911 is almost here

Found this interesting bit on PIB last week, not sure if newspapers have carried it since. Surface Transport ministry is thinking of 911 like emergency services. The plan is to start with GQ stretches of National Highways and later cover all NHs.

Baalu further stated that the Department of Road Transport & Highways and the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) would consider providing fully loaded Ambulances with state of the art equipment, in addition to the ones already being provided under Ministry’s schemes, to ensure that proper medical care is given to the accident victims in the ‘Golden one hour’ to save precious lives.

I think he is trying to build on the success seen by Andhra Pradesh (EMRI’s ‘108’ service). Good idea Mr T R Baalu. Won’t be an easy task though, because you will need to work with other ministries like Health and Family Welfare, and Telecommunications to create a ‘complete’ emergency response system. From this PIB bit, it seems like Mr Ramdoss is already on board:

Dr Ramdoss … also mentioned that the Health Ministry has also designed a nine-month course for training of paramedics, who could be used for manning the Ambulances to be made available by the NHAI for the 4/6 lane stretches of Golden Quadrilateral (GQ) and would be located at an interval of 50 km.

All the best!

PS: Can’t resist this dig. Is it that Mr Baalu is getting ready for the ‘action’ once his proposal for raising the speed limit on GQ highways goes through !? ;)


3 Responses

  1. At last.. atleast…

    After all these years a human life is getting to be protected. May this become reality. Its cruel to see road accident victims die on highways due to lack of facilities. The road accidents are number one killers even before cancer and heart attack in india.

  2. Yes, Also heard that Govt is making it mandetory for private hospitals to offer trauma care for accident victims.

  3. Read in papers today that Karnataka govt too has announced trauma care centers along its highways.

    Now, little better enforcement of driving discipline on highways (speed limit, lanes), and our NHs will become so much safer.

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