The mess of Lee Hesh

When Leander says things like these (“Hesh should be honest with himself“), I get this feeling that Lee has more blame to take than Hesh for this embarrassing and disappointing mess they have been as a pair.

These guys were on the top of this world (1999, all four grand slam finals). Just when you thought they would take their performances a notch higher, and give us all Indians the first true professional world champion in any sport, they knocked each other over with their egos. Is it only me who feels that they could have made 5 times more money and titles had they continued their partnership?

I saw them real up-close once at San Jose Open (early 2000 or 2001, not sure). The body language on the court was so negatively shocking in that first round defeat (to Todd Woodbridge and James Blake), I could predict a split coming.

God knows what the real reasons were, but to me and most Indian tennis fans, Lee and Hesh will remain an enigma – so successful, yet disappointing at the same time. What was so hurting that they decided to forgo so much more fame and money that only waited to be taken? Coach Enrico Piperno or whatever, looking back, they may have lost more than they have gained thus far.

PS: BTW, Hesh is from Bangalore.


7 Responses

  1. I agree completely silboard. I think Lee has more blame to take. I saw him on TV asking Hesh to think about his injuries and not to play if he isn’t totally fit. More than a concerned friend and team mate, he came across as indirectly blaming Hesh completelty for the loss. If they had truly patched up and were friends again, he wouldn’t have said that. It was hitting below the belt.

  2. lee and his father should split the blame.

    – s.b.

  3. I agree…this is such a joke. These guys need to bow in shame. Really, what do they resort to. Neither is a saint, both have claims to hall of shame.

    We really should be celebrating Pankaj Advani and Ashok Shandilya. Yep, good Gold there !!!

  4. Ego has so little place in team sports and have defeated the very best of them. Lee and Hesh just fell into this trap and have never recovered. Even after the public spat after losing the team event at Doha they have reconciled to play in the main doubles draw. After such a vocal and disgusting display of lack of team spirit, how can anyone expect any better performance from them! They are playing alright(else brickbats await), but their heart and soul is not in it.

  5. Roshan/Somebody – I too think, esp after seeing that intvw, that Lee is the one with bigger ego. He too sucked in that doubles game, and blaming a partner in team sport is just not sporting enough. Shame on him.

    Decemberstud – yeah. lets take any gold that we can take. Game after game, we suck and have to contend with 6-7 golds. Why do we even spend public money on sports? Should we?

    Ajay, I am surprised too. Why make them play together again after what Lee has said in public? Beats me.

  6. Hesh did open up after they won the gold. Besides saying Lee’s comments hurt him, he also said this:

    “Honestly, our story is the biggest tragedy that has ever happened to Indian sport …”.

    I said that too Hesh, I agree.

  7. Yes, a disappointing tragedy.

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