250 km of new roads!?

Hmmm, this sounds like a break from usual road widening and flyover building activites. BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palike) is talking about doing brand new roads here. This tender showed up on BBMP website telling us they are thinking of doing roads over main storm water drains.

Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) intends to create a road net work above the main storm water drain wherever feasible under (Design Build Operate and Transfer) DBOT. The total length of primary and secondary drain net work is 250 km spread over the entire city.

Interesting, isn’t it!? Does anyone have a map handy to show what these main storm water drains are?


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  1. Silkboard – Get yourself a decent city map. I have the one from Eicher and it shows where the main drains are. Incomplete list is below.

    1. Nagarabhavi, Sheshadripura, Shrirampura, Mysore road, Jnana Bharati drains, etc combine to drain away storm water and sewage. You can see the mighty RV falls next to RVCE on the Mysore highway!! You can smell it from miles away :-) This is supposed to be Vrishabhavati river a tributary of Kaveri river!!

    2. Couple of drains from Fraser Town, Cox Town, Shivaji Nagar etc empty into Ulsoor Lake. That’s why the lake is so clear and fresh.

    3. Drains from KR Market and Shanthi Nagar areas turn into the mighty Koramangala River providing a pleasant aroma therapy for the residents of Ghoramangala 24×7!! Some residents of Ghoramangala also get sewage water into their homes when it really pours. This drain empties itself into Bellandur lake.

    4. Ulsoor area, Indira Nagar and Domlur drains combine to add beauty to the drain front properties on the Airport Road. Think inner ring road and airport road intersection, Diamond District and nearby buildings here. This also empties into Bellandur lake.

    Then there are countless small ones that empty into a nearby tank or a few dozen marshy areas (open sewage pits really).

  2. Amen to the mighty RV falls .. It don’t know why it has not been promoted as a tourist destination :-)

  3. pranav,
    i mapped some of the lines. will mail them.

    abhi bang-a-lore mein vrushabhavathi ka paani hi peene ko padega.
    amaerika mein gutter ka paani alag peene ka paani alag.
    aacha hein aacha hein.

  4. Tarle,
    Why do you think its called BWSSB :-)

    Bangalore Water Supply and Sanitory Board. They supply both in same line.

  5. JG, that was way too funny. The mighty RV falls, oh god! VS, tourists may prefer RVCE over the RV falls.

    Mohan, correction. It is Sewerage, not Sanitory.

    Tarle, waiting for the maps. 250 kms sounds a bit much. How come no coverage in local newspapers? I thought this would be page 4 material for them. Or did I miss it?

  6. Hail RV, Hail RV, Hail RV!
    I did it, I made my juniors do it, when the bus reached RV falls. The RV salute ie :)

    But unfortunately RV falls doesn’t exist anymore, they diverted the river(?) when Mysore Road was widened.

    Sorry SB for the off topic comment.

  7. hey, senior, leave the kids alone. they don’t need no self control. ;)

  8. About a couple of days back, the BBMP had mooted about the JNNURM infrastructure of Bangalore. This also includes railway-Overbridges and Underbridges. However, what is disheartening is that noo plan has been mentioned about the railway overbridge/underbridge at either the Allalasandra railway crossing in Bellary Road (leading to Yelahanka, New Town, Rajankunte and Doddaballapur); and the other at Whitefield (leading to Kadugodi and Hoskote).

    Moreover, streetlighting has not been mentioned at all in any of the BBMP projects. With about 60% of Greater Bangalore without streetlights today and being hard to mention all the areas, I am mentioning 3-4 main areas without streetlighting today.

    1. Bellary Road from Hebbal flyover to Devanahalli.
    2. Bannerghatta Road from J.P Nagar Crossing to Bannerghatta.
    3. Hosur Road from Silk Board flyover to Attibele.
    4. Kanakpura Road from Sarakki crossing to Talaghattapura.

    and many more.
    Will the BBMP take an opinion about this projects sometime in near future.

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