Safe n sound

Construction activity at Marathahalli Railway Bridge. Figure the odd man out here.


Exactly one of them believes in wearing his bright yellow helmet to work. Don’t look for shoes. And don’t even talk about gloves or fluorescent uniforms. Or else you will be labelled a returned-NRI :)

So that is about safety for them, the workers. Now, this one, anything odd here?


Private builders must put up hard fence (remember seeing those corrugated sheets all around Bangalore?) around their construction zones. The norms are obviously relaxed when they build these roads. Sarkaari kaam you know. If that hill of dust decides to crumble, or a few pebbles come rolling down the slope, they will have enough money to compensate the injured or slain motorists.


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  1. The sad thing was a recent incident.. One construction worked was sleeping on the heap of sand & the lorry driver took reverse without his knowledge of that guy. By the time, others realised, the first guy was dead. Other 2 were lucky enough to escape from the mishap! This reminds me that movie Accident by Shankar Nag!

  2. Silkboard,
    you have written such a tragedy like a comedy!!!

    Yes you have greatly summed up the game played by contractors,Government bodies and the sum of all these organized chaos.

    It will be a media item and forgotten till the next rounds.

    How many of us still remember the great GANGARAM collapse which killed many? Human lives are not worth it in INDIA. :-(

  3. Dumbo folks that is actually a palendrome if you dont know what it means read a dictionary. Nothing wrong with it. And do not curse the workers its their means of livelihood not like you who sit in AC office and comment on others. If you dont like dont look.

  4. @ gururaj,

    Why do you need to bring the learnt/not learnt, rich/poor, worker/workless attitude everytime boss?

    Isnt the blood shed thats imminent with helmet less workers define any such things which are only between your eears buddi?

    The only angle there is human rest is nonsence or politics.

  5. Mohan sir when will you have anything to say about people like yourself. What is this constantly picking on Poor people and Bangalore. If you are so concerned do something, dont spoil the image of the city and state. what exactly are you and picture maniacs doing ? is it wrong to say that people like you and the picture maniacs actually are happy to see such things so that they can show it to everyone. so nice.

  6. Gururaj, sir, please don’t get unnecessarily aggressive there. I feel these workers are not working in safe conditions, their bosses must force them to wear helmets etc. And they should fence the construction zone so that the motorists don’t get into accidents? Why on earth will I make “fun” of anyone here?

    I feel for worker’s safety, our safety. And I see that they (builders) are lax when they execute government projects. If you are reading anything beyond that, then that is your imagination working overtime.

    Thanks for the support Mohan. And Veena, precisely. That sort of accident is waiting to happen at literally every other sarkaari construction zone.

  7. I dont think there is any point going for Gururaj. We all feel a sense of shame about things in India. Some of us can talk about things openly whereas some of would not like to be reminded of it and some would like to stay in denial. Quite natural I think. The fact remains that we Indians dont value human life. The way we as individuals see the world is a reflection on ourself. So if we dont respect another human being, irrespective of him/her being invisibly poor, arent we loosing respect for ourself at one level?

  8. Is the worker safety any better at private construction projects? Didn’t 5 workers die at Infosys recently when scaffolding collapsed over them? Construction activity there was managed by Sobha, a premier builder.

    Life is cheap in India. It’s cheapest if you happen to be poor. Not a week goes by without hearing about an injury or a death at one of the construction sites. Greedy contractors and builders always buy their way out. Has anyone ever heard about a contractor/builder being prosecuted for negligence? Or punished?

    BMP sanitation workers are worse off than construction workers. I have not seen anyone till date wearing safety gloves, shoes etc. Most of them die early due to direct exposure to toxic waste.

  9. This is sad. One expects the construction company to make sure that all the people who are contributing to the effort and are employed there should be properly protected.
    One thing I like about the Delhi Metro is the efforts it takes for safety of its workers, and minimising disturbance on the roads.

  10. RA, Ashish, it does seem to be better for non-sarkaari projects. Right next to the bridge, you have those apartments coming up. More helmets visible there. Outer Ring road, around Intel etc, lot more helmets. Most of them fence the construction zone. Forget fencing and signs and all, the half done portion on Kundalahalli side of this overbridge has no signs to divert traffic onto to the stretch of bridge that is already open. I can imagine people bumping into oncoming traffic there if not careful.

    As you said Indiamusing, safety at many places in our country is just bhagwaan bharose.

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