The three job sites

An observation on the three job sites that are spending a lot of advertising rupees to gain your attention. Each of them claims to be number 1 !

  • Monster India’s TV ad shows cricketers washing clothes with their bats and Classical dancers guiding airplanes on a taxiway. The message is about skills and matching jobs – a bit ‘mature’ one.
  •’s classic where an employee spells out the name his boss – H as an Hitler A … R … I as in idoit – is about you not liking your manager, or perhaps your job environment.
  • Whereas, Timesjobs shoots it ‘straight’: If your salary is making you feel too small, look for a change.

Who exactly are these three job sites targeting? Shall we say the TV-owning internet-aware ‘job seeking masses’, a huge percentage of which are young, new and inexperienced? Call them “job jumpers”.

Who cares about skills and matches!? Will or will not a Bharatanatyam dancer want to help park airplanes if that gets her more money!? Naukri’s message is a little easier than Monster’s for the ‘masses’ to understand. Whereas Timesjobs’s is right to the ‘point’, most folks in that young target group – the “job jumpers” – understand the language of money.

Assuming we got the assumption on demographics right, and that these TV ads do work wonders, some simple conclusions and forecast for you. Entry to mid level guys would look up Timesjobs first, and this site would grow to be the biggest. A mid level guy who has grown up from salary to job environment considerations may think Naukri. Monster India seems to want to play at a higher level, little bit of a clash with Naukri, and possibly targeting mid level and up. With time, you’d see Timesjobs #1, Naukri #2, and Monster India #3.

Disclaimer: of course, this is a simple forecast based on a few TV ads and some personal psychology !


3 Responses

  1. There’s one more ad, the Mr Happy Kumar one, I forget which company its from. But they’re targeting a completely new segment, those who are happy and content with their jobs. Thats one segment missed by most other job sites. I’m not sure how far they’ll get in the ranking list of yours though.

  2. sb,
    know what? i got a major career break not becoz of NAUKRI, MONSTER or TIMESJOBS….but becoz of RAMBLING WITH BELLUR

    btw, read this interesting post. and don’t miss the comments.
    TimesJobs Claims No. 1 Position; Kicks Off “Everyone is quitting naukri” Ad Campaign

  3. Oh, didn’t know that RK. So one just has to Ramble with Bellur, and a job guaranteed is it !? :)

    Roshan, don’t recall that one. Must be a new or not-so-well-done add thats why I can’t.

    BTW, when 250000 engineers graduate every year, why do these job sites not venture into managing campus placements as well? Why shouldn’t the colleges just outsource campus hiring to these firms? They’d save time and money, and these sites will get tons of free publicity plus customers for life I guess.

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