DTH story: so far so good

I talked about DTH and Tatasky here a while ago. Its time to share my experience with Tatasky so far. A small story before that.

“No more detective work now”, this is how they described their thrill to me. My parents-in-law like watching detective serials on TV, Sherlock Holmes series on History channel is a favorite. But to enjoy that show, they literally had to play detectives themselves. First, to figure Mr Holmes from Dr Watson – that is your picture quality. Second, to trace the location of channel “H” on any given day – it changes almost every week. They were unable to find “H” last week, that is when they said enough is enough :) It is all sorted out now. One call to Tatasky toll free number, and they were up and running three days later. “I cut the cable and threw it out of my house”, that is how they completed their switch!

Picture quality excellent, an intuitive remote and user interface, and no issues with customer service at all. This other thing you too may like a lot is complete insulation from bandhs as well as power cuts. With UPS installed, there is no cable disruption when electricity plays hide and seek. Its not like you have to wait for cable-wallah to turn on his generator.

The only real grouse one can have right now – no Sun TV channels. They got CNN-IBN recently, and have Neo as well. One suggestion more than complaint I have is about their Pay-per-view system. Need more movies there. And once I order, I should get unlimited viewing rights for say next 10 hours, they can have a show starting every 30 minutes. Though not a big deal right now, another complaint I have is lack of S-Video or Component-video output on the Set Top Box.

So go DishTV (I don’t have any feedback on that though) or Tatasky as soon as you can, but just switch. It will be worth your money.

Now, on to the DVR debate. I don’t think Tatasky set top boxes are DVR capable (no hard drive there). But they may do a box swap program when they launch a Tivo like service. Or, for all you know, they may start an IPTV video-on-demand service as well. I am told that with the Dish and Digicomp installed, you actually have a 2 Mbps down and 128 kbps up network connection at home. The picture you see is video being streamed to you from a central server. So the pieces could be in place for a video-on-demand system. Why would I need a DVR if I get to see whatever I want whenever I want?


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  1. I have been planning to get Tata Sky for sometime now. Been postponing it, waiting for them to bring in Sun channels. If Sun is planning to come out with their own DTH service, denying access to other DTH players will lead to them not getting Zee and Star channels. Without these Sun’s DTH will not move out of Chennai. I have got good reviews mostly for Tata Sky in my blog..just waiting for Sun to come in.

  2. I switched over to DishTV (from Zee N/w) more than a year ago. Though its a bit costly for us in our hometown where normal cable rent is 125-150Rs per month, we are a satisfied TV viewers. Now they have added Star & Sony channels to their bouquet. Plus some 15+ radio channels.

    What more one can ask :)

  3. That is true Prashanth, regular cable rents are so low in smaller towns that DTH turns out to be costly there. So are you pretty happy with DishTV? Many (Internet blogs reviews etc) complain about their cust srvc.

  4. Is tata sky airing e tv kannada even after it became a pay channel?.
    I am from a small town in Goa.
    I want to switch over to tata sky.

  5. yes Neel. e-tv is still on. mind you, no udaya yet.

  6. Never had any problems with the DTH set. Had some hiccups initially, but the local dealer was helpful – right from installing to the annual renewal.

    And even if Udaya is there, I prefer not to watch it.

  7. Thanks for the prompt help.
    tatasky’s sky – touching prices are a little scary though(esp. because the “friendly”neighbourhood cableman in our town is cheaper )
    but e tv kannada beckons–

  8. Tata sky is the best all over india it wiil do well.

  9. I am using both TataSky and DishTv. One for my parents (Tatasky) and the other for me(away from home)
    Tatasky is the best for Customer care, clarity and value for money for their instruments (dish and the STB)
    negatives- their STB OS is having some bugs(only few favourites u can set, they dont have international channels like EuroNews, TV5Monde and DW TV)

    DishTv, I have some international channels(my favourites-Euronews, DWTV and TV5Monde).
    Negatives- bad picture quality, Installation is not as great as TataSky, and the worst customer care, u will never get the connection to that noida number if you call)

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