Unveiling myself

I know anonymity is one of the thrills on the Internet. But wanting to be addressed as a handle as vague as silkboard did feel childish at times. And recently, a few emails asked for a bit of unveiling. So I have literally turned this bit of hallucination back on myself, and now have an “About Me” page up on the blog.


2 Responses

  1. I am attracted to this blog because of “Silkboard”. Any reason why silkboard.

    My fascination of silkboard is because it is a world famous landmark of Bengalooru.

  2. No big reason Scarlet. I just felt that silk board junction is a symbolic sort of landmark most IT immigrants of Bangalore will readily recall. When I moved here in 95, Elec city was the IT job center and we all knew ‘silk board’!

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