Lane lane go to Spain

Bangalore city roads: Forget about them.

Mysore highway: Not exactly forgotten, folks do take note of them, though some use the bright white lines as virtual monorail (this particular Omni was diligently driving on the lane-divider line for about 30-40 kilometers!).

Mumbai Pune expressway: Discipline as it should be – to each his lane – impressive indeed!

See how we create our own rules around these lanes? Drivers in our country form chaotic yet self organizing groups. Low speeds in the city, not enough space – let us work on making as efficient use of road width as possible. A faster highway – let us make some use of those lane markers. A super fast expressway – we know we’d risk our lives if we don’t stick to the lanes so let us be serious about it.

Each setup brings its own interpretation of the lane discipline, though there is equally invisible policing, enforcement and education everywhere – city streets to highways to the expressways.


20 Responses

  1. Is it typical of B’lore or seen elsewhere too that slow moving vehicles always drive on the right side ?

  2. I think if the police are more proactive in fining motorist, the situation should improve. How many times have you seen motorists cross the zebra crossing and stop when the signal turns red? Buses are on the left lane even when they have to turn right. Even after the signal changes from green to red, motorists do not stop. And nobody knows what the double yellow line mean! The cops need to be more proactive in enforcing the rules. And use technology more to fine motorists.

    We as a society seem to disregard all rules unless there is someone standing with a stick and enforcing it.

  3. Raghu, I noticed that in the north (Delhi-Chandigarh, Delhi-Jaipur highways) slow moving vehicles like trucks and buses pretty much stick to the leftmost lane. But here in Bangalore it is the opposite. Especially on Bangalore-Mysore highway, almost everyone overtakes these trucks from left and no one seems to even notice it.

    • mohan i think your a driver who notice road directions and vehicle if want to grow in life and become rich dn write and foloow drivers mind of view

  4. We need to understand that roughly 40% of the drivers who own valid Driving licence actually even know the meaning of lane driving, lane changing etc as the private tutors dont teach any of those after heafty money.

    The RTO’s should organize and give media blitz and if the misicule 5% still dont fall in line, we have to revoke their licenses after due warnings.

    I dont see any otherway out of these messes.

  5. Lane sense is much better in Mumbai than in Bengalooru. I frequently drive on NH-4 which has the heaviest interstate traffic in Karnataka. Most of the interstate truckers do display good lane sense. If you honk, most of them yield and move to the left lane. Try honking at *SRTC buses, local trucks, LCVs, maxicabs, sumos, cars etc. Most of them won’t budge an inch.

    The way we behave at the railway crossings is another example of how screwed up our civic sense is.

  6. Guys, more than finding the solutions, my observation was about how people unknowingly get together and form their own rules. I think we all agree that enforcement (fines etc) and education (better mechanism of issuing licenses) are the solutions.

    Res Alien, your Mumbai/Bengalooru observation makes me write a whole separate post. Coming soon.

    • silk board is a place in bangalore . you are from bangalore thats why u kno wonly bangalore ur a frog in a well go andn visit other places . borrow money if u dn have. you illiterate

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  8. I dont think we should get sucked into comparing one Indian city with another. I am sure its tempting but lets benchmark our cities against cities like Beijing, Melbourne…If we dont set our aim higher, how would we ever reach where we want to reach?

  9. Have you all ever noticed that while taking a right turn, drivers in Bangalore do it like a race car driver. They hug the apex, totally ignoring that someone else maybe taking a left turn from the other side. I think a guiding line should be helpful…

  10. Indiamusing, good point, I say that myself – our bar has to be higher, we got to expect more. But blame ResAlien here as he made me write that comparison post.

    Christopher, not just Bangalore, Pune too. The thing is – Bangalore doesn’t have that many wide roads or intersections. Even today, barring a few roads in the central area, and the ring road, how many 3 x 3 = 6 lane roads do we have? Our city still has that small mindset, only now have we realized that we have grown big.

  11. Good pictures… looks like the Toyota guy can’t make up his mind.. :-)

    “Raghu, I noticed that in the north (Delhi-Chandigarh, Delhi-Jaipur highways) slow moving vehicles like trucks and buses pretty much stick to the leftmost lane. But here in Bangalore it is the opposite.”

    Its the lorries from these very states that go in the wrong lane here. I once asked a lorry driver why and he complained about the trees at the edge of the road. Don’t know if thats a valid reason though…

  12. Overtaking from Left is another thing. Sometime I feel they should now bring in a rule of right side driving..(I remember that rule which suddenly made us change our black number plates into white ones with black letters on it)…

    Bengalooru roads are anyway smaller(specially those gandhi bazaar, ulsoor cart streets) Lane system antha white paTTi haakidre, aa jaaga yaarige antha jana keLthaare.. One Type cycle may probably occupy it :-)

  13. Thanks Vijay, thats an Omni, not a Toyota! I had asked a lorry driver as well, and he said there are too many pedestrians and cyclists on the left hand side so they prefer sticking to the right on these roads. They have a valid point. So few of the new or newly widened roads have good footpaths done.

    Veena I think we should have long nails half driven in as lane dividers. Hard measures will work!

  14. Long nails half driven.. LOL..! What about this special typers! Radial isn’t it ?

  15. Atleast the ORR should have been 8-lane with service roads. But not with so many intersections we have currently. And even if a road is a narrow one, and if lane system is in place, we should follow the system and like a Braveheart not pulling on to the right side. We should not let the service lanes to be used for business/parking as well. Anyone remember the service lanes of Vijaynagar some 20 years back? And compare it with today’s situation.

    Veena – streets like Gandhi Bazaar Mn Rd, Ulsoor Car St, Avenue Road, etc are places where business used to happen (still happens) and the city started growing out of these streets. They were ‘wide’ in those days’ context. Today they look narrow because we have managed our traffic miserably. Any attempt to widen these roads would be wiping off portions of Bangalore’s history. Rather they should be made vehicle free zone where one and all could walk peacefully while the business too would thrive better.

  16. Arun, Vehicle free zone is a good idea. I have not seen any, do we have one anywhere in bangalore ?

  17. Nowhere…time and again we hear that Commercial St would be made into a walk only zone…but…

  18. Unrelaplelad accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!

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