Mumbai best, Kolkata worst.

[Resident Alien‘s observation about Mumbai and Bengalooru drivers makes me write this big note] I have been to all the so-called Indian metros a few times over last 2 years. Been in the dreaded taxis and private cars as well. Based on experiences and observation, here it is, for the first time ever, silkboard’s Metro traffic rankings :)

  1. Mumbai
  2. Chennai
  3. Delhi
  4. Bengalooru
  5. Kolkata.

This order is based on the stress you endure while driving, and not just the average speeds or crowding levels. Stress, I would say, is more a function of traffic sense drivers have, and then some other things like policing and general design of roads (width, traffic lights etc).

Now, on to the potentially controversial attempt at explanations.

Mumbai understands lanes a lot better than road-starved Bengalooru or roads-aplenty Delhi. I can explain the difference wrt Bengalooru – Mumbai is a lot more mature Metro. The two cities have similar crowding levels. But Mumbai drivers have, by now, figured that lanes are here to help them make best use of road space. So, when you jam your brakes on a 4 or 6 lane road there, more often than not, the driver chasing you is going to stop right behind you.

In ‘younger’ Bengalooru though, we still follow the “see red, swerve” policy. That translates to – see a brake light, swerve left or right. Never mind if you risk bumping into a vehicle in the blind spot. Or, you risk running over a pedestrian if the vehicle ahead stopped only to let one go.

Yes, culture and level of policing have a say here. Bangalore drivers are struggling to cope with the new found crowding on roads, and so are the cops. So give us all some time, and being a diverse and cosmo city as arguably only Mumbai is, I expect us to get there sooner or later.

But how exactly do you explain Delhi and Kolkata? Kolkata is similar to or worse than Bangalore, a real close call there. You struggle to find a vehicle with no body dents. All drivers, not just the cabbies, rush to squeeze themselves into any empty width they can find. And all this, when you have lot more visible policemen than in Bangalore. “Culture” perhaps? Or bad planning over all these days that have made Kolkata the city with minimum road length amongst all Metros:

(Kolkata) has a density of 814.80 vehicles, the highest among per km road length as compared to 766.31 for Mumbai, followed by 616.58 Chennai and 170 Delhi.

But in terms of vehicle population Delhi topped the list of metros with 44 lakh, followed by 16.44 lakh in Chennai, 14 lakh in Mumbai and 11.44 lakh in Kolkata.

On the other hand, Kolkata has the minimum road length among all the metros with 1,404 km, followed by 1,800 km in Chennai, 1,900 km in Mumbai and 25,948 km in Delhi.

Over to Delhi, the Metro with best road network though with the highest vehicle population as well. [If you trust the numbers in the rediff/PTI article I quoted above]. Before you jump to “culture” as the possible reason you endure more stress driving in Delhi than you should, listen to this theory of mine. We learn to adjust and share better when a critical resource is in short supply. For us Indians, plenty is never good. Delhi has always had the roads, and that is why they never learnt to share them well :)

Okay, so that beats my Kolkata logic to death. You see, how tough it is to explain things you observe. I should stick to noting down my observations. Explanations are better done by the more learned sociologists.

PS: I haven’t been in Hyderabad enough to rank it here. If you think Pune belongs in that Metro club (I think not yet), then I would rank it above Bangalore and just below Delhi.


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  1. Good observations SB

    • Calcutta is extremely filthy. Most of Calcutta has garbage overflowing the streets! The river Hoogly is one giant sewer. The city is shades of Grey and black because people just don’t paint their buildings.

      25 years of Communism has reduced Calcutta to a Somalian city’s standard! It should be at # 50 not #5!!

      • u were correct.,but now mamata didi came in power she will make the difference and it will be no.1 forever.

      • Kolkata does not have the world’s largest slum “Dharavi”..Proper Kolkata is far more densely populated than Delhi and mumbai..Bangalore is not at all a official metro city yet..Leave aside Hyderabad or Pune..If consider greater kolkata (Saltlake City, Rajarhat, Barasat, Barrackpore etc) alongwith proper kolkata it is about only second to Delhi (Refer all the cities’ area in Wikipedia). I accept that Kolkata is one of the most dirty city in India but not the most. Only the older parts of the city are really cramped and dirty. That goes for all the major cities in India.

      • Hi
        I totally agree with your view. Kolkta is filthy.This Metro has stupid system as worlds stupidest policy makers lives here. People live in 18th centuary. They didn’t have respect for old people. they sit tight in metro rail or buses and don’t care to give their seats to elderly. people have no civic sense, they throw garbage and spit where ever they want. No building standards. people don’t want to work most of them are lazy sloths. if i want to write i can write full book on this stupid place.

      • as per report mumbai among top 10 ten worst cities in the world to live in, don’t believe
        check this link:

        thank god i m in kolkata (city of joy)

      • Calcutta…. Pathetic city… Patheitc people. Who says its a city of Joy, mmay it was in the past long long back not anymore. People do not work at all, always strikes, political violence, even common people are ready to fight over stupid matters. Everyone is trying to take out their misery of their pathetic life on someone else. In the latest news you will find how calcutta treats women and tear their cloths in front of their kids and make them go home half naked. Mamata Banerjee and her party workers do all this and even CPM, depending on who’s in power. Once upon a time Calcutta was a nice city but not anymore.


      • Whoever has written this, I challenge u that 1 day kolkata will rise high above the sky and all the other metropolitan cities will b jealous of Kolkata!I just wish that day comes soon! And hav u gone mad? The Calcuttans consider river Hooghly and Ganga sacred and there is not a speck of dirt! Just go and see the Yamuna river at Delhi!I don’t know why people always have 2 criticize Kolkata everytime!What has it done 2 u guys!

      • Huh.

    • mr mohan i think you do not know the bangalore traffic knowledge,bangalore has become metro in last few years and you are comparing it with kolkata have you ever seen the roads in bangalore even in villages in rajasthan has got broader roads than bangalore. one way traffic is every where and if you did not examine kolkata roads see the width and then compare it with bangalore. you people only run behind names and location of the city if it is west then wow if north its fine if east it is worstand south ya its developing .this is what your mentality .follow the other nations people few for their cities then write something for your indian cities.

    • Mumbai is the crime capital of India ,where it is ruled by the underworld .It has the largest slum .Kolkata is 400 years old city ,it is having people 100 times what it was designed for .Biharis infestation is like a plague in kolkata .It is the highest denisty of population in the world.Atleast people are not shot in broad day light and women raped like in Delhi and guragon

      • i must say klkata is better than mumbai in some aspects, today mumbai is popular bcoz that city got sachin tendulkar and buches of bollywoods, but im not agree i must say chennai and kolkata r the most peaceful cities of india

      • kolkata is a biggest unsafe, crime city in India. none specially women are safe here. this city is standing in front of destruction

  2. […] Silkboard compares traffic discipline across our metros and concludes that Mumbai is the best and Kolkata the worst. Mumbai understands lanes a lot better than road-starved Bengalooru or roads-aplenty Delhi. I can explain the difference wrt Bengalooru – Mumbai is a lot more mature Metro. The two cities have similar crowding levels. But Mumbai drivers have, by now, figured that lanes are here to help them make best use of road space. So, when you jam your brakes on a 4 or 6 lane road there, more often than not, the driver behind you is going to stop right behind you. […]

  3. I would definitely place Hyderabad over Bangalore, the roads are broad, and except for few patches the roads are in very good condition; although the lane is never followed here.
    I have not traveled a lot in Delhi (was there just for few hours) so cannot compare Hyderabad traffic to Delhi.

    • roads of hyderabad are broader than bangalore?? r u in dreams?? bangalore’s road are broader than hyderabad with lots of flyovers for alternate routes… u were unable to make out correctly coz hyderabad has just half or even less traffic than bangalore…

  4. Good post SB. Aside from the stress factor, I wonder what impact our indiscipline has on the environment in the form of wasted fuel, and economy in the form of productivity loss.

  5. I heard that Bangalore is top on fighting on roads. The locals are dying to pick fight, with hand stretched with sound eeeeh. Is this true? Cheap behavior.

  6. I agree with Kunal. The quality of roads in Hyderabad are much better, but the people lack utter road sense. I think when Hyderabad reaches the size of Bangalore, it will have lesser problems than Bangalore because of the good quality and size of roads. Hyderabad is in a much more readier state than Bangalore. And for this reason only Hyderabad should rank better than Bangalore.

  7. We might be getting sucked into the vortex of low expectations here. Its like saying – this shit smells more than that shit. :-) At the end of the day – everything is still shit. :-) The post seems to project delhi as some form of a benchmark. Shitty bechmark. :-)

  8. NRI if you are not happy, get lost, don’t come here ever. And yes, speak kannada when here, else you already know the result. Get lost and stay where you are.

    Kunal christopher why Hyderabad is better. Give proper points. Big road does not mean better. Hyderabad population is less. Idiot comparison

  9. This is a nice perception.. Anyday, I love driving in bangalore.
    Mysore is much better but I dont know whether we can place it here in the list since it doesn’t belong to the ‘Metro’ block!!

    Heard lot about Mumbai freeways, I guess you are speaking about Local roads while rating..

  10. Kunal, Christopher based on a weekend I spent at Hyd last year, it did seem better than Bangalore. I noticed that they have hard dividers on two way roads on almost every major road, narrow or small. I think that helps.

    And Chris, as Ashish says, this city or that city – we lack driving sense, period. Just that there is a noticeable difference across these Metros.

    The most interesting thing about all this is – we all want the other drivers to behave, yet we make the very same mistakes we dont want ‘them’ to make. I know I am a good driver in my own book only about 70% of the time. My excuse when I too do it – that lorry is nagging a lot so let me overtake it from left, oh that stupid auto cut me off, I wont let that happen again.

    Strange situation, isn’t it. Not trying to paint our roads as one big sociology lab – I know a firm stick can easily ‘fix’ it – nevertheless, I like ‘observing’ myself and everyone else on the road. Its fun.

    Before I forget, NRI, there isn’t as much ‘local’ or ‘outsider’ angle to these fights. Someone has overstated things to you, Gururajs are still far and few.

    But in general, things do become warmer if you make an attempt to speak Kannada. I always do that and notice that my broken kannada makes cab/auto drivers open into lot better conversations than anyone’s English or Hindi would do.

  11. Mumbai is the best. People, weather, culture, arts, money, heritage, food. It is the place to be in India.

    • kolkata was the best,is the best.,will be best for ever and ever and ever.

      • Ha ha ha… get a life and get out of your dreams Anurag Chakrabborty … Kolkara was a nice city, LONG LONG back… but not anymore. Check out the news…

      • kolkata is bad, will be worst in near one can stop it. it is a PROMISE

    • Mumbai has the best weather????OMG!!!! What happened to Bangalore…Please pay a visit there any time of the year and check it out yourself..I’ll pay for your travel expenses…


  12. Mumbaikar, hey hey, now that is a big subjective talk. Mumbai is a bit too fast too furious – it isn’t the best for many. And weather certainly isn’t a highpoint when compared to Bangalore, or even Pune!

    • pune sucks dude.. plz dnt mind!

      • But certainly Pune is better than Calcutta which is indisciplined

      • >>>>…….. If you don’t believe it, jus visit Mankhurd, Chemboor, Dharavi, some and parts of Dharavi. Sure you will try to escape from there

        But this is the situation in almost every city in the country. There are odds and evens in all the cities. Be it Delhi, Cal, Chennai, Bangalore , Pune etc. Mumbai alone constributed more than 40% of revenue to the country and no other city dose it. It has been crowded by people migrating from other cities bcos lac of development in other ciies.

  13. Sb, yes knowing kannada helps.. na na saves! Yes of course with little confidence. :-)

  14. What I meant was that Hyderabad has not grown at the rate of Bangalore(and I think it never will) but it has better roads than Bangalore. And even if were to grow as much as Bangalore, the traffic would be better than Bangalore because of the roads. But this might be wrong as the traffic sense of Hyderbad motorists is much worse than Bangaloreans.
    Generally auto drivers are nice in Bangalore except a few. Most of them do speak multiple languages and do appreciate when you try to attempt to speak in Kannada. Although this appreciation is shown in the form of their opinions on roads, politics, money etc…

  15. mumbai is huge..bangalore is too small to compare with mumbai.mumbai’s suburban rail system is best in india.its best bus service is most efficient in india.metro rail construction s goin on.2nd int airport is coming to of18 lane link road connecting central and western suburbs.then ther is bandra nariman point sea link & jnpt shivri 22km sea link.yaar mumbai is huge n awesome.luk at its metropolitan area.each suburb is like a big city.banglore is so near to pune but yet so far from mumbai

    • Yes agreed…..i dnt knw much abt Bangalore but kolkata is one of the unsafe city especially for girls people here are totally uncultured….as compared with infrastructure bombay is top in india…..popularity wise developed wise or peacefull

  16. hello guys i donno much about other metros had been to bangalore n i reside in Hyderabad but as we compare the both Hyderabad has better Social n Physical Infrastructure than B’lore perhaps it’s the best Metro in South with Vehicular Population more than 2.5 Million.every year it’s adding about 2 lack cars onto it’s roads as per head tranport department.cheers Hyderabad never lags behind you guys never consider it but fact is fact truth is truth…..

  17. Hello! friends

    I was going to lots of scraps that describes: Roads of Hyderabad are much better than Bangalore.

    But we should not forget abut the Geographical and Environment Factors. which are the most important.

    Let me explain. Bangalore is somewhat hilly City compared to Hyderabad. More ever Bangalore is one of the Best or so called Greenest City of India.

    Hence if you talk about road condition and congestion we must look at the way Bangalore city has managed number of trees, garden and roads parallely.

    So if you cut down all tree and vanish all greenary than Bangalore roads will be much better than Hyderabad.

    But I don’t ever wish that It would be so………….

  18. Hi! Jay

    You are absolutely right and I agree with you that Bombay is definitely bigger than Bangalore.. But………….

    Here i would like add one Important fact that the Growth rate of Bangalore is astronomically higher than Bombay in number of ways. Bangalore is growing exponential way as compared to any other city of India.

    And we should not compare to Bangalore Vs Pune in anyway. Just like comparison between Bombay Vs Bangalore. Bangalore is Big Daddy of Pune.

    Now the Bombay is overcrowded and congested because of its geographical limitation
    Bangalore doesn’t have that kind of limitation. The future Geographical expansion of city is huge.

    And Next 10-15 year Bangalore is expected to overtake Bombay in terms of all aspect including Infrastructural growth…………………………

  19. I would like to put it this way. Tokyo must be world’s most populated city, But the traffic management is superb than any other Indian city.
    talking about Indian roads, I see marginal difference amongst Bang, HYd, mum ,Del, Chn..
    I love travelling on Bangalore roads Cozz I dont get Sunburn even though I need to commute for longer time there.
    In Mumb I had worst experinece of These Higgadas (Enuchs ) begging oyu for money. If I am with a lady it’s really embracing to encounter an signal.
    Bangalore traffic signal are descent. may be I need to wait more.
    Hyderabad’s climate sucks big time. 5 mins drive there is much horrible than Bangalore’s half an hour drive.
    Delhi I rate the best place for commuting. Although the summers there are unbearable (for species of hilly region like me. I am from Assam). the roads are wide.
    Kolkata, my god the roads are so dirty. the city is much dirtier than dirtiest palce in MUMBAI.
    bangaloreroads are capable of handling around 5 lakh vehicles but the vehicular population is 25- 30 lakh. wont this cause jams ???
    I know the situation is bad to horrible here. But had the same situation been on Mum,Del roads. People would have belted each other for thier frustration. But Bangalore is some way kwel. I love the landscape around banaglore roads. Must mention about the stretch near Kengeri, kanakpur road. it’s mindblowing !!!!!!

    Airport rd and Electronic city in banaglore are jammd horribly. I should mention bangalore has the highest vehicular density in the world and the worlds highest two wheeler s ply on banaglore roads. So this amount of traffic deviation and violating traffic rules is inevitable. Indan menatality is like I should survive Let others get fucked.

    I had been out of banaglore for 5 years. Banaglore has been harrased with increasing population. Blor needs a brk. how can some one take up measures to improve the rads unless they get time to resolve this. Even @ midnight there is a mad rush of folks .

    Mumbai local trains are fun to tarvel but no luxury. I rate banaglore but some one frefer Mum, Some prefer the metros of Kolkata. i too love them..
    So u cannot compare our cities disorganised roads . saying My shit does not smell. Shit is Shit, I urge get away with it.

    But bangalore is doing a good job in improving it’s roads Some Highlights:

    Thes are the projects completed / Sanctioned

    1) Nice corridor
    2) Underground tubular subway 11 km long. That too one above the other. No where In india U have this.
    3) Elevated road from Silk board to Ec Cty. 9 km non stop movement of traffic.
    4) Express ways connecting to mysore road.
    5) 11 lane roads connecting to banaglore International Airport.
    6) State of the art Metro. [Mumbai metro is being built n the lines of banaglore metro.]
    7) Monorails to Whitefield
    and many more…….

    Bangalore is growing at mac speed. there will be shortcoming s during growth but bangalore meets it on time.

    Kolkata is expanding its metro tracks to meet the needs of this hughe city. The buses of kolkata are improving. u can see low floor rear engine buses being introduced in kol.

    Inda is doing great. Be optimistic friends.

    Banaglore is our icon. I am a frequent traveller. I meet folks abroad who know about Bangalore more than any other part of India. Bangalore is know a global city. It’s rated as the 7 th finest city in the world. I am in bangalore for past 10 years on & off. Still I dont know kannad But people here dont bothe r u.
    This makes it trully an Cosmopolitan city. !!!
    Cheers To Bangalore!!!!

    • nice one… only one who has lived in bangalore can say the facts about this beautiful city… m from north india but i feel bangalore is my home town, no.language problem, people r decent, atleast much decent than people of delhi n mumbai n best thing is its weather… everytime cool… lots of places to hangout… a complete environment where u can work with peace n enjoy along with that….

      • Guys ,each Metro in India was built for a specific reason ,Kolkata was built and designed almost 300 -400 yrs ago ,and took shake when Britishers came , obvisiouly you cannot compare the infrastructure it has with more modern cities .Nobody knew what Banaglore ,Pune was about 25 ,30 yrs yrs ago.
        Kolkata /Mumbaie was designed for a mere 1 lakh people now 10 million live in it ,20 Bangalore will fit in each of this metros.
        Kolkata was never designed to be for IT but for sea based industries and military infrasturcuture.
        Kolkata is almost turning 400 yrs old obvisoluty it is memoir in itself like Italy ,Paris and itself a wonderful relic .We dont expect Paris to have electronic hub with multilingual people comeing in .
        So my say is be where you want to be , you cannot actually compare one city with other its purely a personal /professional choice .

  20. Chenai is the best city in India.heigh number of cultured people than any other cities.
    Bangalore is the worst ….

    • No WAY!! Chennai’s people are cultured only to other Tamilians. They are extremely Xenophobic and outsiders have a hard time adjusting to the innate hostility Chennai offers!!

      The language itself is crude and a simple conversation between people sounds like they’re fighting. I guess that might have something to do with the aggressive behaviour of people in Chennai.

      No one I know likes Chennai as a city! They citizens should be taught culture before preaching to others

    • teri maaki chudidhar……….

  21. Come on guys… Stop the comparision among indian cities…. Some people call mumbai as the best city in india. Some people call chennai as the best city… Assuming that mumbai and delhi are the best cities in terms of infrastructure, anybody’s got guts to compare our cities with the other cities of the world? Compare mumbai with shanghai… Delhi with Hong Kong… Compare Kolkata with Tokyo… Give ideas to improve our country and not our individual states or cities…. U are an Indian before being called as a mumbaikar or somebody else… U are a human being before being called as an indian… Now coming to comparisions… Tokyo’s land area is more than 7 times than that of mumbai and population is more than twice… But look at their infrastructure… Look at the mindset of those people… Do they compare Tokyo with any other city in the world? Our Mumbai has local trains, delhi and kolkata have metro trains… Tokyo has metro rails, mono rails, maglev vehicles, bullet trains, and many other electric vehicles that it is difficult for us to imagine. Its the people who can make the difference and not the government… So start thinking a bit differently. Start comparing indian cities with other cities of the world and not with indian cities. I know its a silly comparision… But remember the old saying… “Rome was not built in a day”. It took 15 years to build Shanghai before which it was a very bad city… But it took more than 30 years to decide whether mumbai should have a metro or not…

  22. Well said Abhijit, I hate how the article was even written, rating certain cities over others, mainly through personal preference or whatever, is not at all justified…I thought Mumbai is the worst city in all respects from my experience, but that doesn’t prove anything…get your facts & mindsets right guys, thereby taking care of your own filthy sh**, before pointing out sh** in other people/cities…

  23. Mr. “Speak out”…please go to the Himalayas & meditate…I’ve seen both Mumbai & Kolkata, very recently in October 2007 & your quote is exactly opposite….where do you see “clean” in Mumbai & in fact I stated after my long-visit the contrary…the dirtiest of Kolkata is cleaner than average Mumbai…real statement & not a bollywood, “chandni bar”, or crime stats influenced statement which would Mumbai for you…huh! Man…I can’t imgaine living in a more filthy & dangerous & unfriendly place…Get therapy man!

  24. Here is the distribution of vehicle types (from

    City TotalVehicles 2Wheelers Cars %Cars
    Delhi 26.30 17.42 6.34 24.11
    Bangalore 9.72 7.08 1.40 14.40
    Chennai 8.90 6.53 1.57 17.60
    Mumbai 7.97 3.29 2.60 32.60

    The reason people follow the lanes in Mumbai is because of the following reasons….
    (1) The number of vehicles is less compared to the geographic area and the road infrastructure
    (2) The percentage of cars is much higher. It is hard to maintain lanes with high proportion of two wheelers. It is easier to follow lanes if the composition contains more cars than two wheelers.

    These are the two reasons why you cannot compare Mumbai with any other city except maybe Delhi. Its altogether different discussion on why Mumbai has high percentage of cars.

  25. I don’t understand why we Indians have to consider the ratings given by people who are not residents of India. Mumbai has the highest slum population in India, Dharavi is an example. I feel two of the best places in India are Bangalore and Kolkata. Bangalore is the city of opportunities, Kolkata is the city of joy. Together they control around 60% of the IT industry in India. Tnere is nothing in tnese two cities that cannot be found. Kolkata has the largest shopping malls in the country and Bangalore is shoppers’ Paradise. And namma Kannada is a wonderful language – kannada matha madhura. Bengali is rich in culture and heritage. Mumbai? Place for underworld dons and corrupt people. Hyderabad still has to go a long way to be like Bangalore or Kolkata.

  26. Moreover, cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore are centres of learning. Mumbai? Better to remain uneducated than to study in a place of night creatures.
    Chennai has everything fine except one thing – linguistic differentiation. Such problems are not so prominent in Bangalore. I have been to all the Indian metros, somehow I have been dismayed by Mumbai. Slum outside the airport – largest in Asia! And the locals in Mumbai have no inclination to interact with tourists. Walking in the roads and especially the lanes in Mumbai is a sheer nightmare for a tourist, which is not the case in Bangalore or Kolkata.
    However, we need to adopt a broader point of view. Arguments like these will fragment our country into pieces and give rise to provincialism that’ll be exploited by foreigners. We should all get united and work towards the development of every city in the country so that one day we can proudly compare Bangalore to Boston, Kolkata to Hong Kong, Delhi to Singapore, Mumbai to Shanghai and Chennai to Tokyo. Therein lies the credit, we should never let the vice of provincialism pollute our minds. All Chennaites, Delhites, Kolkatans, Bangaloreans should join hands and make themselves and their country proud. That sall be a severe blow to the proud NRIs and the foreigners whose intention is always to criticise India and undermine Indians.

  27. hey friends stop all these.most of u here are all stupid.what comparision among indian cities.bangalore,hyd,so on whats this?we are all like one city.every one has his own likings.if indian people fight with pakistanis there is some meaning.if indian people only fight,whats the meaning.whether its blore or hyd or mum or anyother develops whole india is said to be developed.we are all one

  28. if u think hyd as waste,u r frogs in well.u dont know hyd is going to be developed.HYDERABAD is having a 100 floor building under construction.its height is 450m and worlds 4rth longest tower and just 2m less of worlds second and third longest malaysian petronas towersand its being built by famous RELIANCE GROUP and called TRADETOWERS surrounded by towersof 60 to 70 this there in any city.firstly is this there in bangalore?firstly bangalore people always comment hyderabad they dont know other than they Start commenting we too Start hyd is going notonly to be a metropolitan city and its going to be megapolis and metrapolis and offcourse its having worlds largest 3d IMAX SCREEN in PRASADZIMAX THEATRE and its having SNOWWORLD,MICROSOFTS ONE AND ONLY ONE DEVELOPMENT CENTRE OUTSIDE US.AND IS INDIAS SECOND LARGEST CITY IN TERMS OF AREA AFTER in india the most developed cities are mumbai,chennai and hyderabad…………..blore all these are simply waste

  29. Oh! Mr. Radhakrishna, we didn’t know that Hyderabad is the Second largest city because as far as we know, first is Mumbai followed by Kolkata in terms of area. And what multiplex and screens are you showing? Go and visit the South City mall in Kolkata – by far the largest in India with an area of 1.2 million sq. ft. And it’s a waste of time to even think of comparing Bangalore to Hyderabad. Bangalore is the nerve centre of IT in S.E. Asia. You say Bangalore people comment! Tell me, why do people from Hyderabad and the rest of India keep coming to Bangalore in search of jobs? And IMAX screen? Please see the Imax screen at MANI Square in Kolkata, the largest in Asia that has been flown in from Canada. You know, everybody talks and tries to argue and comment about Bangalore. And arguments as well as comments are made regarding something really great and important. How many flights take off from Hyderabad airport to international destinations? The figures do represent a sorry state compared to Bangalore, not to talk about the four major metros. And you call such a place as megapolis? We don’t give that reference to even Mumbai or Kolkata! Do you have any idea about the public means of transport in a megapolis? Trams, Metro rail, buses, taxi, auto, suburban trains…Other than the bus and auto, what else does HYD have? Kolkata has all, Delhi all but the tram, Chennai and Mumbai all but tram and metro, and Bangalore is goin’ to get metro shortly. So, one last advice: Think before you ink.

    • hey kmrjt r u mad for kolkata but believe me kolkata is one of the worst city in india…people cant understand y kolkata is ametropoltian….it lacks much thing…its like bihar of metropolitian..pls never compare it atleast with delhi and mumbai……these city r very much rich as compare to ur kolkata…dont even try to compare with chandigarh….kolkata looks to b in 18 th century…delhi is gr8 and if u consider goodlooking human then delhi stands first and chennai and kolkata ranks last..south indians r black generally and punjabis r the most goodlooking indelhi

      • oh yea good lookin people from chandigarh who cant speak english can present themselves ….! ballz they just sardars with no brain …..!v dont need to compare our city …..with chandigarh or mumbai v noe where v stand b an indian not a dum sardar or simpli a punjabi …..n fight like an idiot…….!n don b a racist no wonder when dum people from chandigarh n delhi go to south india they get ragged ….!

      • Hello dear, u were telling abut good looking people. so that’s how u judge a city?? well let me ask u a question, was Satyajit Ray too bad looking? what about Sourav Ganguly? hmm Arijit Singh is monster ri8?? get ur filthy brain cleaned b4 u cmmnt. nd yeah 1 thing I don’t know which city u blng 2, bt u cld nvr settle in Kolkata bcoz of ur lack of intellect!!

    • sorry but the imax screen in hyderabads prasads is the worlds largest 3d screen and dare not compappre hyderabad imax with kolkatas imax hyderabads imax rockzz.kolkata is one of the the dirtiest of stinks.hyderabad infastucture is far better than kolkata.

    • ohhh who told u that south city is biggest mall.only kolkatians think it.bcoa they are frogs of a well.go to delhi and visit ambiance mall,GIP Noida,select city walk.u will find that each and every mall of delhi is bigger than south city.i am visiting south city every is just similar to priya mall,smallest mall of delhi.

  30. see mrkmrjt,i dont say that kolkota is has its own importance.anytime u saw hyd roads???if u want me to show i will show u.tell me ur yahoo GOOGLESEARCH type WORLDS LARGEST 3D IMAX SCREEN u come to know that its in hyderabad.then shall i believe u or google??????what is bangalore only getting metro????hyd metro is even under construction.hyd is in list of GLASSAIRPORTS and is having longest runway in south asia.then what u didnt comment on MICROSOFT DEVELOPMENT CENTRE???bcauz u are not having that.what abt USA top3 univ GEORGIAUNIV?its keeping its campus in HYDERABAD.what abt IIT>?BITS??INFOSYS WORLDS LARGEST CAMPUS???UNDER CONSTRUCTION?U only first think before u ink

  31. Nobody needs to convince anyone about Bangalore. Everybody knows what Bangalore is, and I need not waste my time convincing you.

  32. mr kmrjt,u failed in this argument,so u r unable to comment as u became paralysed.u have no matter to say and u r heart only knows that u r thinking of what to say u r saying that u need not want to finally u failed thats solve

  33. All Indian cities are worst.. Roads, traffic, people attitude, hooligans, cows, buffalos, dogs everything is pathetic in indian cities. It is a hell to travel.. If you sit inside home it is very good..

  34. Sudhir, if you are soo un patriotic, get out of India. We do nto want u

  35. hello sudhir hating india is equal to hating own mother.if u dont like india u just keep quite but u have no right to scold india in the public as it hurts some patriotic feelings of other people.u are also born in the same country india is an agricultural country and so cows all those.if they are not there u cant eat even food.but u r very wrong at ur opinion
    what people attitude it depends upon how u deal with others.offcourse main prob is corruption

  36. Hey guys… Dont just keep stating the problems… Find a solution for it… Everybody knows what problems our country has been facing… We need not restate it… Proceed in a direction which would solve our problems… Our transportation services rank nowhere when compared to cities like Tokyo, Shanghai, New York, London, Moscow, Frankfurt etc (The list goes on). Tokyo is so big that it can fit in all our metros and still have space left over. Start thinking about solutions…. Cheers… :-)

  37. one who thinks that kolkata is worst,is a fool, rascal,donkey,stupid.

  38. hahahahhahahahahahahah very funny time from kolkota lover

    • MR RAdha krisha if v compare hospitality the rakings r
      1 kolkata
      2 delhi
      5last hyd where the people dont noe their national langauge ………no manners ……!

      • no, you are wrong. kolkata is not the top in hospitality

  39. I am from Kolkata and have visited Mumbai and Bangalore. I think it is quite stupid to compare cities with one another because all the cities are quite different. For example, places in Kolkata have a lot of alleys and bi-alleys (which we Kolkatans call paras), however that is not the case with Mumbai. That does not necessarily mean Kolkata is worse than Mumbai, does it?

    Why do we have to compare which cities are the best? If each and every state has atleast one metro, wouldn’t it be beneficial for India only?

    • Ur right saurav and I believe the east zone of our country including ohter states also have got more resources as compare to other parts of the country.

  40. Banglore z developing in a very fast manner bcoz of comments from Hyd……..Comments makes blore To work….Thats all.

  41. i think we should not even compare bangalore to mumbai…bangalore s still call the GARDEN CITY…lets retail its greenery…where as mumbai is the city of about the climate in bangalore & its pleasant through out the yeah..why do think it attracts the non bangaloreans (highest moving polulation from kolkata, mumbai, chennai, just to name a few..)

    A decent home in b’lore mean : a living, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms + a balcony…
    has any body seen a balcony or any open area for a decent house in mumbai..even if ‘yes’ then it would be converted into a room or something…

    Bangalore surely rocks for its IT, climate, night life & most importantly warm people.

  42. hiii guys i am really exiting to tell thing,i really have an experience living in bangalore & mumbai.i think so bangalore is a good good good place than bangalore,because bombay is only popular for bollywood.sooo i support my own house bangalore.

    • for your kind information, mumbai is not famous only because bolywood, it’s main important is it is financial capital of india,this is the main reason why mumbai rocks

  43. hi guys i tell that bangalore is a good good good city compared to all the cities.according to me mumbai is only popular for bollywood.i love bangalore.

  44. Mumbai is most greenest city in India. Bangalore is worst. Hot, dusty, dry, no rain, no ground water. People cut trees. Bangalore should follow example of Navi Mumbai.

    BBMP plan to setup tree parks is a welcome sign. But do they implement this? We should start massive fruit tree plantations. This will attract birds like sparrows which have totally disappeared. It is a shame that Bangalore lost all its heritage trees.
    This makes it most dirtiest, hot, dusty and garbage city. I think IT/BPO companies should start tree plantations on all widened roads, dry lakes (otherwise land sharks will grab). We all know BBMP just talks but does not act. Cheers to people like Almitra and Janet.

    I suggest Bangalore follow way of New Bombay. Bombay being greenest city with ten crore trees. Navi Mumbai way of infrastructure should be adopted by BBMP.

    I still don’t understand why people say Bangalore green in “I love Bangalore because …”. Let us start green movement by planting in dirtiest areas like Majestic, Market, Shivajinagar, Airport roads(Devanhalli road from Hebbal has not even a single trees on either side!) Let GVK step in as they have done a massive tree plantation near Mumbai airport.

  45. Hi Everybody

    I have lived in every part of india and almost every city, because of my work. Presently I am put up in Kolkata. Of all the cities i lived in, I find Hyderabad to the best and the Kolkata to be the worst.
    It is the people and the commutation which make a city good or bad. On those grounds I see people in Hyderabad more friendly and amicable, where as in Kolkata they take you for granted, for them who so ever you are … you are a bengali. So they speak bengali. In Hyderabad I have not seen people referring you by your region (north indian/ South India..etc) But in kolkata it is common practice. Hyderabad public transportation is good and comfortable to some extent, kolkata the worst i have ever seen, guys have you ever seen buses with wooden flooring and wooden seats with coir (still). You can see that here in Kolkata. Auto rickshaw drivers really reckless.

    I conclude all other cities are by and large equal +/- 2 points, but kolkata stills broods over its past colonial glory and does not want to break its slumber.

  46. Correcting you….4 Kolkata -> 5 Bangalore

  47. hi friends if u want development in india come to south india because i even heard from a foriegner that delhi is that worse than bangalore my ranking for best metro city in india will be
    im placing kolkata at 5 because of population and cleanliness
    chennai at 4 because of climate and bad transportation(specially unclean buses)
    hyderabad at 3 because it still needs to grow it may have huge roads
    bangalore at 2 because its the world’s second largest growing city it has multiple faces garden city, it city,pub city, etc etc
    mumbai at 1 because its always number one in all manners
    all these cities are getting good to worser because of north indians they are responsible for under growth of these cities
    somebody wrote above that bangalore is getting bad because of traffic jam this is because in bangalore there are plenty of trees along the roads which is not available in any city in india so we cant cut the trees in the name of development so traffic is high in bangalore we have to safegaurd our environment also
    so please stop commenting on bangalore traffic

  48. Main problem of kolkata (and other indian cities as well )— AUTORICKSHAWS AND THE ERRANT AUTORICKSHAW DRIVERS… substitute these bloody 3-wheelers with much cleaner vehicles– much f the problem will be solved…. these antisocial elemnts r solely responsible for all traffic jams and pollution…….

  49. Can you see theses personalities outside Kolkata; 1) Rabindra nath tegore,2)Netaji Subhas Bose 3) Swami Vevekananda,4) Mother Teressa,5)Satyajit Roy,6)Amarta Sen7)Jyoti Bose(who can reject primeministership of India) and many mamny others. You cant. Because only and only Kolkata can born those personality. Kolkata has given to you all freedom.Kolkata has many many herite,history and tradition. So Kolkata is great, not cmpareble.Wo compare Kolkata to other cities ,they realy narrow minded.

    • You live in the past and will die in the past …. will never look at future.

    • no, not agreed with you. these great people are born in kolkata but there are lots of great people are in the world who has no connection with your city. they are the greatest people worldwide. in this your city is not great. you are a narrow minded person. people like you spoiled Bengali& Bengal

      • Bengalis is the gloriest nation in india. So don’t talk any think about bengali people. Otherwise you’ll bn treated badly.

  50. Let me clarify some of the things.

    1. Delhi tops in infrastructure closely followed by Chennai.
    2. Mumbai the financial capital closely followed by Bangalore
    3. For IT / BT / Defence / Govt Research centers, no other city can compare with Bangalore.
    4. For auto sector, Chennai scores over other indian cities.
    5. Pharma, Hyd has most closely followed by Bangalore, Mumbai
    6. For transportation services, Kolkata has many options but Mumbai and Chennai has the best followed by Delhi.
    7. Quality of life, mysore is the best followed by Chandigarh

    Coming to future:
    * Well connected with rest of the country
    * Good infrastructure

    * Not a safe place to live-in.
    * Expensive for non delhi people
    * Power problems
    * Climate

    Positives of Bangalore
    * Bangalore do not have any geographical constraints
    * Bangaloreans have great tolerance for other people.
    * Bangalore is well connected with rest of the world, probably more than any other city in India.
    * Bangalore is blessed with a great climate.
    * Bangalore will fix its traffic problems in next 2-3 years
    * Wealth creator of the nation

    Unstable govt all the time

    Positives of Mumbai
    * Good sea/air connectivity,

    * Quality of life is poor
    * Power problems
    * Very prone to communal and regional clashes
    * Weather is moderate but rainy season is horrible

    * Fantastic infrastructure with less cars, makes life easier to go
    * Power
    * Good governance

    * Do not encourage other people to come, Chennai is for tamils.
    * Night life is poor,
    * Weather is horrible

    Hyderabad / Pune /Mysore/ Ahmedabad/ Chandigarh / Managlore/ Kochi / a long way to go to become hub.

  51. every one wants to go to mumbai

  52. Hai friends i think kolkota is worst than rest of cities in india.secound worst is hyderabad.heavy traffic problems and worst manners. These r best in india 1.bangalore 2.chennai 3.ahmadhabad 4.mumbai

    • mt ganesh setti have u ever seen the roads in bangalore they are like streets in kolkatta i think the city has become IT city by mistake then only u are saying it the best.

  53. I am from Florida, originally from a small village at the border of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. I am a business man and hate to travel. I have been to all the cities that are in the discussion above. All have expressed their opinions and it is my turn, not evey one may agree, but here it goes.i live 6 months away from my home and i have lived in Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad. I have seen all these cities grow and by far i can say that banglore and Hyderabad has grown exponentially in the past 15 years. The other four cities has been metros since independence and its been more than 60 years for them to be what they are right now. Every city has their pros and cons. the best city i personally like is Mumbai and Hyderabad. Kolkata is my lest favourite. Though it has a rich heritage and history etc etc, the fact of the matter is kolkata is stuck in the history and there is no room or signs of any improvement there. there are mre than 30 yr old trams and buses are i think were built during idependence. once took a taxi from Airport at 3 am in the morning and was drivinf thought the barren streets and saw that man the city was dirty like no other.
    Chennai has a strong sense of regionalism. They tend to cater the people who are local(at least language wise).
    Banglore is probably clean next to Hyderabad but major population excluding the Metro junta, people ar arrogant and the roads are tiny.
    Delhi has good roads but equally mamoth density and the cost of living is sky high there. People are very very polite there and feels like you are related to them.
    Hyderabad city has good roads, there is a 10 or 12 KM sky way from the airport to the city non stop and the drive is great.. transportation is a pain during peak hours as there are no good metros. but the city is very clean and the infrastructure is really top notch.
    Mumbai city is best for nights and the stay there is very pleasent. the slums are very bad, I walked thru couple ofplaces and there is no drainage sytem in those areas. huh, but the rest of the city is very good.

    1. Mumbai/Hyderabad

  54. Staying in a city for six months and then if we pass the judgement – I think it is too premature. Consider this:
    Stay one year at Kolkata, you will not leave it again, the bonus is that you will keep your originality intact still you love to stay there. Stay at Chennai for one year, you will become a native of that place and you start hating your own people – your mother tongue etc., Mumbai and Hyderabad and even Delhi are like large sized platforms – will have space for every one but no one claim any originality there. Send a bachelor who is adamant to get married – to Mumbai – in 3 months he will get married. Send a person with no self discipline to Chennai for one year, he will become alright. Send a person who is a non believer to Kolkata, he will start believing the God.

  55. worst city in indioa is kochi(kerala).broken roads(ponds os lakes),traffic congusted,strikes,pollution,garbages all around,mosquitos,underdevelopment,unemployment etc you will get from this ‘city’.if u want to “ejoy” all those mentioned above you can also start booking your ‘flats’ in kochi(cochin)……

  56. Chennai is where i was born, so i feel a little bugged that people think it sucks. Even so, every man to his own views.
    According to me, people in Chennai are introverts and don’t appear to be warm until you go and break the ice, but i’d like to see one city that comes out of its way and is warm to outsiders.
    Its stupid to compare cities in India because each are good based on their fuctions, bad based on a bunch of common parameters. What do I mean?
    1. Chennai : Good : Space, population, peaceful vs Bad : Boring, heat heat heat, a little slow in consumerism
    2. Delhi : Good : Large, Great options for spending money yada yada vs Bad : Not safe at all
    3. Kolkatta : Good : beats me vs Bad : a colonial relic that is crumbling
    4. Mumbai : Good : Light years ahead of other indian cities in terms of development vs Bad : Petty problems blown out of proportion(ex. MNS or Muslim vs Hindu)
    5. Bangalore : Good : Everything except speed of development. City needs to Pause a little vs Bad : Speed of development? :D
    Every city has the same problems, or nearly so I guess its a bit dumb to start comparing them right now. How about ten years later?

  57. hi all

    fairly late into the argument

    well I am a Bangalorean and a world traveller I have visited most famous cities of the world like London, Edinburgh paris, frankfurt, singapore, dubai, mexico city etc etc and Indian cities include Delhi, chennai and kolkatta

    now according to my experience chennai sucks cos of very unfriendly people I managed to travel all alone from mexico city to acapulco without knowing spanish but i could not get to US embassay in chennai from the bus station without being cheated!!

    kolkatta is by fat the dirtiest place in India but the people there are lot more friendly

    delhi is a very good city except for its summer!! temp of 40+ degrees is not good for any world city..

    now coming to my home town I lived in London for almost 18 months and guess what in UK they only recogonise 3 Indian cities Delhi cos it is capital, mumbai cos of bollywood and ambanis and Bangalore for climate and IT this dispite having more immigrants from hyderabad and chennai

    its not just in UK but the same in other parts of the world I have paid visit every where they only recognize only these 3 cities worst part there is hyderabad in Pakisthan and people from hyd 1st need to clarify their citizenship too..

    now some statistics

    according to wiki Bangalore is 3rd most populous city of India

    according to global research Bangalore is ranked as the beta world city in the likes of Boston, geneva

    according to top 65 world cities Bangalore is ranked 58th below delhi and mumbai at 45th and 46th respectively and kolkatta at 63rd and no
    other city makes it to the list and hence stop ” COMPARING THESE SMALL TOWNS LIKE HYD AND CHENNAI WITH THE GLOBAL CITIES OF INDIA”

    vehicle population exceeds 3.5 million for roads capable of handling 0.7million sources
    we add approx 750 vehicle per day!! approx 2.5 laks per year at this rate Bangalore is set to take over Tokyo as having most vehicles in the world by 2015

    vehicle to human ratio is almost 1:1.7 which is highest in the world by any given standards NY has 1:65 and mumbai 1:100 (approx figs as this changes frequently)

    if you have to rate the top cities in India

    it is as follows

    1. Mumbai (popularity and economy)
    2. Delhi (Infrastructure)
    3. Bangalore (IT admit it guys Bangalore is the future)
    4. Kolkatta (friendly people)

    despite being a Bangalorean I have ranked my city as 3rd cos I know where we stand..

    matter of time before we reach no 1.

    forgot to add one last thing in terms of GDP Bangalore is ranked 84 in the world behind delhi and Mumbai as expected and above kolkatta chennai at 89 hyd 93..

    cheers looking for comments

    according to US Departmental studies Bangalore is the only possible thereat to NY other than shangai and it is possible the only city in India which can be a true silicon valley.


  58. Kolkata has the worst roads,no infrastructure,very dirty streets,wooden bus,etc……………compare to bangalore hydrabad rite but still v hv the ballz to become the metropolitan city much b4 hydrabad n bangalore hv thought……..!v dont need infrastructure to b the best v have values for our culture n v respect our national culture which south indian dont even ……noe ……!

    • I have been living in kolkata for last 3 years … this very attitude of discrimination among you bengali or bongs have left you lagging behind. South india has the culture to assimilate people, so it has grow. As per the words of famous historian Ramchander Guha.

  59. All is accurate and on business. It is well written, I thank.

  60. guys i think hyd mumbai and delhi are better in broad roads

  61. if bangalore considred der is a lot of space crunch in dis city and u find people always cursing one another in traffic

  62. Chennai anyday…. bangalore’s crap…….people please wake up..u hav got electric trains,city metro trains and metro rails comin up….chennai is a gr8 city with large roads beautiful infrastructure….where as banglore is a place for drunkards crammed roads,IT is its oly + pt.chennai stands 2nd and will soon beat bang………
    my order of best cities

  63. Bangalooru sounds so idio-tic!!
    Dharam Singh – the lousiest CM of Karnataka did nothing but change Bangalore’s name.

    hope he dies of anus cancer!!
    I HATE the word Bengaluru – goddamned brainded politicians!!!

  64. worst city of india
    in every respect it is worst city

  65. nothing is there in delhi and chennai……

    plz do’nt migrate there..

  66. kochi —– don’t live in an unhygenic dirty city

  67. i feel that kolkata is the worst city in india. God only knows why it’s still considered a metro. narrow and smelly roads, Old unpainted buildings, unfriendly locals, Crowded Buses and trains and not to forget the garbage on the road. A dustbin is something unknown to the people of kolkata…

    • rascal kolkata is the best city in india….

    • Raj, I totally agree with you on kolkata, but would like to place hydererbad at 4 and chennai at 5 as chennai is not friendly to outsiders, auto drivers are big cheats. There is no meter for auto. This is just an example.

    • ha ha ha..what a joke …

      Delhi (most corrupt & dangerous ppl live there,women are not safe 24*7*365 days,no planning only scams),

      mumbai(world’s largest slum,underworld and whores),

      bangalore(complete unplanned city,egoistic kannad ppl,selfish&shrewd nature& culture,ppl only crave for money& north-indian haters,drunkards crammed roads),

      Chennai(even tamils donot prefer living here,even worse than bangalore,only temples with ppl having no faith)
      Hyderabad(good city,congested as old cities are,good food,ppl are co-operative,nice roads,and so many places to travel )
      kolkata(good culture,old city values,cheap food,good roads(in kolkata area),many places to visit, excellent metro network,and reasonable cost of living)

    • Raj U must be from north or west india thats why do not know the meaning of literacy which is better than ur city in kolkatta and more over the population is 4 times and no 1 in compare to other metros in kolkata then also it is serving the indians a shelter to live.Bombay delhi bangalore etc are running because of govt funds and foolishness.. do u know the resources available in east india they can easily serve electricity . food and other things to all parts of country. Update ur mind.

  68. abe harami ekbaar kolkata te aye beta toke dekhachi moja……….
    kolkata is always 1st in india,but in 35 yrs of cpm rule made it bad for all times.
    it will grow again and glow for ever,mumbai,chennai,bengalore may shed into the darkness of giants but kolkata cannot.,
    indias most powerful city in all times is calcutta……

    • I have been living in kolkata for last 3 years … this very attitude of discrimination among you bengali or bongs have left you lagging behind. South india has the culture to assimilate people, so it has grow. As per the words of famous historian Ramchander Guha.

      You people have always lived in past and will die in past, there is no future for kolkata, as the attitude of the people is not right, very much visible from your abusive words. That false superiority complex is act like a poison for you BONGS

      • Well shekhar youre living in kolkata for 3 years is false story ri8 . I know u are from any other city so … Beat it .. scram

  69. kolkata is associated with 5 nobel prize winners ,one of the greatest director of all time,a poet of quality of tagore who is arguably along with tolostoy made biggest impact in 20th century world of literature,mother terresa(bbc rated him among 3 most influential people of 20th century,a reformer like vivekananda,and mostly scientist like jc bose,sn bose,mn saha,ronald ross,pc ray or un brmhachari-atleast 3 of them who are world reknowned today who did not recieve the prize with indian fact the last nobel prize winner sen with indian n
    ationality from kolkata.@shekar we are not living with past as give you the damn that the next nobel prize with indian nationality will be from calcutta.and regarding bongs we have also md younus the nobel prize winner in 2006,you tube co founder jayed karim,einstein of technology bangladeshi scientist khan and the person who will soon get the nobel prize for discovering the cause and its treatment for give one single damn real thought-all mumbai,bangalore,chennai,delhi taken togeather will not produce thse great genius.learn the lesson toto respect your superiors.when i talk with my fellow princeton university students i dont say that after 100 years you will go in hell,or idont say pop music is rubbish.indeed i have said them that just like yours beatles we have also aravishankar and tagore (whose music just eminates the same melody in bengali song).so more you will respect your superiors it will be more helpful for rest of your life-thanks.

    • Great saying! U missed out Swami Vivekanada, Netaji Subhas Bose, Amartya Sen, Jagadish Bose, Satyen Bose and the list goes on and on…Actually no other city can boast of these number of legends…Can anybody here give a list of person can be compared anyone here.. Before comparing please read about the above mentioned people and then dare to comment…Only “Sachin Tendulkar” can be compared with these greats..Those who write against the bengalis are actually jealous of them because simply they have produced the largest number of “Gems” till date..You people simply cannot digest these facts..Read about places in kolkata like “Salt lake City” and “Rajarhat Newtown” also see the map for road planning and then pay a visit here…For your kind info I am staying in Bangalore for past 9 years.. Presently working at “EMC Corporation”..

  70. Look at the beauty of India, you have Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Surat earning the money for you, Delhi handling the nation, Bangalore with its IT, But friends the Surat is going to be big with its powerful industry, I rubbish above the comments saying Mumbai is only famous for its film industry, I say it has 45% of Indias trade, The problem with Kolkata is their Angry public! They are furious! Currenty Mumbai on top with Bangalore second with Delhi third and Hyderabad-Chennai-Kolkata-Ahemdabad neck to neck at fourth,and thats the truth! Mumbai is Indias biggest cosmopolitn!

  71. Definitely CALCUTTA is the worst city in India
    Its ugly, disgusting, smelly -the Hoogly is one giant sewer!!!

    Nothing works in Calcutta!!! It should be demolished completely !!!

    • U know u should kill yourself jerk .. Jeevan saathi is wrong name you are obviously a chubby alone lonely jerk ..

  72. Hey look all the monkeys who are bahing kolkata doesnot have iota of knowledge-how will it be-so dumb and intellectually inferior-all u dumb jerk let me tell u that the best literature,scientist,music,reformer,movie director from entire east has come from this city.william mackspace thackrey,tagore in literature,one of all time great physicist whose work has produced atleast 9 nobel prize winner-satyendra bose and legendary science polymath jc bose-father of radio and microwave optics and plant biology,ravishankar(who had great influence on greatest musical entity of 20th century beatles),one of top 10 director of film history satyajit roy,first ever individual summar olympic medals winner norman prichard,and so far with maximum nobel,oscar,grammy than any other city in entire asia.we should only compare us with tokyo or kyoto of japan-why we should compare us with so inferior slumbai,bengaluru or rapist capital delhi,chennai which all togeather hasnot produced 10% of us.and o yeah-iam not a bengali-but an anglo living in kolkata.

  73. After going through the comments, i feel that many of us lack maturity. This is the primary reason why we call a city best and some other city worst – to the extent of sounding parochial. That is over generalisation. U need to parameterise. Mumbai may be very good as a financial capital. But see the roads. God! full of potholes, missing paver blocks, dust, clogged drains. The autos and Cabs refuse to take passengers more often than not. There widespread water problem And yes, go there during the rains and see. Simialrly, Delhi is a nice place in terms of physical infrastructure. But then the weather – not too conducive. Water availability is an area of concern. On the other hand, quite contrary to popular perception of aggressive locals, I had very good experience there. Bengaluru has the best weather, parks, gardens, IT yet look at its power situation, water scarcity. Chennai may be predominantly Tamil. So what? Just because Maharashtrians have been relegated to insignificance in Mumbai ( reason why MNS etc. survive) does not mean that Tamils cannot stay in their homeland.It has a very active cultural scene. If u don’t know, it is your misfortune. If u don’t understand their language, that does not make it bad. A south indian may find Delhi equally inhospitable. Lastly, Kolkata – a city many love to hate – sometimes with reason sometimes out of ignorance. Definitely not the Paris of the East, yet has a charm of its own. Many have talked about it being dirty. Yes many parts r dirty indeed – burrabazar, posta, nimtalla – all in the old areas. May i ask u guys, where did u stay there? There are good areas and bad areas in every city. U cannot compare bowbazar/sudder street of kolkata with napean sea road in Mumbai – try comparing alipore with it! I presume, those who call Hooghly an open sewer, have not seen mithi (till the 2006 floods, many of us thought it to be a drain!) river of Mumbai. What about the quality of water at Marine Drive? It stinks during low tide. Not so in Hooghly – it is a flowing and live river.In fact, many parts of Kolkata are quite clean.The suburbs of Saltlake and Newtown are amongst the best and cleanest in the country, even in comparison to Navi Mumbai. Here again many nerds would compare the number of high rise buildings.. but then that is hardly a parameter… if people in a city are better off living in their spacious bungalows, let them be.If people are proud of their past, what is wrong with that? It is not that the city has not made any progress. Have u seen the new IT area of the city, new cbd at sector V, BPO offices at New town, the new flyovers, malls, clubs? Yes there r negative points – the weather, pollution, political bickerings – fight them out! Incidentally, my mother is from Kolkata and my father from Mumbai and I have stayed in all the above cities – so, my credentials r not tilted in favour of any particular city. I feel every city has good points and bad points. It is because of the good points that the cities survive. A city exists out of its inherent vital power. So instead of bad mouthing each other, try to know each city well. Dont form an opinion on the basis of a 2 day business tour. Let us try to work on the negative sides of all these cities. If u go abroad, there people dismiss all the indian cities as hell holes. Let us try to change that perception. Best wishes to all.

    • u r absolutely right there is no use of abusing one another if no one is perfect but when compared 2 kolkatta mumbai people r sum what proud

  74. kolkatta is d best place when compared 2 mumbai. may b mumbai is gud in all thing , but not in cleanliness . clean maintainance is also important all d monkeys of mumbai except mi relatives there[ as bcoz they do not have their originality from maharashtra even theres one mumbai monkey as mi friend ] stop abusing kolkatta and just have a look at the mumbais – points tooooo not only d + points

  75. Mumbai is the best….Bangalore & chennai suck…. bloody people with an aura of arrogance

  76. lol what a funny convo .people r u all stupid?i am from kolkata,i have my apartments in Mumbai and Bangalore ..I have visited chennai and i did my study from Delhi .I know much more I guess .Once i have visited hydrabad .I tell u my ratings now u consider :a city ranking depends on many facts 1)technology and skyline
    2)communication and rodes
    3)Population and area
    4)security and city safety
    5)Industry and business
    6)human behave and hospitality
    please dont try to rank a city with just one of the features
    I will shortly describe my view about the indian cities here ..

    Mumbai: Mainly the new york of India you can assume ,bollywood and main business capital of India and most speedy i develop and every sector.It having dirty slams like dharabi.worst railway and conjusted places.But it having high sky buildings,nice monorail,big airport(CHATRAPATI SHIBAJI TERMINAL/SANTACRUISE) and next plan is also sky rise so definately bad or good it is the no 1 city in india we all know it :) .but its dirty too i needs to be clean.but city expanding to vansi ,malavar hills ,thane a huge area .

    Delhi: Capital of India .Very beautiful also historical .old delhi is dirty though .It is also very nicely growing with its own one should compare delhi to other city because its capital of india and it is growing with its own importance .metro ,international airport(JAWAHARLAL NEHRU AIRPORT) ,future expansion to greater noida everything is awesome.still some places needs to be clean.comparatively it is clean than mumbai .so it is 2nd .

    Kolkata :Believe it or not it is still 3rd in india .if u need tallest building still it having than other cities rather than delhi or mumbai.and future plan in rajarhat and newtown area is expanding.its true due to some political disputs some cities developed them than kolkata and made some extra features.but u think metro rail(underground train) was first established here in kolkata,then other cities getting.surely it was the capital of india before 1912 .so it must have some importance.from the land area its big too (if u consider greater kolkata).and roads are broad ,international important airport (dumdum).but i am 100% convinced that kolkata is very dirty and old age style remained here due to left parties.all development were before 30 years ago.communist made it worst.that time it was not so dirty also and was so developed that still its a megacity !

    Chennai: I guess chennai still 4th.old city having great area awesome big.and port is finest and in india best two ports are chennai and mumbai port.having international airport too.basically .this city is still 4th in india.

    Hydrabad: IT ,IT ,IT information technology :) great city nice place .nizams city with history also.its new plan and umcoming Indias future .in future days it may cross kolkata and chennai i guess so if kolkata or chennai donot modify rapidly .govt having plans and hope on hydrabad i will rank it 5th

    Bangalore:banglalore is the new era ,new style new city ,clean city
    may be cleanest and most planned city because it is new and baby giant of India .its expanding too.but trust me bangalore is not still comparable to delhi mumbai chennai or kolkata because it needs more .2 or 3 features can not effect the ranmk of the city.bangalore needs internatioaal airport,metro rail/monorail,more big roads,more business ,more area of expansion,but what is the benifit is it having the potential and it is rapidly growing due to IT industry.its 6th according to me.

    if u say next i will mention Ahmedabad,Pune Bhopal,Bhuwaneswar next in the row .trust me i have been from all i have mentioned,if others there i dont know because i never visited there,

    But one thing most of the cities b=needed in india… a city must be clean and well planned.govt has to notice this.other issue is security

    i hope india shinning .every cities having its own importance.India will grow and the base is these cities.If all cities are developed on its way we will get shining India .we now compare Delhi to Beijing ,Mumbai to Newyork ,kolkata to Hong kong,Chennai to Boston,Bangalore to London ,HYdrabad to Dubai why we Indians dont think that we will get one day when those international cities will be rather compared to indian cities and learn from us?we had a nice golden hostory and glory.we should want it back.Please dont be racist brothers every city having its own importance even my list is not eternal truth all cities important though.
    we should stop fighting here wasting our time and go to our job or go to the best city that is called UNIVERCITY.

  77. bull shit which century r u living dear frnd how dare to pointing Bangalore nt having metro train, and international airport i think u still haven’t visited to Bangalore, if u conduct survey in india Bangalore is top 2nd city in india and it is IT hub of india its having all facilites which metro city need it dnt write such rubbish think without knowing anything mind it..

  78. guys.. i am a bengali…i think bengalis are most talented in all streams..but thats not an is not the topic…it is also true that the infrastructure and amenities are very bad and are going to be worse day by day…from that prospect b’lore or hyd’bad or mumbai is far better.

  79. Richard flinn’s study show Indian have iq variance of 81-83.Whereas Bengali of west bengal have iq variance of 93-96.and remember calcutta has produced best scientist,literature,reformer,musician from entire asia.

    satyendra bose,jc bose,tagore,mother teresa,ravishankar,satyajit roy are all best in their field in entire asia.and no other indian city has produced any great luminaries like this with 6 resident nobel prize winners.from asia only tokyo,kyoto of japan has produced so many great other iq deluded indian people better shut ur mouth because u guys have not even reached thew basic level yet to compare with calcutta.

  80. kolkata is the best ,it was the best and will be the best for ever ever ever.

    • Yes Bimal you are right these people do not know that the quality of product and the life style in kolkatta is far good and it is of high standard because of british raj there. They only like cheap grade things and language speaking in other metros like mumbai. standard of a city only can be understood from a decent and educated people. And one more thing the metro is in kolkata is completely underground and centrally a/c it is not at all possible to make like this in nay metro now a days.

  81. Okay, this post is old but anyway, I saw some recent comments so decided to jump into the convo.
    Bangalore has changed ALOT since 2007. The roads are way better now(except the places where metro work is on). I’ve stayed in almost all the metros for about a year now. And honestly, Bangalore is the best IMO.
    I like Mumbai and Delhi too, but they are surely not better than Bangalore. :)

  82. bangalore will never develop interms of roads confidently saying since i am a marketing guy and observed a lot in blr.

  83. Pune is emerging as a most livable city in India. Although not as big as Mumbai but ceratinly place for opportunities and IT hub.

  84. If we really want to compare our cities at a global level, e.g. China, then none will actually get closer to any of the top 10 metros in China.

    Every metro in India has its positives/negatives. Hard to pick out which is best and worst. You can decide.

    But I think its fair to say none of the current metros are planned so well – even the latest two (Bangalore & Hyderabad).

    If we want to be proud about world class cities in India, its time that we start looking at Tier 2 cities. Such as Pune, Vizag, Mysore, Chandigarh etc..

  85. Not only Kolkata, Mumbai also worst if you visit this full city. Many times I visited Mumbai, one side Mumbai is great city with wealth, business centres, shopping complex etc…. But if you look other side of Mumbai, it is very filthy dirty ugly city. If you don’t believe it, jus visit Mankhurd, Chemboor, Dharavi, some and parts of Dharavi. Sure you will try to escape from there.

    Mumbai is clean, wealthy, devoleped and world level Business & Industrial city. But other side it is dirty, poor and ugly!!!

    In some are of Kolkata city also very nice to live. Bust not much developed like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad etc….

  86. I’m Agree with all those people out here who were considering Kolkata as the worst city of India….But let me tell you that its not the fault of the people…you guys probably thinking that another Kolkataian is come to support his city…..Ya I’m a Bengali Boy….but I’m agree with those comments which is against Kolkata… let me tell you that the main fault is done by the Left front government…who ruled this city and perish its infrastructure,culture,education standard etc from early 1978….this city has faced many problems from last 34 years….It was a great managed city before this government party has arrived….on that time..its the only metropolitan city in the country even till early 90’s….but after that the government does nothing for it….Even the Government of India has tolerate this City of Joy by those bluddy politicians…It can be a Futuristic city like others….can be better then Bombay and Delhi…..But it lacks due to the management of fiance….no infrastructure plans….and don’t think that I’m a big businessman or something like that…its a view point of an 18+ teenager of Kolkata….But now After the the new Government has arrived in 2011 generally known as Trinomool Congress(TMC)….The city starts developing rapidly…The IT sectors,Metro Expansion,Airports,highways,flyovers, Buses, railway stations,roads, tall buildings everything….plenty of international companies have shown their interests to launch their branches out here…Mamata Banerjee Have Promised to turn Kolkata into Another London….and its really happening here….the kolkata riverfront project is under construction,the east-west corridor metro expansion( after finished kolkata will be the largest metro connected city in India),the new satellite towns Rajarhat and New town is emerging in a high tech city…the London Eye usually called Ferris wheel is also being orders to RMJM asia Ltd…for Kolkata…..If you can’t believe then just come here and stay a few months…you’ll surprise to see the change…how fast this is happening….Now Kolkata is the 2nd highest Investor in the country after Banglooru ….!! After 5 to 10 years Mumbai,Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad will beyond of this city….And then it will not become the another London….But I’m sure that it could match upto 90% or more….It’s gonna be a huge city after its makeover.

    • Kolkata has population about 32,000 in per square km which is highest in the world.Also,there are 48% non Bengali from other backward states of India and 27% Muslim who have made Kolkata a dustbin.But newly developed south Kolkata where mostly Bengali,Chinese or Anglo Indians are living is quite good(also lesser number of Muslim population in south Kolkata is good but Tmc chief is bringing all those Muslims back in WB just as it was the case with Communist/Congress).

      But no other city in India can win a IEEE plaque award which Kolkata has won due to one of it’s greatest Son Sir JC Bose(very few city in the world have won such award),$3m award winner Ashok Sen or a 16 year old boy Sourya Ray who has solved 2 critical puzzles set by Newton 350 years ago and many more….

      • Well u guys said the truth .. The population of Muslim’s and Bangladeshi refugees are turning it down .. But still South and est kolkata is growing rapidly .. just looking near the Ruby area will set the difference .. starting from project’s Like Acropolis, Urbana, Gateway Hotel .. It’s huge accomplishment after mamata bannerjee has arrived ..

  87. But the growth of the population in Kolkata is the lowest, comparing to the other Metropolis like Mumbai,Delhi,Bengaluru,Hyderabad,Chennai etc…..Mumbai have the highest rate in growth of population followed by the Capital.

  88. MUMbai and Kolkata have almost same population although Mumbai is 6 times bigger in area than Kolkata.Other cities have enough room for people to live while Kolkata is already over crowded,that’s why thre growth rate is least.I think we should send all backward people from other states and illegal Bangladeshi Muslim from Kolkata to their respective homes,then Kolkata will be hell lot better.

    During Bengal renaissance period it was led by upper caste Bengali Hindus and Christian missionaries and was an Anglo dominated society-that’s why it reached the peak but now these days full of raw materials are filling Kolkata and that’s why it looks filthy and dirty.

  89. Ya but when they will turn into finished ones….will look marvelous…a smart and futuristic city….will take some year,but its gonna happen for sure.

    • No it’s never gonna happen untill and unless you kick those filthy materials.I think we should export some Brits or American in Kolkata and must kick all illegal Bangladeshi Muslim but I can not say we should kick other Indians because we are still part of India.According to 2011 census Kolkata has 52.8% Bengali population among which 12% are Muslim.So it’s only 40%Bengali Hindu or 2% Anglo Indian or Chinese…with only 42% intellectual population a city certainly can not reach it’s peak.Ever since Mother teresa won Nobel prize the word Calcutta has become synonymous with abject poverty and grime in western world…that’s why I always use Kolkata while discussing with foreigners.

  90. If I remeber more than 15 world renowned film directors have tried to depict what Kolkata is along with some OScar winners ,I dont remeber anybody mentioning banaglore or Pune ,Delhi or Mumbai except in some US movies

  91. Totally Agree with u Arnab…so you guys think before you say something against Kolkata….that day is not so far away… when This city of joy will be leading the nation…or may be one of the best in the world….placing Mumbai and Delhi behind it.

  92. its of no use fighting.kolkata is good in its own has the lowest crime rate whereas see mumbai.full of criminals.i lived here [kolkata]for 4 years nd i luv the place

  93. Yeah, calcutta is dirty but not the whole calcutta…greater calcutta which includes the places like salt lake city and newtown is well planned…even some old areas like park street, esplanade and camac street are really awesome…..conditions in other areas have also improved….calcutta is the first metro in country where metro rail was introduced for the first time in country….any way we should not forget thatthis metro was the former capital of india

  94. Kolkata is a big shit, all the indian shit in one place formed calcutta. What kind of shit is it, horrible, smells horrible. City sucks with the most illtreate crowd. Mouths flooding with pan, city flooding with garbage, filth and shit. and whole of bengal filled with pros. Its a hell on earth. How do u bengalis live there, thats y u migrate to earn ur penny to places like mumbai, pune, bangalore…

    • Yes thats true atleast we dont get our wifes and sisters raped every second like on roads of Mumbai and delhi!!Goondas roaming about and underworld!!

    • There are 7 crore Bengali in India.But population of WB is 9.2 crore.Then why so many Non Bengali are living here if it’s such a shit hole?Answer is low IQ dumb Indian(IQ 82) have migrated to Kolkata With high IQ Bengali and Anglo Community.Remember there are 30% Muslim Bengali (extremely backward) are also there…Bengali Hindu and Chrisrian have already achieved over 93% literacy but due to you people and 30% Muslim the literacy is only 80.84% according to may 2012 statistics.

      Now read this blog-Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle and compare it with extremely high iQ Kolkata to your 3rd world shit hole filthy low IQ India.

      By the way proper Kolkata has 48% non Bengali community most of whom are living in streets,slums(mostly leading their lives by running hand pulling rickshaw,living in slums and making it a shit hole).

      Quite frankly speaking I don’t want to see any Muslim/non Bengali except high IQ Anglo or may be Chinese at some extent.

    • Well well well … u don’t have the sense really … U are a selfish little jerk sitting on his ass .. making Ur city proud by insulting other city .. u jerks should be dead by now .. Oh yes i forgot u are rajesh the culprit in Delhi rape case .. hope you ROT IN HELL

      • Hey low IQ dumb Indian(Iq 82) there are 665 million Indian defecate openly and they are doing the same in Kolkata.I’m 173 IQ physicist cum inventor and I just do not want to see any Muslim scum or Low Iq non Bengali Indian in Kolkata but high Iq Chinese,Anglo,Jew are welcome.

        Read this one-Indian Iq 82(why China is superior than India)
        Indian/Chinese Iq puzzle.

    • You are a Muslim dog(probably Pakistani agent) coming with Hindu name and trying to create a fight.

  95. This blogger is either from Mumbai or Muslim .. Or else who would have this type of bloody observation .. RIH ..

  96. Awesome things here. I’m very happy to look your article. Thank you so much and I’m taking a look
    forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

  97. If someone ask me to choose between London and kolkata..I would definitely go 4 kolkata…its my personal favourite…its the best…and who ever said about richness, think again…kolkatans doesn’t like to show off…kolkata is full of super riches…they jst dnt lyk to show off like the peoples in other cities…they believe in higher thinking and simple living….visit kolkata and explore it..jst dnt c it….u’ll find out…gud luck

  98. And yes…according to yahoo…areawise kolkata is the largest city in india….

  99. Actually Kolkata is good for upper caste Bengali Hindu and Anglo Indian population but 30% Muslim and another 30% Indian immigrant have destroyed the city.Bengali Hindu should kick all Muslim and low Iq Indian people out of Kolkata,just like it was during British raj then it would again become great city.

    read this blog on Los Angeles times-In India Bengali seem to recapture their glory as intellectuals.

    The author has also said other Indian as bunch of Idiots and this writing was based on comments of Bengali people posted in an international blog-Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle.

  100. Thank you a lot for sharing this with all folks you actually recognise what you are speaking approximately! Bookmarked. Kindly also talk over with my site =). We can have a link trade agreement between us


    @Intelligent bengal-Actually it’s Bengali upper caste men are smart,Bengali women are dumb,filthy,predatory scum and have not achieved anything yet in creative field that’s why most famous bengali men are either married with white/Jew or even some non Bengali Indian…but those who were married with Bengali women such as J.C Bose,Satyendra Bose,Physician Subhas Mukhopadhya all missed Nobel prize because of their tragic fate.

  102. i can only say kolkata is the best city…
    lots of people have lots of thinking about kolkata…
    some says its good some says its bad…
    but it the beautiful city that i can say after visiting all metro cities of india…

  103. why all making noise, do whatever good you can do for city where you live or proffessionally posted, after all we live in our own country leave behind some good works for future generation.

  104. Kolkata is Best City in every espect .while Bangalore is not a level of a Metro CITY ….after kolkata its Delhi and then Mumbai

  105. Mumbai is still most livable city in India and is the best. iy’s safe compared to other cities and has good public transport, broad minded people due to it’s original root in Maharashtra. Now it has become much crowded and some places unclean because of the migrant influx.

  106. Visit the link…

    I spent my 5years in salt lake sectorV. I’m also a bengali 4m assam but speaking frankly the people of west bengal are selfish and unfriendly. They are also lazy one. Maximum political issues. One thing all will agree, most of all bengali language is sweetest.

    Spend 7.5yrs. I hate delhi because No respect for others, no sweetness in language, unsafe areas etc.

    Love mumbai & bangalore.

    • This is the first time I heard that Bengalis are selfish ,I don’t disagree there might odd cases everywhere ,but Bengali’s mostly tend to be more friendly towards fellow country men ,if there are any road accidents ,people in Kolkata always help ,while there have been numerous cases of apathy in cities like Delhi ,Bangalore.Numerous Bollywood and Hollywood have always portrayed Bengali’s as helpful and down to earth community.Bengalis are also very cultural and they still carry their ethos for ages .Most of other Indian states have either thrown are either culture and have taken up foreign culture .Delhi is a complete shit where as Bangalore dosn’t have heart of its own

  107. Kolkata was the capital of whole India and now it is capital of leading state of the country india i.e westbengal. If u want to experince livingstyle like UK than u have to stay in Kolkata “The city of Palace”.Tell me except kolkata which city runs Trum. Most of sigger origin, noble prize winner are from here,writer,scientice,construture & builder from here. Edengurden, railway station(Howra, Sealdha,kharagpur,etc),education(IIT Kharagpur), Howra Bridge& vidyasager Setu is here only.In India first only industrial & metropolition city is only “KOLLKATA”.The last but not the least Kolkata was is & will be greater & uncompairable.

    • Hi Sirsendu,
      Very rightly said ,just to add up No City in India is at par like Kolkata in cheap ,safe and ample transportation even after touching 50 years of Independence.. The city was designed to have 6 major means of transportation Trums ,Buses ,Chakra Rail(Inner Railways) ,Local Trains , Steamers and Later on the Underground and OverHead Metro. Kolkata is also very rich in Culture and Diversity and Bengalis have made sure to preserve there century old traditions and practices like Durga Puja no doubt in that ,where in all other states have thrown out there own culture out of the window and take up American /European Pop/Rock culture. The only thing which Kolkata and Suburbs are missing out is getting more dynamic industries in place which will bring in prosperity and wealth.This will create more employment and educational oppurtunities and will break the stagnation brought in by the communist regime .More Hygenie and tracking illegal immigrants from neighboring states who flok in millions in here and play havoc of the resources of the city and dent its image and make it dirty.

  108. kolkata is a shit city in the universe

  109. Good write-up. I abolutely love thbis website.
    Keeep writing!

  110. After reading all your comments my friend I should give my views. First you all should see the base fact. Northern Indian can boast of Infrastructure, South can boasts of with the educational frontiers and Western India can boasts of industries. Eastern Part of India has nothing but some of the agricultural avenues. I am staying here in Kolkata from past 3 years and have stayed in Delhi for 2 years, Hyderabad for 2 years and Gujarat for 4 years. I felt that although Kolkata has one of the best transport system next to Delhi and quite economical also in terms of cost of living but still its the worst Metro city. People has a very negative perception about hard work. They live in the past and practically has nothing in the coming future. Even the small towns of Gujarat and South can beat this Kolkata anytime. The intellectuals were from the past and most of the current big names are outside and residing in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and New Delhi. Even cities like Jaipur and Lucknow has a positive growth track whereas Kolkata every year is going negative. So guys before arguing with each other see the statistics and facts. Don’t go emotional and face the bitter truth.

  111. To the above commentator:You are partly right that most of our laurels are from past which we discuss in twitter in front of whole world.But a particular genetics of few lakhs can not pull up a city of 1.25 crores.Subhas Mukherjee,was the latest victim who missed Nobel in 2010(go back to 1981).But do you know how succesfull that particular genetics in USA,UK or other European countries & not only that IQ test have shown it where we scored highest in all genetics of the world.That’s why we want to take that entire population into 1st world.Please don’t call us selfish.Indian/Chinese Iq puzzle

    BTW I belong to Bengali Kulin Brahmin genetics as all our parents are.

  112. FYI:Since other cities of India are not producing any world class scientist/inventor then they have no reason to brag.Only Bangalore can claim a bit as they are regarded as India’s Silicon Valley.But still Bengali Brahmins & semi Brahmins community of Kolkata produces best intellectuals in home or abroad along with Tamil Brahmin.

  113. No more reply after my comments.I verified my comments.

  114. Very good view and very helpful

  115. Kolkata has worst drivers, especially the ones who are driving in the colonies of Salt Lake, honking speeding and not caring about the side they are driving on with total disregard for pedestrians. It is a shame for Kolkata and if some body tries to defend it, they are doing a great disservice to their own folks

  116. I am sure that this blog is written by some marathi. Jealousy runs in their blood. Not to mention that there were no one else than Shivaji in last 300 years who could represent their state legacy. Who else could put “Pune” in the list of metros.. driven by mad jealousy they are bent on to comment anything that justify their ego… Kolkata has many downfalls- however it was one of the most active epicenter during national movements.. When south-Indian people were too busy getting jobs by pleasing their “British masters”, martyrs of Bengal fought the british relentlessly driving them off to Delhi. South has reaped the benefit of free india, because it has posed least resistance to British raaj. And to talk about Marathi- they are one big bunch of extremist. Perhaps baal thakrey represent spirit of mean minded marathis who live and die to prove Marathi r best by making other people low.. Mumbai is one of the dirtiest place in india and world.. only a blinds and marathis will compare it to bengalore or kolkata..

  117. Hey.hello.are u mad.
    Have u traveled salt lake,new town,of kolkata.
    Dont say wrong.
    Even you have not visited whole kolkata.may be only north should check south and east kolkata.Then comment here

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