You want it, they have it

piracyFew weeks ago. Right outside Innovative. While the multiplex was selling tickets for Baabul and Dhoom-2, our footpath video vendor had both the movies on a single dual layer (DL) DVD. I asked how about Hollywood mere laal, and he produced “Casino Royale”.

Movie distribution busineses should learn a lesson or two from these pirates. See how quick and efficient the are!? Every street gets the video the day a movie is released :)


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  1. These pirates amaze me with their swift parallel distribution system.


  2. Not only DVDs, you can go to them for books. One of them offered me “In the line of fire” – A memoir by Gen. P. Musharraf for just 80 Rs … one tenth of its actual price.

  3. silkboard, the distribution network is too good.

    I would leave the legal aspects aside here, but the footpath video vendors help make the movie popular by providing them at an affordable price (50-75 rupees) as compared to multiplexes (Rs 180 at PVR).

    If you know where to look for, you can also download them within a day or two of the release :-)

  4. “Hollywood mere laal” – That is effing hilarious :)

  5. JV/Sajith, yes, their distribution system is wonderful. 1 PC with DVD writer and DVDshrink could serve an entire city I guess.

    Bach, I thought those books are 2nd hand Indian prints. Anything illegal about them?

    OI, we got truly cosmopolitan pirates. Hindi, English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, you name it, they have it.

    Rs 75 a DVD is attractive if you don’t mind the quality.

  6. Those books are Indian prints but not second hand. They are fresh and pirated, completely illegal. Unlike DVDs, they don’t have big collection. They print bestsellers – you get Chetan Bhagat, Tasleema Nasreen, Sheldon, Jeff archer etc etc. Even in Bangalore you’ll find lot of them on footpath.

  7. Are these DVD’s pirated? Atleast for kannada CD’s(costs around 100per movie), I see the company name like Anand video printed on it.. Ofcourse, we can’t get new kannada movies.
    About those books… Hmm….can’t help..

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