this post, I’d like to invite you to sign up for Desicritics. There’s more info here [http:// desicritics.org/2006/01/25/205846.php]

    Lemme know if you’re interested.


  7. pranav:

    “I will be honored to get that title s.b!”

    thank you! but frankly, i think your getting an invite to join desicritics is a higher honour :-). btw, huzaifa, sujatha’s is one of my favourite blogs [though i must confess that i have many favourites!].

    this looks like an opportunity that you would like to have anyway – in addition to the bengalooru metblog(see quote below from your ‘about blog’ page).

    “[Note: If you have India/Bangalore things to express, and will like to join forces, drop me an email at silkboard {at} gmail {dot} com. Alternatively, let me know where you blog, and I will consider joining in.]”

    – s.b.

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