Dial 100 for Police?

I chanced upon this discovery that I can’t dial 100 to reach police from my Airtel mobile phone. So I posted this note on Bangalore Metblogs. Then Ravi over there gave us an idea.

How about we try this experiment of complaining to the concerned authorities? If you are with me on this, and expect that 100 should be reachable from any phone in Bangalore, could you complain and let Bangalore Police and TRAI know? Here is the easiest how-to:

[Update: Check this on your phone first, some guys say this works for them.] Tell them both that police control room numbers 100 and 103 don’t work from your phone. If 10-20 of us can post our feedbacks, I am sure we will get heard. Of course, more the better.

Let us see if these feedback pages actually work.

[Note: Not taking comments here since a thread is on at Metblogs]

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