Here is my iPhone

Time for a tech break.

I am so sick and tired of these Apple iPhone rumors, that I decided to make a wish list for my iPhone – a killer consumer smartphone!

  1. Built-in noise cancelling hardware: Good thing you guys gave us MP3 players on phones. But how about providing a better listening experience outdoors? Phone MP3 player mostly get used outdoors, we all have better audio hardware at home, don’t we? Outdoor means noise, and listening to MP3s in a train, bus or plane isn’t fun. Those noise cancellation headphones are too bulky and expensive, so give me one on the phone itself.
  2. A projector in the phone! You may think I am asking for a lot. But these guys claim to be close to embedding a projector in cell phones. Imagine the possibilities if I can do presentations or watch video clips on a big screen or a wall inside an office or hotel room. Wow! too cool, and I just cant wait.
  3. Built-in “virtual laser keyboard“. See here if you don’t know what I am talking about. Someone please make these gadgets compact enough to fit in a phone. And then we can have real compact smartphones without those thumb numbing qwerty keypads.
  4. Limited speech recognition or dictation capability: I like taking notes on the fly. I know I can do audio notes. But setting an appointment or adding a new contact merely by talking to the phone will be cool.
  5. This is an easy one. With few GBs worth of MP3s on my phone, I would need an FM transmitter built-in so that I can enjoy my music in any car, at the hotel, and at any friend’s place or party I’d like. A much more practical and sure-to-work solution than Bluetooth, Wifi and what not.
  6. Last item too is an easy one by today’s standards: A usable and real camera, like a few Nokias (N73, N95) or Sony Ericssons (K800i) have.

Now with wishes like these, did you see that I am being realistic about one thing? “Week long battery life” isn’t a demand. I can live without that, as long as my iPhone can last a work day or Singapore-SFO flights.

My iPhone should be here in about 4 years.


7 Responses

  1. Noise cancelling earphones from shure or etymotic are not very bulky, they are costly though. :-)The projector seems like a stretch but virtual laser keyboard already is being used with many PDAs. The FM transmitter is definitely a very interesting feature!

    … And your iphone will be there must earlier than 4 years. :-)

  2. Ajay, PDA with built-in VLK, which one? I thought you can only buy those as add-ons right now?

    FM Transmitter is my best iPod accessory. Not the best quality, but does the job and so easy to use. Wish some iPod accessory could broadcast TV signals too. That way no cable clutter needed to show off photos and music at any gathering.

    Earlier than 4 years, with the mini-projector, perhaps not. Let us see!

  3. How to stop recieving sms !

  4. So the iPhone is here afterall. From the looks of it, UI and a good OS seem like the only possible innovations on top of my N80. I got a v good browser. Wifi, good screen resolution, 3MP camera, and the phone is v compact. Add MP3s on a 2 GB flash card. iPhone may have a better UI/software in general for everything (Wifi setup, playing MP3s included). Lets see.

    So what is next now – disappointing sales of Apple’s iPhone, or a legal battle between Linksys/Cisco and Apple over the brand iPhone? One of these for sure.

  5. So as expected, Cisco/Linksys isn’t happy with Apple’s iPhone!

  6. Id love to have a detachable camera.
    You might like some of these ‘hidden features’ features too..

  7. For those geeks – seems like “phone projectors” are almost here. I just cant wait to throw away my laptop (when on travel).

    See these Pics at CNET.

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