Clocky like ideas

Nothing to do with India or Bangalore, a pure personal post for a change. How do you like clocky?

The alarm clock that runs away and hides when you don’t wake up. Clocky gives you one chance to get up. But if you snooze, Clocky will jump off of your nightstand and wheel around your room looking for a place to hide.

I was rolling with laughter after I heard about this clocky thing from a friend yesterday. Oh my god, imagine searching for an irritatingly noisy clock early in the morning!! Getting up on time shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

How about some more similarly annoying wake-up ideas?

  • How about a bed that unlocks a spring to eject you out every morning. A rude awakening that will be.
  • A polite version of “wake up” bed will slowly start getting vertical in the morning. Unless you get up, this bed will end up parking itself vertically against a nearby wall.
  • Room heater or cooler could start going crazy at your specified time in the morning.
  • How about a comforter that starts biting you (like those bed bugs) at your specified morning alarm time.

Before I go crazier, let me leave you alone to have a hearty laugh over the clocky concept. Who said laziness is the mother of invention?


8 Responses

  1. I read about this sometime back.. I think the girl even won an award for this…
    I had a different version of clocky happen to me once.. had one of these Nokia phones where the alarm sound kept increasing if you dont shut it off… was in a hotel room and this phone fell off the bed inbetween the matresses. There I am sleepy eyed and jet lagged (has just landed in the US) trying to find my phone under the bed.. the bloody thing was just out of reach…

  2. How about an alarm which pours a bucket of water, if you snooze it once :|

    Poor Vijay.. he he

  3. hmm
    Too much of Laurel and Hardy pictures are enticing pranav to tell these stories or was it the boss getting at him? ;-)

  4. i remember having heard about it a couple of years ago too :-).

    – s.b.

  5. Vijay, Prashanth, so listen to this story from my college hostel days. Before this guy A came back from his dinner, we went in and hid 7-8 alarm clocks at various tough-to-reach-or-find locations in his room. Alarms were elaborately set to go off at intervals of 10-15 minutes each, starting at 1 am. Rest, you can imagine.

    Another one is from Diwali time. A loud cracker tied to a very long “agarbatti” under your bed. How would you like that as a pre-dawn alarm!?

    Mohan, nothing like that, just that I hadn’t heard of clocky before and found it v funny!

  6. @Pranav: ROTFL…the guy must have been wondering what hit him..
    @Mohan: Posts like this break the monotony..

  7. hehe. My dog had this annoying habit of licking my face in the morning to wake me up So I could take him for a walk. He would even try to reach under the blanket if i tried to cover my face to fend him off! Well, invariably it worked

  8. Vijay, that is so right. It gets monotonous with big-talk all the time, so need these small-talk posts once in a while.

    Hey Usha, so what alarm clock does your dog use!?

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