Traffic pics again

dividerOh the Indian traffic, a treasure-trove of inspirations for bloggers on the prowl. Two pics for your pleasure today.

Marathalli. Afternoon jam. This Van driver wasn’t willing to wait it out. So he got down, seeked his helper’s hand to displace some of the boulders that have temporarily been put up as road dividers there. Once the wall was breached, he made his way forward like a king, of course on the ‘other’ side. These are the situations where I wish I had a gun handy to shoot down some tyres.


ORR – Mysore Road junction. This Innova wanted to turn left, see I caught the indicator blinking! And the auto had to go right. But since our auto too was a Toyota brand (!!), they couldn’t agree on who should make way for whom. A nice little race resulted, and I caught this moment.



9 Responses

  1. Nice Pics !

  2. I woudnt be wondering if the auto fellow even demanded money for innovas mistake!!!

    Pls do forward your pics to traffic police and hope justice gets done provided the innova owner is traceable and will press charges.

    Lesser said about the van.

  3. Yes, please inform the traffic police and hope that some action gets taken against the van driver. Even if this action is a “fine without bill”, it will still serve as a detterent to him trying this again. His number as far as I can make out from your picture is KA 53 261. If you have a less grainy picture, you may be able to decipher the number better.

  4. I liked “I wish I had a gun handy to shoot down some tyres” seriously!!!

    George E Matthew : Number is KA 53 4261.

  5. Nice sharp eyes Shadow :)

  6. Thanks Vasu. So you do read some posts here :)

    Mohan/Goerge – what is this “fwd to traffic police” business? Does that thing ever work, enlighten me please.

    shadow, welcome. May be law-abiding and good drivers (I am not one for sure) should be given tyre deflating guns for use in situations like these.

  7. Silkboard,
    The email ID of the DCP East is . I have no idea if it really works,but it is worth a try. For more contact info, see . In your post on Bangalore Metblogs about phone no 100 not working from Airtel, you did get a response pretty quickly, right??

  8. Good Pics SB. Did you by any chance send them to the traffic police and if so what was their reaction?

  9. True Ram, I should practice before I preach. It may be late now. But next time I catch someone red-handed like that, I will mail pics to folks at

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