Wowfee thoughts

Vista coffee

While at Jayanagar last month, cousin S and I went to a cafe. Asked for the menu card. Opened it, and wham, there was wowfee! That very first item on the list – Windows Vista Coffee – made me brew some instant thoughts:

  • Is Coffee Day only making an announcement now, and will the actual coffee be ‘released’ an year later and behind schedule?
  • Any special beans, or is this the same old espresso with better presentation (UI?) but higher price?
  • Start sipping it and you may be asked to apply patches (sugar, cream?) to drink it safe.
  • Would Windows Coffee be served only in mugs sourced from Intel?
  • If these special Vista coffee beans come bundled with sugar, will our sugarcane farmers complain of unfair business practices?
  • All of a sudden, in the middle of a sip, will this coffee turn blue?

See!? This is the problem with overly-tech types. Simple provocations are enough to take the mind out on PJ filled wild rides.


16 Responses

  1. Hmmm – maybe the coffee is transluscent (more water than coffee) and overpriced? ;-)

  2. and what about the frequent updates to the ingredients.. :) lol

  3. PJ or not, loved this post ;)

  4. All of a sudden, in the middle of a sip, will the mug ‘crash’ to the floor ?

  5. Pranav: Good one… lol..

  6. And most importantly this will be served in a mug that has twice the capacity that the usual stuff, though the stuff you drink will be the same quantity.

  7. Thanks guys.

    @ MP, Ravi, OI, N – nice additions. I think we can do a few more!

  8. Gosh you techies :-)

  9. guys, please boycott as much as possible these high priced but regular stuff. why do we always criticize the price but still go for them. have we really lost our commonsense just because we are seeing money like never before.
    (no offence to anybody.)

  10. Bangalorean, I didn’t have this wowfeee thing. Orange flavored coffee, never!

  11. Is this the “Ultimate” or the “Home Basic” version, or something in between? :)

  12. pranav:

    i don’t think bangalorean (correct me if i am wrong, bangalorean) was specifically referring to wowfee.

    – s.b.

  13. u r right SB,
    I was concerned about the trend in the upper middle class society who can afford costly stuff, but who nowadays are getting carried away by not comparing the price with the worth of the product. I buy costly stuff myself, but only after thoroughly assessing its worth. But stuff like pizza for which i got billed around Rs. 1500/-, when I ordered two of them when my friends arrived unexpectedly and forced me to order such stuff. I didnt want to dissapoint them, but felt bad as to how we are being fooled by such businesses. They are obviously pricing such stuff at the UK rate. I know that the rates are comparable to those in UK. Personally I still love pizzas but not at that rate, give me a break. The ingredients cost high in UK because everything is at that rate, so they price each pizza at 10 pounds each. But here, where the ingredients donot cost more than 100 Rs., pricing them at UK rates is daylight robbery. Same on stuff like these hi-fi coffee, burgers, etc. I like them but am not a fool to nont assess their worth.

  14. I kind of like Cafe Coffee Day. At least more than Barista… and they are much better priced than Barista as well. But yea, I am with you SB, orange flavored coffee? What are these guys thinking? NEVER!!!

  15. Banglorean,

    Boycotting “costly” products is irrational.

    People who can afford these expensive products and who enjoy them should indeed consume such products. By doing so they are helping the entire economy by raising the standards of living. Think about the employment created, the rise in wages and the distribution of wealth.
    If wealthy individuals chose to just keep all their money in the bank and not spend it on such hedonistic pursuits, then where will the growth come from? What will power the engine of the our economy as it becomes more and more capitalistic?

    IT wages have shot up and we need that wage increase to filter down the society and having expensive goods and services is the market way of doing this.

    Rest assured, if the quality of the product or service is poor, then the market will take care of it by putting the person out of business due to lack od demand.

  16. Bangalorean, I agree with Anand there. Market should decide the price. Either that, or increased consumer awareness (like when they charge over printed MRP) should be the way.

    Boycott of ‘expensive’ products is a socialist thought, and in my mind a negative one. Better way is to pay the market price and then make you sure you get what was promised – suck the hell of out of ‘them’ if they fleece you in any way. Like I did on a Air Sahara flight yesterday. They turned the A/c off in the middle of day when it was 38 deg C outside. I noticed people just ‘tolerated’ sitting in what had become a boiler. After 10 minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore, and did the … (long story for a later post)

    Another point is – Prices in our country have historically been low because of poor quality of service or product everywhere. Perhaps, poor purchasing power was the reason for that. But now, as the incomes and income-ranges expand, the very-cheap but-sorry-quality will co-exist with top-dollars but-good-quality. This is what partly fuels this “cheating” feeling.

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