Part Silicon Valley part Stone Age

Somewhere in Jharkhand. At this place the marketing types would classify as a Tier III or Grade C town. Late morning. I am sitting outside my house waiting for the power black-out to end so that I can manage some hot water for a quick shower. While I wait, I kill time by reading news and blogs on my month old Nokia N80. The phone has a wonderfully full-fledged browser. Besides, the GPRS signal is too strong to ignore.

Surfing the web while electricity has been out for over 12 hours, I wonder how Airtel manages to keep it’s towers and servers up and running through these blackouts. Diesel generators obviously.

And then I tell myself, shall we call this “asymmetric growth”? Electricity playing hide-n-seek all the time. Roads bad enough to cause spinal injuries. And yet I can sit inside my house and surf and (if I wanted to) work over GPRS!

Part Silicon Valley and part Stone Age. Someone (Steve Hamm, author of Bangalore Tiger) recently coined that quotable phrase to describe our country. Being an Indian, its a bit tough to admit, but that quote seems to fit. Save for the fact that the Silicon and Stone Age parts overlap as well :)

Anyways. A small post, just to announce that I am back from the hinterlands after a good week long break with more to write and share.


6 Responses

  1. it is Coolie valley

  2. Relax Pegasus, there is this thing called dignity of labor.

  3. Notice the difference – the tower is run by someone who is a damn CAPITALIST.

  4. It proves that there is technology for telecommuting. But how many companies allow telecommuting for their employees. Companies build multi-storey buildings, causing traffic jams on single storey roads. Now companies want multi-storey elevated roads – but nobody asks the basic question. Is commuting essential ? Can work be done differently.
    Someday I am planning to startup a company that requires people to work from home, ofcourse provided employees invest in power backup, separate office room in the house etc. The only reason employees should come to office should be for get togethers and parties.

  5. Silicon Valley itself is a misnomer! Silicon valley has been a hotbed of innovation since the founding of HP. Just because Bangalore employs 1000s of programmers does not mean it has proven its mettle as an innovation hub. Telecommuting cannot be done if you want to build your TVs, computers, cell phones, toys, furnitures, automobile components etc. Software is just a service to aid these manufacturing and other processes to increase competitiveness.

    No one is to blame for this except for India’s education system and the government’s idiotic business policies and license raj practices.
    Indian’s will be content by seeing a “two lane superhighway” if they do not leave the country. Once you see the developed part of the world then we understand where we stand and how much we have strive to better the lives of the entire population.

    I would say India is 85% stone age and 15% modern. Would love to see the number reversed….

  6. Pradeep, blame blame and blame again :) By any chance, are you too a product of our country’s education system?

    Too early for us to be a hotbed of innovation (as you see them, since you don’t consider outsourcing models themselves as innovations), the party just started 10 years ago, isn’t it?

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