Technology fright!

tech2Keeping the same theme as this post from RK, I could have copied the subject as well – “A TV should never let you down”. Imagine my surprise when in the middle of enjoying this cricket match, my TV started showing things I am used to seeing only in our labs at office! While Greek and Latin stuff played on, I was trying to imagine how would my mom have reacted to the gory screen had she been watching TV all by herself.

Really, why do they make technology so frightening!? Couldn’t Tatasky engineers have put up a colorful image with some background music and a polite message saying “your system is being cleaned of all Saas Bahu operas” or something? Alright, I know you can think of more creative one-liners there. But you and I will have to agree with what many say, programmers don’t think as users.



3 Responses

  1. silboard,
    BTW how is the effiency of tata sky – you should put a note on that for prospective buyers. Is the promised digital quality vision still there? Have observed that allmost all digital feeds have this incomplete picture loading feature just like police files where the accused face is obscured to avoid identity!! DOes this irritating thing happen in tatasky too?

    That snapof telecast was a good one..

  2. No such problem for me Mohan, video is v good. I had put in a comment to update that “bye bye cable” post. May be I will try put that note as a separate post itself.

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