How to get to Bangalore International Airport – V

I can’t stop talking about getting to the new airport, can I!? But a casual conversation with a KSTDC pre-paid cab driver revealed a few things I didn’t know.

The old fellow driving me home turned out to be a leader of a KSTDC drivers’ union. Out of sheer curiosity, I asked him if he knew how much they’d charge for a drop from the new airport to Whitefield. He said around Rs 800 if things stay the way they are! Rs 250 to 800, not that bad considering Devanahalli is 5 to 6 times as far.

But he said this distance problem gets discussed a lot in the meetings they have had. I was positively surprised and alarmed – meetings, what meetings!? He told me they get regular updates on developments around new airport, espacially the stuff that will have impact on cab drivers.

So according to him, work on Majestic to Devanahalli rail link has started (where? I don’t see it!). Three stations have been planned, Byappanahalli, Cantonment, and Majestic. All three will have airline check-in counters where they will take in your luggage and hand out boarding passes. And all three stations will have ample parking and cabbing facilities. Our man even said representatives from a few airlines came to a meeting to plan check-in facilities at these upcoming stations (I certainly didn’t know that, and doubt it a bit!).

Worried man that I have been about distant Devanahalli, I was enthused by the positivity he displayed around BIAL. Though one key reason for his excitement he said is – KSTDC plans to raise its airport cab fleet strength from 250 to 1000. More cabs, and more business for all, that is one thing he is confident of getting from BIAL.

Well, we are all excited as well, and looking forward to April 2008, aren’t we?

PS: BTW, the pre-paid taxi fares that we pay today, I was told 32% of that is pure taxes. And our man is asking for that to be trimmed so that come Devanahalli, taxi fares could look a little saner.

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  1. I hope this april 2008 is not another april fool types doen to common man. None of the projects undertaken in bangalore have completed on time!!!

    800 Bucks!! Wow… wondering how much ripping an autowallah will do for the same – 1000 RS??? Just guessing

    The checkin’s from majestic et all is a very good idea. Just check out today in mejestic on holidays,weekends or religious holidays,there is a traffic jam worth 4 hrs atleast… so it would b e mother of all jams with airlines quees too!!!

    I wish to live in an other traffic jam less world pls.

  2. thanks pranav…
    mebbe they are thinking of putting the existing lines (remember that discussion) to use after all. mebbe not.

    in BDA parlance that be CRS. but this would involve all sort of clearances from vayuvniya rael and laaloo.

    on the other hand, if there is going to be checking at byappanahalli, then the station there has got to be ready before Apr.2008. abhi (tenderon ke) lifafon sein goand nahi uttari baat stationon ki chali hein.

    anywho, thanks for the update.

  3. That was quite a steal of info….can’t find anything on those lines on the web though. Thanks for the update !

  4. M O H A N, this is not BDA making flyovers. Multiple people have stakes in it, I think the airport will be ready before April 2008. Traffic jams could actually ease up. Airport road will get light. Expect some cos to move to North Bangalore. New ones may prefer being closer to airport. Let us wait and see how they implement the train thing though, does look like a hard thing to do – where the hell do they have space in Majestic.

    Tarle, maybe yes. Or else they cant be ready by 2008. I remember tender etc was floated (June 2006?), haven’t seen any news on anyone getting a go-ahead on execution though. that is why I was surprised to hear what the cab guy said. I only hope he is right.

    DS, it may be more hearsay than info though. Watch ToI, I know they read these blogs and will be prepping a big story on how to get to BIAL!

  5. So, if KSTDC raises its fleet strength to 1000, the other “private” cabs will increase as well… just wondering how many “pouncing” taxi guys will be waiting for passengers when they get out… I hope that aspect is taken care of as well… today its a nightmare for the first time traveller who is hounded as soon as he/she exits…

    As pointed out by you, I dont see any evidence of the airport links being built… lets hope it is true… building a great airport isnt any use unless you can get to it easily from any part of the city…

  6. Can car rentals solve the problem ?

  7. Scarlet, the problem here is the time it may take to reach the airport. If you referred to Vijay’s point about cabbies hounding tourists at the airport, that may be helped by having rental cars provided they get down to affordable pricing and offer cars w/o drivers :)

    BTW, HDK up the core Inner Ring Road last week. So the project, being talked about for an year now, isn’t dead yet. Good!

  8. […] till they figure connectivity issues – looks like the it will be the original expressway before the train, haven’t heard about the helicopters again). Its more because the Airport Road should get a […]

  9. Guys – I hope the train story that cabbie gave you really happens and in a very nice way.. they were supposed to build a multi level bus bay and bus station in majestic and also have trains connecting it may be he was talking abt that project… but is anything happening on it???

    Worse is BIAL airport website has a virus and cannot be accessed – what is the IT Dept doing without checking these things??

    Pathetic – I hope things will fall in place..

    I do not want to be hurt/harassed of exposing an influential lobby

    Dear Ms. Shaw,

    If you are interested in the common man, as you claim in the letter above, can you please take up issues that actually interest him?The common man of Banglore DOES NOT FLY, so airports are of no consequence to him.

    Please address the following issues:

    1>Bad roads-when u were in BATF, why did you not look after roads in all parts of Bangalore? Why did you focus only on the IT belt? Remember, we are all citizens of Bangalore. We pay taxes,unlike IT cos that get a tax holiday. Yet all of BATF efforts were only in IT dominated areas which alredy have good roads.

    2>Water supply-Gastroenteritis breaks out, and some junior engineer of BWSSB is blamed. In the summer, there is not water in many palces. Blame the govt, that is all you do. As part of the erstwhile BATF, surely we must hold you accountable?You had the power to do something, but you di d not. Instead of finding scapegoats, do some thing.

    3>Traffic jams
    IT/BT companies have show -off employees each of who comes in his own car.They will not use a 2 wheeler or public transport. Common people are suffering because of the jams they create. You must provide company transport, and then force employees to use it. No private cars allowed on campus.

    You were caught polluting in your factory, and were sealed. You have no ethics whatsoever.

    5>Land grabbing
    You get land at conseccional rates when common people cannot buy even a 1bhk house. You arm twist whatever govt is in power to give you nearly free land. You then talk about free markets, and how u are superior to the govt. In trut, it is th govt that sustains you, not the other way around.

    With regard to the airport, please note that Mr Narayana Murthy was in charge of finding the site. Unfortunately he resigned, simply because Devegowda criticised him. This was unfortunate, as his leadership could have been useful. He should have known that in a public position all persons are criticised whichever way they act, and so some curses a part of the job. He should have been more thick skinned.

    Anyways, you IT companies do not pay tax and so really have no right to crib about anything.

    NRN must be held accountable for his actions. If an approach road to BIAL has to be built, take if from the fortune of the members of erstwhile BATF They create problems, and now they must pay for it.

    In short, IT cos. msut pay from their ILL GOTTEN WEALTH for all the problems they create. I say “ill gotten”, as they apy no tax at all and get tax holiday by arm twisitng the govt.

    As for BIAL, they are another group of cheats who care only for profit, nothign else. the correct solution is to NATIONALIZE them without paying any royalty/compensation. they tried to cheat us and must be punished. Foriegn investors will still come to India no matter what you do-they always keep threatening to stop coimng, but always come. They need us more that we need them.

    IT head honchos are worse than most politicians, and are more selfish. Devegowda grabs land, but also cares for the poor. IT cos care only for themselves.

    We have voted, and after the elction we will see you punished, you rogues.

    Try tracing me through my IP address if you can

  11. This si the power of the business mafia. Nobody even has the guts to comment anonymously against them.


  12. Bus Service is on

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