Gadgets for those yellow plates

After I came out with those traffic gadgets for road-warriors pained by the (call center?) cabs aka ‘yellow plates’, cab drivers came over and asked me to design some for them as well. That made perfect business sense to me, so I said yes. After a few weeks of R & D (Race & Drive), here is what I have.

Honkster – Wonderful little gadget. Once you are in the driver’s seat, stick one end to your tummy and the other on the horn. Now, breathe in real hard, stroke your tummy, and you can honk. Helps keep one valuable hand free for mobile phones or cigarettes or you-wish. And the best part? It helps you get rid of that tummy fat. Noise and exercise, isn’t that some cool two-in-one magic!?

Humpster – It is fun and it is easy. We will mount these aerodynamic wings on the sides of your cab. And then you can land a few meters farther when you fly over those humps. Good fun, and helps your mileage too! Domestic laws don’t let us produce wider wings, otherwise we would have converted each belly hunter to a kilometer long gliding opportunity for you.

Sidester – Complicated gadget, but easy to explain. Once installed, it will let you steer your vehicle perpendicular to the eventually-intended direction of movement. Its like you can move your vehicle sideways at will. Helps you explore all the possible lanes in a traffic jam.

Beamster – It is a vibrating band you wear on your right wrist, or the left if your cab is American brand. Once activated, it will make your fingers vibrate 600 times a minute. That in turn will help you flash high-beams at an incredible frequency of 10 times a second.

Mindster – The most innovative and expensive gadget we carry lets you drive the way you want, with never-before peace of mind. This gadget reads your mind to predict the direction of your upcoming turn or jerk to flip the correct turn-indicator. It does the thankless job of letting neighboring drivers know of your cruel intentions. If you must know the innards, Mindster is essentially an AI software that must be installed in ‘learning’ mode for first 2 months. Once it ‘learns’ your driving habits, we guarantee 98% accuracy of indications.

So watch the yellow plates, they might be armed with silkboard branded gadgets now :)


5 Responses

  1. I think you’re onto something. If you don’t patent these things, then I guess I’m going to have to :-D!

    Ok, jokes aside, so are these “inventions” based on observations you’ve made of habits of cab drivers in Bangalore?

  2. SB, you have too much time at hand I guess ;-)
    Good gadgetry by the way, looking forward to more such ideas :-)

  3. Thanks Neel.

    Sajith, Thanks, and I really wish I had too much time. I have so many half done drafts sitting to be posted.

  4. Wonderful inventions.. thought bout marketing them? ;-)

  5. I will pretty soon Divs.

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