The real list?

Followed the ‘excitement‘ around India supplying 36 names to Forbes billionaires list? I caught some of that, and then I also read the recent hawala racket they claim to have busted. Enforcement directorate claims to have uncovered billions worth of assets attached to one Mr Hassan Ali:

“With his unaccounted assets worth Rs. 350 billion (which has been unearthed) and his unaccounted assets yet to be estimated, Ali could possibly be in the league of Indian billionaires who feature in the Forbes list,” the official mused.

Good one!

What are the numbers being talked about in the Mulayam Singh Yadav disproportionate assets case? How big were the numbers when similar political drama had caught Ma’am Jayalalitha a decade ago? Any idea anyone?

Just to be sure, I am not claiming any more knowledge than what our I-T department may have on these cases, you know, innocent until proven guilty and all that. But I just wish that someone, someone made an attempt to put together a real list of Indian billionaires. Tehelka, what exactly are you up to these days!?


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  1. SB,
    Count Non-Indian MP in India Mr.Subba for his unaccounted assets worth Rs. 250 billion .

  2. How can we forget Amar Singh in this discussion? What about Jayalalitha? Or Om Prakash Chauthala (it is rumoured that every 3rd or 4th building belongs to his trust in Gurgaon), Lalu…the list is endless.

    Henry Kissinger’s Quote: “Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation.”

  3. Pranav,
    Supreme court has ordered that no Tehlka type of sting operation can occur and is banned.

  4. Someone quoted today that Lalu has declared 600 crores worth of Income via Milking the cows…

    I wish we get such ‘Milking’opportunities to earn crores and stay free!!

  5. Just imagine that one fine day the three Heads of the Armed Forces take over the country, block all routes of escape and take these corrupt to task and make them release all the hoarded wealth. We will be the richest country. And then the dog pounds too will have to vacated by dogs to house these corrupt ba…

  6. Mohan, is it? How is a sting operation defined though? Anything with a hidden camera? figuring their wealth would be a much simpler detective work, the detective will have to stay hidden and anonymous, and it shouldn’t take any hidden cameras at all!

    Rajesh, Shadow, 600 cr isn’t much. But Rs 250 billion definitely puts one in the Forbes club. That is a lot of money. where did you get these numbers from!?

    Arun I prefer “us” taking the country ‘over’ via extreme activism over getting dictators to run our country. What if govt provided free lawyers for PILs. What if I-T assessment department ran like Election Commision – free from Govt control. What if Lok Ayukta had more powers, and every district had one!

  7. Maybe Forbes will come out with a list of “Hawala” Billionaires.. our guys will top the list…

  8. Arun, you mean like Pakistan? No, thanks, we are fine the way we are.

  9. does forbes list cover sahara chief and industrilists who are not listed in stock market?

  10. I bet it will be tough to estimate wealth of guys who run private (ie not-listed) concerns. Why just Sahara chief, there are so many big name builders too who are unlisted. Few Indian builders who went public last year seem to have made it to the list, isn’t it?

  11. What if I-T assessment department ran like Election Commision – free from Govt control. What if Lok Ayukta had more powers to punish.

    well said. in kannada they say – it’s as if the fence itself grazed the field.

    if an honest to god audit of every senior, even sophomore politican at all levels is done they will all come up with nothing less than hundreds even thousands of crores.

    very very low rank gov’t officials have been know to have liquid assets in crores. i bet you that a peon in VS is worth more than a mid level exec in Infy.

    hey btw, apparently, payroll in KA gov’t offices is getting automated. apparently, there is a ‘market’ to simply register pension and even service benefits (like HRA, DDA) of gov’t employees themselves. LOL. hopefully, this will take the wind out of that ‘market’.

    thank god for small mercies.

  12. SB – if WE can punish them, why not?
    Mohan – I had never imagined Pak as any ‘benchmark’ while writing. Definitely not that type. Anyway, what prompted me say this was some kind of a rumour towards the end of 1990s, that something like this was being pursued.

  13. @silk.. thats exactly my point… its hard but not tough. if you actually want to compile a true and correct list forbes and other rating agencies need to take this pain.. else the whole edition is as good as a sheet of paper.

  14. Arun, I was responding to your implicit assumption that if army chiefs take over the country, somehow the wealth of all corrupt politicians will be released to the economy and it will be good for the country. Pakistan has been ruled by army chiefs for most of its existence and fat lot of good it has done to that country.

  15. sorry but i seem to have a similar thoughts on looting this country

  16. Silkboard, I read about the Bharat Punarnirman Party that has been formed by some IIT alumini’s .. when I read about it last week, I was thinking about the discussion which happen here. You can blog it on that topic sometime at your ease! …

  17. Veena,

    I have blogged about BPD sometime back and there has been a huge response to the initiative. Here is the link if you are interested.

    Sorry for using your space, but I thought it was worth mentioning since veena asked you to write about BPD. Hope you don’t mind.

  18. Polite Indian: Good link.. heartening responses..

  19. Thanks for the link PI, I didn’t mind that at all. You got some solid response there too. Do you know what is the other similar outfit, Lok Paritran doing these days?

    BTW, did you guys know that Manohar Parikar, a recent CM of Goa is an ex-IIT. I heard he was doing good, but the politicking didn’t let him survive long in the office.

  20. […] interesting stuff you ‘discover’. Wish someone could add all these numbers up and do a Forbes like list of all our netas. Any volunteers !? […]

  21. lalu yadav is one of the most cleaver politicians of india who easily make foolish to other especially the iim because a person who make huge scam can not be reliable at all.

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