Elevated Inner Core Ring Road

Some details were put up on BBMP website last week. Find it all here (ICRR specs), here is the planned route (figure 1) with very good details – comes as far South as Dairy Circle, and goes as North as Yeshvantpur Circle.

Personally, I like the project, but I would prefer two separate North-South and East-West elevated corridors instead. Going from one end of the city to another is a problem today. Can’t go through the city, and circling it on Outer Ring Road is a bit too lengthy. If our city has the resources, BBMP should do both of these, N-S and E-W elevated radial roads, as well as this Core Ring Road. But if I had to pick just one of the two, I will do the radial roads first. Don’t encourage traffic to circulate within the CBD, encourage public transport there, but make it easy for traffic to zip through the CBD – that is the thought I have.

BTW, BMTC too is with me on this. In a long term traffic improvement plan they came up with last month, they too talked about two long flyovers, one running North-South and another East-West. Well, same thought as I expressed above.

Yes, I know, you almost get that North-South city corridor in the ambitious tunnel project! But this thing doesn’t go all the way through the city.


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  1. Pranav,

    Not sure if NS and EW are the real needs. I understand that going from one end of the city to another is a pain – but how many people do it? Maybe a million, maybe only a hundred thousand. Where are the biggest returns for the money that will be spent? Will the Metro be the solution for the NS and EW? if so, then I would not spend money till the need persists

    A few thoughts on what I think the issues here are

    a. Based on what I read from the links, this is not a greenfield road, but a sort of “fill the missing parts” project.

    b. It looks like the BMP has a couple of solutions to all traffic problems – flyover or Ring Road.

    c. Who are the traffic consultants to the BMP? Any idea? Is it worthwhile to use RTI to get this from them?

    d. Do they use some sort of simulation to understand what the end state will be like? Where would new bottlenecks emerge? I don’t think so, but I hate to write someone off without knowing the reality. (There are good simulation software that can throw up these things)

    e. How about what-ifs? These are critical to a long term project?

    f. NPV calculations. Hundreds of crores will be spent on this. How is the spending justified? Is it better to invest this money in something else? What are the measurable benefits? What are the intangibles? Any worthwhile project has to pay out. Else we are throwing money down the drain – e.g. Richmond Circle flyover.

    g. How can this be self sustaining? Toll collection, selling ad space so that these don’t become white elephants to maintain.

  2. Sri, I was thinking that once you have the ring (ORR) with a plus that cuts through it, you’d be able to go anywhere to anywhere on this ‘network’ with few early and last miles on business roads. Thats why you need two solid good radial roads.

    Hey, Analysis behind ICRR too is available on BBMP site.

    BTW, read today’s DH article on Hosur E City elevated road? “The traffic in the first year … is expected to be 167,000 passenger car units (PCU) a day at Silk Board Junction …”. Where and how will all these PCUs disappear at Silk Board junction? I sincerely hope this thing goes live after BMIC Peripheral road opens. Guys can at least jump off to Banerghatta road and beyond through that route.

  3. pranav,
    any thoughts on alignment between nodes 12 and 14? why not 9th cross? land?

    it is pretty skewed over there – might result in bad geometry(and hence safety)

  4. i think sri is talking about an estimate of the impact of this road on congestion. chap4 does not address this.

  5. Pranav, Tarle,

    We’re not alone in our frustrations on traffic. Check this out – from someone in California


    Quite amusing to read about ideas for devices that horn when the light turns green so that car drivers wont have to!!!


  6. oh!!
    one innovative taatha in blore has done that already. (rajajinagar or malleshwaram i forget).

    anywho, from what little i know So Cal is the worst exemplar for traffic/transport/transit.

  7. Elevated CRR – the idea is alright, but where will they find the place for the ramps to get on and get down? The tunnel thing looks even more interesting and should work well, provided if it is dug out by some reputed foreign co. If Blr doesn’t get decongested, where else will we find the place other than going underneath? On that note, I feel hundreds of acres is wasted in Majestic – both Bus Stand and the Rly Stn. There could be an underground Bus Bay at the Rly Stn in different directions, there could be direct link to Bus Stand from KG Road, Cottonpet, Anand Rao Circle which could ensure free movement of BMTCs and KSRTCs, with more road available for the private vehicles and thus decongesting the entire CBD of the yore.

  8. That bit between node 12 and 14 Tarle, must be land. Check via Google Earth, that are is all congested and concrete with very narrow streets.

    Sri, good find! I have had that spike idea to control the wrong side drivers. At every cut in the divider, have a spike that only lets you drive in one direction (have you seen these at rental car return points in US etc?). That way guys will be forced to take U turns as much as possible.

    Arun, I think there are plans like that for majestic area. I remember seeing a majestic bus stand redo plan – it talked of metro, a bus terminal above it, then a business complex, and then a city bus terminal + huge car park area. Cant recall exact details right now. I recall reading about a joint Railway/BDA project (unsure on status) that talked of 2-3 flyovers around the station to get people around the Majestic area traffic and easily in and out of station. Cant find these two plans on any Govt site. Damn these useless sites, they conceal more than they reveal.

  9. Pranav,

    Here is the actual thing itself. http://www.roadtraffic-technology.com/contractors/access_control/guardian/

    In fact, I would put these on all our flyovers so that the bright minds that decide to make a U-turn on flyovers (down the wrong way of course) get their just deserts.

    I would put them on all one-ways too – just to make sure that there is a good incentive for people to go the right direction.

  10. There you go Sri, thats exactly what I had in mind. If these are not super expensive, could come real handy for our short-staffed Traffic police departments. Offender gets punished right then and there for his/her crime!

  11. doode… the links are coming up nicely. a few more and i’ll silkboard.wordpress my homepage

  12. Hey Tarle, thanks. There are a lot of state govt sites. I do look for ones that update once or twice an year. There are some ambitious ones like http://www.karnatakainformation.org/ but whats the point without frequent updates? (though this page there has some new notes.

    Another disappointing one – PIB Bangalore. Wish state govt made all releases via this site.

    Anyways, here is a list of state govt sites.

  13. Any one knows the alignment of the proposed Peripheral Ring Road. Any links that gives the details?

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