Us and them – 2

The last ‘Us and them‘ post here had an intersection in Florida put next to one from Mumbai. That is an easy and understandable comparison, isn’t it. Now take this.

If you only hound news and blogs on Bangalore, you may not know about the Hyderabad Ring Road.

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Technology fright!

tech2Keeping the same theme as this post from RK, I could have copied the subject as well – “A TV should never let you down”. Imagine my surprise when in the middle of enjoying this cricket match, my TV started showing things I am used to seeing only in our labs at office! While Greek and Latin stuff played on, I was trying to imagine how would my mom have reacted to the gory screen had she been watching TV all by herself.

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Retail – 1: Jaise hain, waise rahenge?

Read the following lines attributed to Mr Nilotpal Basu, CPI(M):

The turnover per employee in Indian retail sector comes to around Rs 78,045 (assuming total employment of 4 crore). In contrast, turnover per employee of Wal-Mart comes to around Rs 75,18,332 (based on data from their website). This is 95 times the present Indian retail figures. The prospects for job creation are really great indeed !

If you didn’t get the sarcasm, Mr Basu is implying that we could lose 95 percent of those 4 crore jobs that exist in gazillion kiranaas around the country today.

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Railways can get away, not the airlines

A quick comment on a recent judgment issued by our State Consumer Commission. How legal is this instruction that airlines must pay a compensation of Rs 10,000 each to domestic travelers if the delay exceeded two hours?

Thank god for:

The Commission, however, observed that the delays caused due to inclement weather, tyre bursts, which are beyond control of the service providers, did not entitle passengers to get compensation

But even then, why is it that a government body has to impose these compensations? Isn’t the competition amongst airlines going to take care of the ‘situation’? Isn’t the “cost” of these compensations eventually going to get passed over to the consumers thus taking air fares higher?

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