The pain of flying

[Note: Trying to convey the pain via this new experiment of creating two characters for the purpose.]flying

Bangalore airport. Ghaas and Phoos got stuck at the security check gate.

“What did you say, we got to take a dump and a leak before we cross the security gates??” Ghaas was so puzzled that he had to confront the security man.

“Didn’t you read there, we don’t allow any liquid or gel inside the plane. So there is the toilet, go and please be quick.”

“Is there really a security explanation to this or is it that Air Deccan has removed the toilets to fit in a few extra seats? Here is my RTI application and I need to know.” Phoos was puzzled and wanted an answer.

Security man had no option but to let the secret out.

“Perhaps you didn’t follow the recent news. It is like this. See, you are wearing a silver ring. We have reports that terrorists have discovered a way to make silver react with gooey stuff to quickly produce Silver Fulminate. They could make bombs midway on a flight you know. Clear?”.

Ghaas and Phoos were amused as well as amazed as hell. So they both got light and got past the gate.

“Wow! Are these guys terrorists or first rate chemists?”

“Don’t know that Phoos. But I tell you this. Pretty soon, they wont let us carry our teeth on board. Sharp things you know, at least mine! One could hijack a plane with a bite threat.”

“That will actually be cool Ghaas. We would all have to then simply pack and check ourselves in. Save for infants and old folks.”



8 Responses

  1. Good post… yea anything seems possible now a days no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

  2. At the Boarding Gate:

    Security Guy(SG): May i see your hands.
    Ghaas: Sure. See.

    SG: Sorry sir we cannot let you board with those long nails – they are a threat. Here is a nail cutter, pls smoothen your nails and return for boarding.

    Phoos: Hmmm..thanks god my nails are short. Hello Mr SG: see my nails are good to go.

    SG: No Sir, you cannot take this flight. You look too athletic, and therefore a threat to other passengers. Pls collect a complimentary Railway Ticket or Ship boarding pass from the counter over there.

    Thankyou. Happy Journey.

  3. I think these are all evils of mass transit and crowding. Economies of scale and problems there of. People should travel by private jets, private yatch, private railways – like cars. In my humble opinion public transport gives scope for terrorists to kill masses in soft targets.

  4. talking of airports, check out

  5. Opinionated Indian – thanks.

    AKD – thats funny! I missed out on nails there, more potent that teeth I guess!

    Scarlet – It does seem that in our country public transport would be an easy target. Fact that it is not – dont know if thats luck or good job by our security setup.

    Tarlesubba – I check that site regularly hoping for surprise positive updates and pics. Actually, I tried some pics myself from the plane yesterday as it flew over Devanahalli. Progress looks good from up there. If pics look good, will post them tomorrow.

  6. please do post.

  7. hehehehe. But quite plausible , given all this paranoia!

  8. hi silkboard, love your posts; good read; great SOH!!! glad i happened on it

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