Overheard … #2

Our ministers are watching too much TV!

First that ban on AXN. Then the recent ban on FTV (Fashion Television). And now, its CNBC Awaaz (quote from ToI):

The channel had, according to the notice, screened advertisements featuring ‘Martiac Whisky’ and ‘Satu Petrus Wine’. The decision on the ban was taken after the inter-ministerial committee took cognizance of the matter.

Inter-ministerial committee, hmm! Must be a nice gathering, right – everybody get together for some serious channel surfing!


8 Responses

  1. i like this trend; soon india will have only doordarshan and dd2, and kids will once more depend on a good novel for timepass :-).

    given that dd was granted free coverage of the world cup based on ‘national importance’ or some such pretext, now that india is no longer participating, i wonder if that ruling will be reversed (again based on the same pretext – so many man hours will be saved).

    – s.b.

  2. Why don’t they ban just everything and we get back to the good old style of book reading and playing in the near by grounds? :)

  3. if the choice was between voting for stupid short-sighted bills/laws and our ministers watching Baywatch on television, I would definitely want these guys to watch Baywatch. :-)

  4. shark:

    they would have but “near by grounds” don’t exist anymore!

    – s.b.

  5. somebody… you are depicting a rather paranoid scenario.. I am not serious with your first comment.

    Playing devils advocate again, but the rules are quite clear when it comes to airing liquor ads on TV so what should be done when FTV ignores the rule? I am not too sure of the details but I don’t see anything wrong in the step the govt has taken. Maybe a bit harsh on the first instance but then FTV editors were pretty lax with implementing the very clear guidelines. Were they not?

  6. * correction

    I am sure you aren’t serious with your first commnet…

  7. Nothing wrong in these, just that I would prefer a TRAI like regulatory body to watch late-night TV and handout these bans. Not worth our minister’s time to watch too much TV. Besides if ministers do it, there wont be consistency – philosophy of the ruling-party at the time will prevail.

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