Just curious #4 – Worst world cup yet?

No no, not talking as an India fan. Too long a tournament (players are complaining), too many inconsequential matches, (is super 8 a bit much, was super 6 better?) – forget those things. The biggest gripe I have, and via his column this morning, Steve Waugh agrees, is about TV coverage which has been downright awful !

Ads start even before the 6th ball goes dead. What if that ball produced a six or a wicket? Just when the commentators start with a descriptive replay, boom, you get ‘mind-n-body heart-n-soul’! After the over break, producer jumps back to live action to find that the bowler has only started running – back to a quick 20 second comic jingle. And then you are brought back live right when first ball of the over meets the bat, pad or stumps. Talk about perfect timing!?

Perhaps its no coincidence that Indian performance and quality of coverage, both have hit rock bottom at the very same time.


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  1. Hi Pranav

    It is not only robbing the game of anything eventful which might happen during the ads but also killing the drama of the game. Cricket is not just about a bowler running in to bowl and batsman hitting shots. The beauty of the game includes field placements, captains and bowlers plotting their moves, batsmen mid-wicket conferences. I would argue that in the later overs, there should be no ads even in over breaks.

    While the technology today is awesome allowing us to analyze the game like never before but sadly we also live in an era of instant entertainment – the highlight reel has overtaken the epic beauty of a cricket test match. If one day cricket wasn’t bad enough, now we have Twenty20 set to take over. If I have to choose between cricket the game and cricket the entertainment medium, I would choose the former – a good test match with men in whites than instant cricket with men in pajamas with stickers. Guess I am in an aging, dying minority

  2. Yep, very unsatisfying experience overall for everybody concerned.

  3. pranav…
    you did something & i cannot keep track of comments.

  4. Not me Tarle. I see the looks have changed as well. Traveling right now, and only have phone for access. Will fix by 3rd may – Pranav

    Update (May 1) – fixed the sidebars now. something set them back to ‘defaults’

  5. Pranav: I share the same sentiments especially on the Ads part.. finally someone else has the same sentiments.


  6. SET Max missed a few opportunities for ads. The bowlers’ run-ups are really repetitive stuff. Batsmen crossing over for an easy single is not exciting.

    My goodness – it was like watching an ad channel with cricket thrown in for breaks. They are very close to killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. A few more stabs and it will be all over.

  7. Gaurav, couldn’t agree more. In fact, I as missing all the analysis about fielding positions during the Sl-NZ semifinal. Did you see how SL (esp Mahela) was getting easy boundaries in off-side square region? I bet Fleming was missing a trick or two in his off side field settings. But SET MAX or its commentators had no time to analyze that. And dumb TataSky just wastes the power of interactivity their “Active sports” feature gives them. Just one or two extra angles, thats it – no way to figure field placements from them.

    [was out and disconnected for last few days, back now]

  8. Pranav
    In case you didn’t realize, this is Gajju here. Relocated back to Bangalore a few months back. Had been reading your blogs with quite a bit of interest for some time without realizing it was you. Give me a buzz sometime at 9900546692

  9. hey hey, Gaurav, what a surprise. I did think about you when I saw Gaurav J there! Will call you.

    Srivathsa, on those lines they missed a lot such opportunities. The dancing tigers animation could have been played every time Charu and Mandira fought during those chatter-sessions. Their outfit could have carried sponsor’s logos. SET MAX logo could have been altered to fit in Pepsi or Coke tag at bottom of the image. The score card was so boring with just player names and some numbers in there. Why not a semi transparent background there with a sponsor’s brand image? Why is a boundary or a four called as such. Cant it be a sahara sixer or a jet four?
    As you see Vijay, the possibilities are endless, and I sincerely hope these will be explored in the next world cup !! ;)

  10. next world cup i propose to show advertisement uninterrupted, which will spare the viewers the heartburn of living through another disappointing indian performance.

    well, maybe they can interrupt the advertisement for desi highlights – when india bats, that will be for a scoring stroke which will be either a four or a six interspersed by a bundle of dot balls. conversely, when the opposition bats, the camera should show the action only for indian highlights, i.e., when a dot ball is bowled, which again will happen rarely.

    – s.b.

  11. I have an even better idea s.b. Can we mount thin LCD TV screens on player’s T-shirts? In return for the multimedia heavy action on the field, may be the TV channels will then agree to provide us a FIFA Soccer like uninterrupted telecast of matches!?

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