Shot on location …

churumuri1… at Rajah’s Seat, Madikeri, 6 hour drive away from Bengalooru. The making of churumuri, a South Indian cousin of East’s “jhaal moodhi” and North/West’s “bhel puri”.

The workspace:


The ingredients. Notice the absence of coconut, though most North Indian versions (Jhaal Moodhi) carry coconut in the mix.

churumuri2 churumuri3

Tools you need.


And, the end product. A pack costs anywhere between Rs 5 and 10 depending on your bargaining and local language skills. The bliss however, comes free.



21 Responses

  1. I love this Churmuri, Especially on the evenings !

  2. Slurrp!! I cherish this evening snack.. real khushi in munching.
    Some are real hot (khaara), what ever it is, this is a different maja altogether.
    Nice clicks silkboard.

  3. Had 1 just on sunday near bugal rock!!

    Churmuri really rocks


  4. Pranav (blog writer) is nephew of Veena Shivanna…
    Veena isn’t that true?

  5. My mouth is watering like anything seeing those pictures!

    By the way do you know of any place in Bangalore which makes good churmuri in and around Jaynagar? I have tried and tried in vain to find a place.. but till now haven’t found even one good gaadi!

    I go to Mysore atleast once in 2 weeks just to eat the churmuri there!…mmmmm yuuuummmmmmm!!!!

  6. ಬೇಲ್-ಪುರಿ ಗು ಚುರುಮುರಿಗು ಇರೋ ವ್ಯ್ತತ್ಯಾಸ ಏನು ?…. ಗಾಡಿ ನಲ್ಲಿ ಮಾಡೋ ಚುರುಮುರಿ ಸಾಟಿನೇ ಇಲ್ಲ….
    ಮೈಸೂರಿನ ಚುರುಮುರಿಯ ಬಗ್ಗೆ ಒಂದು ಲೇಖನ ಬರೆಯಿರಿ ಶಾರ್ಕ್ ಅವರೇ….

  7. Guys, I slurped too and had two rounds right then right there.

    Click (just recovered your comment, was marked as spam), No, that was bad guess! Veena came here through a third blog I had commented on. Don’t know her personally. But you give me ideas there, may be I should try a meeting with my so-far online-only friends here.

  8. Hmmm…ok…am sure you would have ended up with hundreds of photographs, if you were to click the real churmuri making process in many corners of Mysore…

    Shark – you will never find the Mysore churumuri anywhere in Bangalore.

    Bangalore’s version of ‘bhel’ or ‘churumuri’ (that is mixed using hands) is not even a poor country cousin of Mysore’s. That way Raja Seat churumuri compares well to some extent with that of Mysore’s.

  9. I also make good bhel: (Don’t worry its not for my advertiement)

    When I make my basic ingredients are
    Parmal (basic ingredient, white in color, very light in weight Made of Rice, I don’t know how)
    Sev (made of Gram Flour, along with Laung, salt, spice, cooking soda etc.)
    Mixture (lot of stuff in it)
    Barik Sev (Small sev also called bhujia Sev)

    Green Dhaniya (also called kothmir or corinder in english I think)
    Carrot grind
    Green Mirchi

    Red Mirchi powder
    Jeeravan (Special masala which is made up salt, spice, jeera, and many other things)
    Sugar (for those who can’t eat with so much spicy)

    Tomato saus
    Imli (tammrine!) Saus

    Potato chips if available

    Way to make:

    Firstly mix add appropriate salt, jeeravan, spice in parmal and add all the vegetable (cut in small peices) and Sev, mixture, etc. and mix it throughly by big table spoon, once you are done, add the tomato saus, imli saus, and them again mix slightly, add chips, and serve it wow:

    Mouth watering

  10. I loved this pic…would have loved to see the guy in the shot as well ( bhel puri guy) –

  11. Click, Co-incidently Pranav is my nephew’s name too :-)

    I know him more as silkboard, a place which I need to traverse everyday when I have to come to office.

  12. Come on guys,

    One thing you will have to accept is how-so-ever tasty the junk food is, but it is really un-hygenic, see in the pic itself hos badly all the vegetables are placed, these people don;t care about anyone’s health, if some of their vegetables (or stuff which gets perished in the night), they will hapyily serve it the next day, and you will still feel it yummy.

    But on the other side if yu go to Sagars this will be little expensive, but again question is whether they are more hygenic, I think they would be better off, but not sure though.

    Let me tell you an example, You will see the difference in quantity of oil used in Dosa, one made in a hotel/Sagar and other made in home, because at home we care not to put too much of oil in the food, since we know it has implications. Whereas the outsider don;t even care they want more sale, faster cooking, and thus they compromise with the quality. The Sev(bhujia sev)/mixture etc. what they use is made up with the cheapest oil, cheapest gram-floor, with dirty hands, in dirty and un-hygenic places etc, but still after knowing all this we eat them.

    I have more to say but sometime later.

  13. @veena: I still have so many uncovered topics… churmuri has to wait ;-) let me have atleast 10 of them this time… then maybe I can write about it!

    @How_Can: Churmuri is NOT junk food. All it has in it, are raw vegetables, which are really good for health. Have you seen the amount of oil they put in that? It’s not even half a tea-spoon. So basically it’s a healthy food.

    Though I must agree that not all “gaadi”s are hygenic, the one where I go regularly is really clean and neat. It’s wrong to assume that any star (sagar) hotel is clean. They also have very unhygenic conditions. And what is the guarantee that they don’t serve yesterday’s left overs?

    Anyway mostly these gaadi waalas have limited quantity. And I have seen it almost everytime that if I go at around 9pm everything will be over. So the chance of left overs is really less. Also if you have noticed, these people don’t cut and keep everything at a time. They keep cutting as and when it is over. Meaning, even if they have leftovers, it is full vegetables and not the cut ones, which is OK.

    P.S: My comment is not in general for ALL junk food! This is only w.r.t churmuri which I feel is neither unhygenic nor junk :)

  14. how_can, it is more like a leap of faith. Try these, if you don’t fall sick, you are good so go repeat. But as shark said, churmuri or bhel is definitely not JUNK food. Puffed rice (no oil there), minced salad, some oil and spices – how can all this be termed junk?

    Arun, shark, so tell us, who makes the best churmuri in Mysore?

    champu, that sounds slurp. Just take the potato chips out. And not so much of fried stuff (sev, mixture) :)

  15. @silkboard: Actually there are two people…:) One has gaadi in front of St.Mary’s High School in Chamundipuram. The other one has gaadi diagonally in front of bake point in Saraswathipuram.

  16. The first one is quite far alva(from saraswathipuram area of course) ? Will try this bakepoint one!
    Thanks Shark

  17. “churmuri king” – how about a business like that? Same ‘road side” taste, but served with hygiene. A business like that could attract folks with money. Go round up all the street side vendors in Mysore. Offer them a bit more money than what they make on their own. Invest capital in building a few “churmuri king” outlets where these magic chefs will work. Focused fast food chain that sells taste and hygiene, of course with higher margins.

    Contract farming idea in urban context. “Jumbo King” (Mumbai) is something like that.

  18. also the two gaadis near ballal circle…

    Veena – Mysorenalli yaava jaagaanu doora illa. you can try out that place…The one on Ramanuja Road (Shetty gaadi), guess Shark is referring to the same one, is the best.

    sb – let us not corporatise our churumuri. i would prefer to ride down, lean against my bike or sit on the boulders or culverts and have one rather than sit down and order one from the ‘***king’. taking away the road-side element means no majaa.

  19. kuyempunagara there is one guy. 50 ps churumuri. 1 rs tomato.
    a few years back i tracked him down & told him, that i used to be a regular with him many years ago. he was so happy, he put extra kangress. :)

    saraswathipuram there used to be a guy with wristband who made the worlds best omlettes. the guy was a true artist. he wouldn’t show up a few days on whim.

    but i have to tell you folks this. in hubli @ durgad bail there is a guy who makes what is known as girmitt, a variant of churumuri, with marinated mirchis. there is absolutely bar none anything remotely as heavenly as that. none. yaaru illa.

    may there tribe & business increase.

  20. their

  21. how_can, it is more like a leap of faith. Try these, if you don’t fall sick, you are good so go repeat. But as shark said, churmuri or bhel is definitely not JUNK food. Puffed rice (no oil there), minced salad, some oil and spices – how can all this be termed junk?

    Arun, shark, so tell us, who makes the best churmuri in Mysore?

    champu, that sounds slurp. Just take the potato chips out. And not so much of fried stuff (sev, mixture) :)

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