Picture time

Can’t survive without posting pics from Bangalore roads, can I? Some more.

What if. What if that jute rope holding whatever-it-is together snapped? That would create nice visuals for a tire or brake oil commercial, isn’t it!?


Customizable road dividers are the latest rage in Bangalore. Ultimate things in DIY road-democracy, customize these to adjust lane sizes, or make openings for your house/business, or create thrilling swerving situations for those hip-swaying bikers.


Newly widened road, and newly laid footpath. Net result? BDA has built nice parking surfaces for these businesses.



3 Responses

  1. I hate these footpath encroachments. I even view parking to be provided by these business and can not use foot paths which are already an endangered species.

  2. I wonder the same thing about overloaded lorries.. what if the rope comes off?

    Every time I see an overloaded lorry carrying bricks, jelly stones, or with iron rods sticking out (with a dirty red hanky tied to the end), I respectfully allow them to get way way ahead of me.. or I ensure that I get ahead of them.

  3. Mohan, if you ask me, these road widening projects don’t achieve much. You just build nice and free parking space for the shops.

    Vijay, rules say you got to put a red sign if you are overloaded, thats why that dirty hanky. But many guys, especially the tractors, don’t even do that.

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