One Mr ‘Unpopular’ Singh from Assam

I didn’t know Dr Singh resided in Assam. And I thought Prime Ministers were supposed to be ‘popular’, popular as in elected directly by the people of at least one constituency. But Dr Singh continues to insist he is a resident of Assam. And he prefers gaining an ‘unpopular’ entry into the Parliament.

Not that there is anything wrong here, its all perfectly ‘legal’. But personally, I don’t like the upright CEO of our country ‘proving’ his residency in a convenient state of his choice (a legitimate ‘token’ proof must have been presented to the EC along with his nomination papers) only to gain a back-door entry to the house of wise citizens.

A quick look around in the mainstream media, and only the Telegraph seems to think alike. I agree there, knowing Dr Singh from his words and actions so far, he should set better precedents.


4 Responses

  1. Personally I had great expectations from Mr.Singh! Knowing his educational background and the proven intellect before, I was under the impression that he will take India to new hieghts! Though I am not a great fan of his party… I was confident of his abilities.

    BUT little did I know that finally he also became just a TV with the remote in somebody else’s hand!

    Each step he takes “proves” the above statement more and more day by day!

  2. Maybe being more of a bureaucrat than a politician prompts that – interesting article here.

  3. Shark, calling him a remote controlled TV and all is going overboard in criticizing him. From what I see and hear of him, he still is Mr Clean and Mr Good-Intentions. I think Sonia does politics while Mr Singh makes policies. It could be a nice bifurcation of conflicting duties that could actually work well – but for the messy coalition that they have with Lalu Mulayam and Left in it.

    N, may be, he is not a politician at heart, just a policy maker (without lots of good company?)

    He should have seeked an entry to the Lok Sabha. Pick your constituency, urban, rural, small town or wherever, but not doing that shows lack of confidence. Unless Dr Singh says he doesn’t want to make EC waste money (someone resigns, polls all over again)!

  4. Shark, I agree with Silk here. Calling him a remote may be going too far.
    My view is that the problem is no so much Sonia Gandhi but rather the Left parties which are part of this coalition.
    While they stand for the poor man or common man, they are hindering the very development which would benefit the common man and bring more people out of poverty.
    India needs to create more employment and if it has to be sustained then this has to be market-driven – it cannot be done by a Government jobs programme subsidized by tax-payers. Our PM certainly understands this but he is not able to do anything while carrying these monkeys on his back.

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