When I met Amitabh Bachchan

AmitabhI was at Madame Tussuad’s, London a few weeks ago. There is a certain irony about that place. And interestingly enough, the museum makes a very good effort to hide that via two most important scheduled stops for visitors.

I was a bit surprised by the props they put up at the entrance itself. Its like a longish hallway where wall on one side has silhouettes of cameras and photographers. Lighting, audio and imagery are all setup to simulate that “red carpet” feel – a thousand photographers howling and clicking your snaps. Hmm. So they try to make you feel like a ‘celebrity’ right when you enter the wax museum.

Last stop on the regular museum schedule is a video show with single, explicit and very loud message, “hey, you are the biggest celebrity of this world”!

Madam Tussuad’s making you feel like a ‘celebrity’ at its entry and exit points, do you too find that a wee bit ironic?

Wow! That ‘celebrity’ concept. I had to see it to believe it. People lining up to get photographed with life size statues of their ‘celebrities’. It was no surprise that flashes kept clicking at this blinding rate of 10 per second inside the halls where Hollywood (and 2 Bollywood) icons were immortalized. I don’t know why Canon, Nikon or Olympus don’t subsidize operations of this museum!

While those flashes kept clicking, I wondered what would be the difference between a blogger trying to attract readers by invoking the name of Amitabh Bachchan (I took that pic, this is how Big B looks like at Madame Tussuad’s), and a wax museum selling this promise of getting you as close to the celebrities as you can (realistically speaking) ever get.

Perhaps, “art” is that thing. The wax statues were all done well. Were they all exceptional though? I was thinking about that right when they forced a “you are the biggest celebrity” video down my throat. And my attention shifted back from art to irony.

Was I taken for a ride by Madame Tussuad’s? If they had not tried to make me feel like a celebrity via that red-carpet entry and the parting-shot video show, I would have said no.


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  1. Sir, I want songs of Jaan-e-Man in Winamp media File format . Can you help me

  2. Sorry Baba, I don’t put up MP3 files here. Search for hindi mp3 files on google, there should be plenty.

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