Singur and SEZ stuff

So, have you been following the action around hundreds of SEZs sprouting up around the nation? I bet most hadn’t taken a second look till the mess at Singur hit headlines few weeks in a row.

Singur story has all the media worthy masala. Though the double-faced politics being played there (BJP and Mamta preaching communism to CPI-M, wow! Politics is really the art of impossible) is very tempting, I wont give you the regular news channel brainwash here.

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Here is my iPhone

Time for a tech break.

I am so sick and tired of these Apple iPhone rumors, that I decided to make a wish list for my iPhone – a killer consumer smartphone!

  1. Built-in noise cancelling hardware: Good thing you guys gave us MP3 players on phones. But how about providing a better listening experience outdoors? Phone MP3 player mostly get used outdoors, we all have better audio hardware at home, don’t we? Outdoor means noise, and listening to MP3s in a train, bus or plane isn’t fun. Those noise cancellation headphones are too bulky and expensive, so give me one on the phone itself. Continue reading

The pain of flying

[Note: Trying to convey the pain via this new experiment of creating two characters for the purpose.]flying

Bangalore airport. Ghaas and Phoos got stuck at the security check gate.

“What did you say, we got to take a dump and a leak before we cross the security gates??” Ghaas was so puzzled that he had to confront the security man.

“Didn’t you read there, we don’t allow any liquid or gel inside the plane. So there is the toilet, go and please be quick.”

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The mess of Lee Hesh

When Leander says things like these (“Hesh should be honest with himself“), I get this feeling that Lee has more blame to take than Hesh for this embarrassing and disappointing mess they have been as a pair.

These guys were on the top of this world (1999, all four grand slam finals). Just when you thought they would take their performances a notch higher, and give us all Indians the first true professional world champion in any sport, they knocked each other over with their egos. Is it only me who feels that they could have made 5 times more money and titles had they continued their partnership?

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The caste arithmetic

Come election time, and you will see our newspapers educate everyone on the classic caste arithmetics. If you have been following the hyped up coverage around Chamundeshwari by-poll, you may have read the numbers all major newspapers served last week (ToI and Deccan Herald certainly did, I read both of them). So now I know Chamundeshwari’s composition (quoting nicely rounded off numbers from DH, ToI’s numbers looked lot more precise that these!):

 Lingayats : 70,000
 Vokkaligas : 60,000
 Dalits : 70,000
 Brahmins : 20,000
 Kurubas : 50,000
 Nayakas : 40,000
 Minorities : 26,000
 BCs : 30,000

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